cannot replace the print cartridges CP1025nw

I am trying to replace the print on my HP LaserJet CP1025nw cartridges.  I did several times.  But this time, I can not cartridges suitable for turning in place.  I press any button to specify which cartridge I want to replace, only yellow appears!  I tried switching the printer on and out on, and that did not help.  I really need to replace black, but cannot figure out how.  Any ideas?


Hi @annie89 ,

I see that you have problems with the carousel doesn't turn only not to be able to change the black toner. I would like to help you today.

Make sure that the printer is connected directly to a wall outlet. (do not use a hub or a surge protector) This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

You can manually move the carousel, by releasing the locking mechanism. Use something to push it.  Manually, back off the carousel, do not touch the toner however. I have also provided a picture where there are in fact two areas to leave, they are circled in red. The left side is easier to move.

Cannot remove the ink cartridges.

If the problem persists, I would like to do a hard reset.
Let the printer and disconnect the printer cable and the wall socket for 60 seconds.
Reconnect the power cable to the output of the printer and the wall, and not a surge protector.
This ensures that the printer is full on and can help this situation.

If you need help, let me know.

Have a great day!
Thank you.

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    I am trying to replace the black ink cartridge.  When I open the door on the front of the printer, nothing happens.  The printer cartridge door does not move and is inaccessible.  The printer seems to be on.  The green light is fading power on and off.

    Hello saratoga1,

    Thanks for the reply!

    I'm glad to hear that you solved the problem with a reset of the power (in the above troubleshooting guide Solution). Please select "Accept as Solution" 2 Message above for other members of the community can find our thread to see the appropriate link to solve this problem.

    Thank you!

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    my test page prints fine and sometimes my impression is very good. but often, my impression is extremely slow. can't understand why it is slow sometimes and other times it is nice. do not have this problem until I replaced my print cartridges.

    I found a post on slow printing and I tried the different steps. don't know what the issue is. Thank you

    Real new ink installed HP?

    You could remove the cartridges, reset the printer and turn on without the cartridges, and then reinstall the cartridges. Eliminate any power surge strips or extensions, plug the unit directly into a wall outlet.

    When you mention slow, how to slow down? How long to print from the computer exactly? How long for a print job initiated from the printer exactly?

  • Replace the printer cartridge information

    Team dear HP,

    What is the replacement cartridge product I can use to HP 305 A black (THIS 410).


    I looked on the HP website secure supply for the region of the UNITED Arab Emirates and has found that, for the black toner cartridge, the availability is the same as those listed above (305 and 305 x).

    305 a black toner cartridge has an estimated yield print 2200 pages and x 305 has an estimated performance printing 4000 pages.  I hope this helps.

  • printer says to replace the ink cartridge, even though it is new


    Could really use some help with my printer. I recently bought new ink cartridges and I replaced the "old", but then my printer started to show on the compensation carriage jam error messages, even though it was clear and since then, he has constantly shown this error message on ink. He wants me to replace an empty ink cartridge to continue printing, it won't work otherwise.

    Ink, that I placed in the printer is totally new and authentic, but there is no answer, he displays the same message to two ink cartridges, which makes me realize that it of not really discern who is new or empty.

    If I remove them both, it tells me that there is an empty ink or damaged.

    I tried the reset of the printer, stop it down and turn, but the same message is displayed immediately. The light next to the screen flashes all the time.

    When I replaced the old cartridges I did not process the printer, I replaced them all first and then let him treat. Maybe it was wrong to do so?

    Any help is appreciated!

    It seems to be a problem with either the hardware of the printer or the replacement cartridge. If it is the cartridge, it should be covered by warranty (if it's authentic HP) given that you bought at just. Now, I think that your best shot would be to contact HP Technical Support to see all the other possibilities for you.

    The only other option would be to try an another new cartridge replacement for rule in or out the cartridge at fault.

    If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 for all other regions, click here.

  • Error printer mechanism: the print cartridge cradle cannot move

    HP Officejet Pro 8500 has 910g

    The printer will not print: the message is: error printer mechanism: the print cartridge cradle cannot move.  Without the cradle of the cartridge and press ok.

    How free the cradle of the cartridge?  I sent a message to 13:30 and I got a notice that they will contact me within the hour, he is now almost 19:00 and nobody sent me back.  Help

    Try the steps in this troubleshooting page.

  • "I have a hp officejet 6500 e709 - black ink does not print." I have replaced the ink cartridge...

    "I have a HP Officejet 6500 E709 - black ink does not print." I have replaced the ink cartridge... clean the print heads and contacts... and nothing seems to work. All other colours print fine. HELP ME PLEASE.

    Before you buy a new set of PHA, you could try following the instructions on this post for a more aggressive cleaning Interior

    Try this first and post back to tell how you got.

  • I replaced a HP with an Epson Stylus all-in-one printer and cannot get the printer to print more than one page when printing from the computer.

    Original title: new printer

    I replaced a HP with an Epson Stylus all-in-one printer and cannot get the printer to print more than one page when printing from the computer.  The printer works fine when printing from a laptop or ipad!

    Start by going here-->

    If the web page has not correctly detected your operating system, select it by using the drop-down list.  Rather than using the "Combo package" recommended but huge, expand the "Drivers" section and download driver printer v2.32 to a location that you will remember later.

    • Click on the ORB start and go into devices and printers.
    • Select (click) the icon of your Epson printer.
    • Once you have selected the printer, a button labeled "Print server properties" will appear in the toolbar.  Click on this button.
    • Click the "Drivers" tab on the print server properties dialog box.
    • Select the Epson printer in the list of installed printer drivers, and then click 'remove '.
    • In the context menu, select "Remove driver and driver package" and click OK
    • Click Yes, and then delete
    • Once the removal process is complete, restart the computer (probably not really necessary, but can't hurt)
    • Install the driver and the software using the file that you downloaded earlier

    At this point, your printer should work fine.  However, if you want the ability to print by emailing a file to your printer, you may need to install both 'Remote Printer Driver v1.65' in the category 'Pilot' and "v1.30 utility Configuration of printer Epson Connect" in the "Utilities" category

  • My Epson Stylus 610 says to replace the ink cartridges, but I just put in new cartridges Epson

    My Epson Stylus 610 said to replace the ink cartridges, but I had just put in the new Epson cartridges.

    I have it reset, and I tried to clean up the area, but still the same message and cannot work around.

    My drivers are supposed to be updated.

    I can't print anything.

    [Moved from the community centre of Participation]


    Welcome to the Microsoft community.

    What operating system is installed on the computer?

    You may need to check if you have followed the actual procedure to change the ink cartridges.

    Please see the following article:

    Kind regards

  • Replace the magenta cartridge on the HP Officejet says 6600 still needs to be replaced

    Impoverished cartridges must be replaced before printing. Because, for the first time and still have the same error. I already have market power. What's next? I use HP ink cartridges

    I spent a frustrating hour and a half with a similar problem.

    Install cartridges were exhausted, so I bought new ones. The replacement, he kept complaining the magenta one not recognized or is damaged. I am worried because my new cartridges were not original HP.

    Sometimes, he tells you to power off the printer, and at other times, he said you turn off may damage.

    I put my old HP original magenta cartridge in and it came with the same message. I was afraid that the device had been fried. In desparation, I thought that maybe it's all just bad contacts.

    I did a small wedge of paper folded twice and laid it gently between the new ink cartridge and the small black plastic on the top right tab that serves as a guide when you replace the ink cartridge in the slot. This gives a bit of pressure to push the chip at the top left of the ink cartridge to make contact with the indication on the printer itself. Now he reads both cartridges without problem, and it prints like new.

    Without paper, I could manually gently press the cartridge to the left and it would only print a page before she herself back in place in a position where it cannot be detected anymore.

  • HP Envy 5530: HP Envy 5530 told to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.

    HP Envy 5530 said to replace the color cartridge, even after replacing with a new one.  Printer is 1 year old and I replaced the cartridges several times over the past year.  I am enrolled in the program of HP ink.  I can run the printer mode single cartridge using a black ink only and it works with my pc XP, Ipad, Chrome pc and mobile phone.  My pc win 8.1 will not print anything other than a test page.  Printer on the pc file lists always attention required when you try to print from the pc win 8.1.  I believe that the problem may be related to surface of cartridge for printing inside the HP envy heads 5530.  This part is available for purchase, and if so, where?

    I found a work around.  On the pc win 8.1, it seems that the print request must see a reset of the HP envy 5530 to print mode single cartridge.  I just start the pc and then reset the printer by lifting the hatch for the print heads.  That's all.  Once this is done, the 'attention required' message goes to the loan and it is able to print.  It will open a window, which suggests you add the color cartridge, but it will disappear when printing.  Simply open the door once and you can print until you turn off the pc.

  • DeviceHP Photosmart C4400 printer cannot find the printed alignment page

    On the replacement of printer cartridges, the printer is unable to locate the printed alignment page.

    Thanks for the links check, I didn't by this process, here are the answers to your other 2 questions.

    My system is Windows 9...

    No, I don't have an error message on my PC, what I got was a message on printow window saying "alignment page not detected."


    1. which version of the operating system is installed on the computer?
    2. you receive an error message?

    Method 1:
    You can see the article provided to solve the problem.
    Troubleshoot aligning the print cartridge

    Method 2:
    You can make sure that the latest drivers are updated on the Web site of the manufacturer.
    Download drivers and software - specify product name

    Reference links:
    HP Photosmart C4400, C4500, C4600 and C4700 all-in - One Printer Series - alignment of the print cartridges
  • I need instructions for replacing the ink cartridge on my color laserjet pro 100 mfp175nw.

    Can you please send me instructions to replace the ink cartridge on my color laserjet pro 100 mfp175nw.  I have a 126 a cartridge.  Also, where can I get a full manual for my printer?

    Hello revammann

    You can find instructions for the replacement of the cartridge to print here and you can find the user manuals here.

  • all the pages of bad qualities with the toner after replacing the toner cartridge

    I just replaced the old cartridge with a new one, but now the pages come out covered in black toner to make the text unreadable. I tried to turn the drum several times following the directions to distribute the toner evenly, but the problem remains. Please advise?

    Hi, Happytohelp01.

    Thanks for your kind response,

    I use a black and white HP Laserjet 1010.

    I am trying to print a text, the printer does not have a digitization Center.

    Yes, this is the first time that I had no problem with this printer.

    The toner is melted and begins to run out, so I replaced it with a new replacement cartridge I bought the printer about three years ago. Later, I shook and reinstalled the old cartridge, which seems to work very well with no black spots. The new toner would be obsolete?

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    Screens of C3180 HP all-in-one 'check color print cartridge' and will not be printed.  Have replaced the HP93 cartridge, but

    problem persists.  Operating system is Mac OS 10.5.8

    Solved by removing the cartridges and resettlement.

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