Cannot re - install Power Saver on Satellite M70-169

My laptop (Toshiba Satellite M70-169) will not properly charge my laptop battery. It will begin at the start of charging the battery, but then after awhile it stops when the battery is partially charged. I replaced the battery, but this has not solved the problem.

To try to solve this problem, I tried to reinstall the BIOS, the Power Saver Driver then Power Save in that order.

The first 2 steps seem to work; However after that I removed the power saving mode, I was unable to reinstall it from the version downloaded from the Web site. I extracted the installation in a folder on my c: drive, but when I tried to run setup.exe, nothing happened.

Any ideas?

Have you replaced new battery or the second battery is already being used?

I have too many Satellite M70 and I think that this question is not related with software pre-installed. As much as I know Toshiba power Saver saver allows users to optimize the performance of the laptop or reduce energy consumption if the laptop is running on battery only. I put really think software preinstalled has something to with charger procedure and some influence on this.

The fact is that each computer Toshiba laptop can work without Toshiba power saver utility on the same path using power options Windows XP Home/Vista edition. Because of this, I think that the battery must be replaced.

What about the installation of standby power? According to the document of instructions for Installations you should install TOSHIBA Power Saver V1.36.0.1C only. try to delete the driver GST if you can find it under pre-installed software and install TOSHIBA Power Saver V1.36.0.1C only.

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    I need help: how to install Power Saver on my P100 with Windows XP Home edition. I just bought new laptop with Windows Vista, but when I tried to work with him, he shows me blue screen. So I decide to delete Vista, because it is total c... and back to my old Windows XP operating system. Now, I have problem with Power Saver... I download Toshiba support, but it does not on my computer. What should I do?

    Thank you


    As much as I know Satellite P100 units has not been handed over with Toshiba power saver.
    May I ask where did you download the saver of energy for Satellite P100?

    I assume you want to install utility is not compatible on you P100 and, therefore, it of not possible to install it.

    Nothing to buddy

  • Satellite P200: Cannot open the Power Saver - fatal error in Windows XP Home edition


    I just installed XP and I came across a problem that is boring. When I finished to install Power Saver and the driver, I got a message saying fatal error and I thought it was because I haven't restarted. Then, after only a day or 2 later I went to the energy saver and he said cannot open because you don't have access rights to "Toshiba Power Saver.

    Is there a solution to this


    I put t know if this is a solution but try my proposal:
    First of all, remember that you are registered as an administrator or make sure that you have administrator rights.

    Remove your old system energy saving. You must remove the driver and utility.
    Then reinstall the computer and clean the registry using the freeware like CCleaner.

    Then install the driver of saver of power and after reboot the new install standby power plant.

    I hope it helps

  • Where to download Power Saver for Satellite A110-159 with XP


    I have this laptop for two weeks now.
    At first, I got toshiba power saver as an icon.
    But since about 4 days ago I have no more.

    I have not marked in my msconfig / startup but I did not remove it.
    I tried to mark it again, but he disappeared into the system startup.

    Toshiba power saver is in the Dutch language, can I download it somewhere in the Dutch language?
    I hope someone can help me.

    with respect,


    See the Toshiba driver page:> support the Dowloads & -> support home page-> download drivers

    You will find pilot energy-saving and utility energy savings. Before you begin to install power saver utility of the driver must be installed!

  • Error message during the installation of Power Saver on Satellite A200


    I have an error message when you install Power Saver on PSAECE A200 error-14 D: 1612 the installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and you can access it.

    What could be the problem?

    Thank you.

    Thank you for this precision...

  • Cannot burn DVD - R with my Satellite M70

    I have a Toshiba Satellite M70-169 laptop which has the function
    DVD - R burning. However, when I insert a blank DVD - R, I have a
    message: drive inaccessible incorrect function.

    I think that just a fault of the computer notebook, or something else?
    Thank you.


    Burning application you are using? Have you tried just preinstalled Sonic or same Nero?

    Generally avoid any problem. Please test with different applications, as well as with the different media (TDK, Verbatim, etc.).

  • Fitness by using disk recovery on Satellite M70-169


    I have a Satellite M70-169.

    According to me, I have messed around a bit with software such as cleaners of register etc. and want to make a new start.

    Exactly how, step by step, using the recovery disk came with the laptop?

    It will reinstall all that originally shipped with the laptop?

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    Hello Pesche

    Instructions how to install Os using supplied recovery media, you can find under

    I recommend to use the Expert installation mode and create a clean partition. When the computer starts for the first time you will be able to see the C partition only. The D partition must be created also in the OS, but is really not a problem.

    Exact explanation which you will find under: - create an extended Partition (step - create logical drives in an extended Partition. (Step 2)

    If you have any other questions, please write again.

    Bye and good luck!

  • It is not recognized on Toshiba Satellite M70-169 Web site

    I have a laptop TOSHIBA SATELLITE M70-169
    I wanted to update my drivers, so I logged on the TOSHIBA site.
    The problem is that my phone is not listed on the site, there are * M70-168 * and * M70-170 * but not * M70 - 169 *.
    I tried the recognition by serial number, result: DO NOT RECOGNISED

    I tested the autodetection, and here too, the result was: DO NOT RECOGNISED.
    I am surprised that my laptop is not recognized on the official website of TOSHIBA, while I had bought in a store.

    Can someone tell me if he had the same problem and give me directions to upgrade my laptop?

    Thank you

    Satellite M70 is old enough laptop model, and I can imagine that auto detection tool doesn't properly work. Your laptop is the model European and part PSM70E number (very important for research).
    In any case, you can find all the drivers or updates manually. Follow these steps:

    Visit the download page for Toshiba under
    Click tracking options:
    Type of product - ARCHIVE
    Family - SATELLITE
    Series of products - M SERIES SATELLITES
    Model - SATELLITE M70 (PSM70)
    Short model No. - PSM70E
    OS - operating system

    And all of the available stuff appears there.

    If you have any other questions let us know.

  • Satellite M70-169: screen freezes and meshes + mouse freezes

    Hope you can help. So far, I'm impressed by my toshiba satellite m70-169.

    He has recently developed an intermittent fault: when the tilt of the screen the effect of light mesh on it and the screen freezes. The mouse also hangs at this point.

    If I tilt the screen one way or the other I can get it to work properly. A slighy inclination of the screen can cause the screen to freeze again. The problem is getting worse, however.

    The machine has never been dropped or struck, but was taken by one of the screen when it is open.

    I disassembled the strainer and push gently on various points and cables but nothing in this area suggests a loose connection or a weak point. So I believe the problem is in the essence. I tried to open this up but it fails because I didn't force anything.

    Question 1: any suggestions on the problem and possible solutions?
    Question 2: advice like how to open the main part, so I can check any loose cables, connectors or broken bones?
    Question 3: patterns for disassembly?

    Even once - I hope you can help - thanks in advance...


    Hi John

    The above user is right. It s too risky to disassemble the laptop without having any experience with laptops.
    It is why I always recommend taking to a technician.

    But if you want, you can have a look here:

    It s a site on satellite M55 and withdrawal screen.
    But once again; You can do everything BUT only at your own risk! ;)

  • Satellite A100 PSAA8C - cannot install Power Saver


    I reformatted my laptop toshiba Satellite A100 PSAA8C SK800C today and I was expecting to download all the drivers and install them.

    However, when I download the 'power saver' among the official website of toshiba, I was not able to install.
    Not only that I can not install it, nothing pop out when I click on the zip file CONFIGURATION icon.

    I have already installed all drivers for the laptop computer.

    Can someone help me?

    Thank you

    Hi mate

    You said:
    > However, when I download the 'power saver' among the official website of toshiba, I was not able to install.

    First of all this laptop seems to belong to the Canadian series of Toshiba and if you want to use any tools Toshiba, then you will have to download it from the page of the Canadian driver Toshiba!

    In addition, you can choose the drivers and tools exactly for the PSAA8C series.
    In many cases, you will not be able to use the tools that are designed for other series!
    We must therefore be sure that power saver downloaded has been released for the series PSAA8C.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite M30 - cannot install Power Saver on XP SP3

    I got my Satellite M30 to the computer store where they have reinstalled XP pro SP3 without my Toshiba restore CD

    They have installed the drivers from Toshiba for some things, but not "Toshiba Power Saver'.
    I downloaded and extracted the exe 'Toshiba power saver' for the M30 and it will not be implemented.

    Then, I downloaded "Toshiba common modules" and "Toshiba Utilities" and have the same problem with those.

    All extracted, but nothing happens when I click on setup.exe.

    What I am doing wrong?
    Any help much appreciated

    In my opinion it s for a problem with your system and not with the Toshiba tools and utilities the fact is that the other might install.

    So the problem could be your SP3.
    It is only a hypothesis, but you should check this.
    Install only the operating system Win XP, SP2 and then try to install the drivers of Toshiba, tools and utilities in the right order!

    Check if the latter won't work.

  • Satellite A30 - not able to install Power Saver on Windows XP Professional

    Hello, I need help, I had to install win xp prof on my a30, but I can not install the intelligence tool that I downloaded from this page. the tool tells me "You can not install this version of Power Saver on your system", but it has the latest version for windows xp on this page of toshiba. is the family sleep only for windows xp tool?


    No, the saver powers should also works and run with Win XP Pro.
    There is no difference. All the tools that work on XP Home are also compatible with Win XP Pro.

    Did you receive the tools and Utilities CD? You can use this version to

  • Tecra M10 - cannot uninstall or install Power Saver code 0 x 0

    Hi people,

    on my new Tecra M10, after logging in, I get a fatal error message "Toshiba Power Saver. Fatal error has ocured. This program will take end code 0 x 0.
    I can't install a new download of Eve up what I uninstall the existing.

    When I try to uninstall through Control Panel, I get the same fatal error.

    Hi mate

    You know the CCleaner?
    It s free and it cleans the registry and OS, help you remove installed applications.

    I recommend that you install this tool. Try it and you can use it to remove the energy-saving and clean the registry.
    I recommend you to run more than once in the line in order to clean the whole registry

    Should help you

  • Where can I find Power Saver for Satellite A300D?


    Where can I find saving for my Satellite A300D?


    Do you mean the Toshiba Power Saver?

    The Toshiba Power Saver as stand-alone application is only available for Win XP.
    But using the Vista or Win 7 you can find some settings Power Saver power management in Vista or Win 7 Power Management.

    For that you must install the package of value added on the page of European driver of Toshiba.

    Here is also an interesting way of Toshiba for:

  • Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver for Satellite L40 - 17R

    Hi all...

    Firstly, thank you for the answer to my previous question, which got much help. I have another question. I had a laptop Tecra A4 before that ships with Toshiba Power Saver utility that can control the brightness and the different profiles of power for Windows. I now L40 - 17R computer laptop, which I cannot find the same utility for?

    Can someone tell me if there is a tool for the management of power supply for model L40 - 17R profiles, and where can I download it?


    As you know for Toshiba WXP gave Toshiba Power Saver utility, but for Vista, this tool does not exist in the same format. Many functions now is in the Vista power settings. Utility TOSHIBA Power Saver is also there but just with several options.

    You can find it if you open the power options > change plan settings > change advanced power settings. You will find Toshiba Power Saver Settings V8.02.00.

    Good bye

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