Card balance using gift on family sharing account

I have a family sharing the account into which my 2 wires are connected to my iTunes account.  When they buy something from the iTunes store, it is loaded on my credit card.  How can I get their purchase deducted from the balance on the card gift or credit on my account? Only my purchases are currently being paid on the credit on my account gift card

Redeem an iTunes Gift Card - Apple Support

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  • How can I recharge my personal credit card, being a member of a family shared account?

    How can I recharge my personal credit card, being a member of a family shared account?

    You cannot, with the family share that only cards of the Organizer will be used (if you have a balance on your account that will be used for your purchases, if that card organizer will be charged)

  • A card - 50.00 gift cut between my account and my wife

    Cut my come on in to 50.00 gift card iTunes my account and my wife

    No, an iTunes gift card is redeemable only on a single account, and it can only be used to purchase content for this account (it cannot be used for gift amount or items from the store)

  • How to limit the use of my credit card as the Manager of my family-sharing account?

    some of my family members want to use their instead of mine credit cards to make purchases, but when they try to buy something he gets pay directly to my account.

    Apple US

    Purchases and payments - Apple Support families

    "When you configure the sharing of family, you will be asked to confirm that you agree to pay for purchases initiated by members of the family invites you and you have a way of payment valid on the file."

  • Gift certificate / family sharing

    I received a gift certificate of $25 and am in a family share plan, but when I try to make a purchase on my card, I get this message, "your host family must enter the security code for their payment method." Why? I do not use their money.

    Is this your first order on the device/computer? If you have entered the code, the card is actually practiced for the purchase (excluding the charge of temporary detention of painful), or is it deducted from your account balance?

  • iCloud family sharing - accounts

    In recent years, I used an Apple ID for all devices. We finally quite peripheral, so I use iCloud family and add members. Two of these members are children who have devices that is unique.

    The question - we go to invite them and enter their e-mail address, it tells me I can't send an invitation to myself.

    I signed my account main iCloud on each device.

    Any ideas? Thank you

    It gives you this error because everyone in the sharing of the family should have their own Apple ID.

  • can I use iTunes gift card as payment for family sharing

    Can I use iTunes gift card as payment for the sharing of the family?

    Jaybird322003 wrote:

    Can I use iTunes gift card as payment for the sharing of the family?

    It depends on which 'i '.

    If you are not the organizer of the family, you can redeem gift cards to your own account and use credit to buy the content.

    However, the organizer of the family, must have a credit card upon installation, to meet the legal obligation to check that it takes financial responsibility for members.  After installation, the organizer can switch to a debit card.  A gift card is not enough.

  • A gift card balance will be used before using a credit card?

    A gift card balance will be used until your credit card is charged?

    Yes, with the exception of gifts and other items that require a credit card.


  • Can I use the money in my account to a gift card to pay for music from apple?

    Can I use the money in my account to a gift card to pay for music from apple?



  • Family sharing - child accounts are adults

    We have four adults Apple ID all related to the same family sharing.  I created the ID Apple before family sharing the existence when I created two accounts for my children so I did the adult accounts (if I remember correctly, when I tried specifying their actual birthdates he told me that the miners could not have Apple ID...).  In any case, this is the current configuration, the family shares with everyone as an adult ID.

    I have two specific questions.

    1. How can I force all purchases to devour the credit on my ID?  My account is the "Organizer" and I have a credit of $30 on my account, but the other day my son (who is an adult Apple ID) bought a game and he charge my credit card $1.06 instead of take it from my account credit (his account has no credit balance).  I guess it has something to do with the fact that his ID is an adult instead of the child...  No indication as to how I should proceed?

    2. the two children just got several gift cards so that they will be adding credit balances to their identity papers.  According to me, this means that whenever they purchase something it will use up to their credits before it charges my card.  Is this correct?  And if so, it brings back me to question 1, once they use their entire balance how can I force it to use my credit on my account before it charges my card?

    Thank you!

    You are right #2.  If they have in-store credit, which will be used for purchases before going to the credit card of the Organizer.

    There is no way to get their purchases to use your store credit.

  • Family sharing storage payment with gift Catd iCloud?

    Hey guyz I wonder if I am part of the family sharing and I have iTunes store credit, it will be used to pay for the monthly fees storage icloud for the account?  I'm not the leader of the family sharing.

    Thank you!


    We have activated the family sharing. ICloud-storage is also shared in the family? What about iTunes game - is this also shared storage?

  • iTunes won't let me use itunes card balance. He info.what lack credit card am I hurt?

    iTunes won't let me use my itune card balance. It fault credit info. what I am doing wrong?

    What you're trying to buy?  Things like gift cards may be paid with the balance on the card.

  • Lets say I got a $10 gift card balance and I want to buy something will be only charged debit card 10 cause of $20 s $ of the balance of the gift card?

    Lets say I got a $10 gift card balance and I want to buy something will be only charged debit card 10 cause of $20 s $ of the balance of the gift card?

    Unless it's a gift card or otherwise indicated, the debit card will be charged $10 plus tax on this item.


  • Issue of payment family sharing?

    Hi all

    I recently set up the family sharing for my household... and linked to my wife and her sister in my Apple music subscription.  We also like the location tracker (so we can see what anyone of us and if we are sure). My sister-in-law lives with us.

    Anyway, my sister-in-law made some app purchases, and he was billed on my credit card.  I went into iTunes and iCloud settings but can not find a way to block my sister in law to make purchases on my card and she even can not find a way to have purchases charged to their own card.

    Is there a way to do this?  We would not take him out of family sharing and not be able to use the tracker location or my subscription of Apple's music.

    Any input would be appreciated!


    While she is in sharing family (and not the Organizer) she cannot use her own credit card, it can either use a balance on his account or your (as organizer) credit card: payments - Apple Support and family purchases

    After you set up your family, anytime a family member throws a new purchase, that it will be charged directly to your account, unless the family member has gift or store credit. First of all, their store credit will be used to pay the invoice total or partial. The rest will be billed to the card of the family of the Organizer. The family Organizer, the revenue generated by the transaction will be sent to you

  • Family sharing woes

    I like the idea of family sharing, but is it possible that my 17 year old son can participate in sharing family so he can take advantage of our subscription iTunes but allow him to make purchases with his iTunes account? I have the family facility and everybody sharing

    Hello blmclaws,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see you want to add your son to share your family enjoy the iTunes subscription, but make purchases with their iTunes account. How the family sharing is set up, all purchases are made with the credit card provided by the Organizer. The exception is that if a member has a credit on his iTunes, usually by a gift card account, then purchases will come from this credit until the credit card of the Organizer is responsible. Thus, in the case of your son, he could buy gift cards and add them to their account before shopping. In this way, the Organizer will not be charged.

    For more information, see the following:

    Family sharing

    Best regards.

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