Change in 'Request to buy' code to someone else in the family sharing

I am wanting to change the AppleID associated applications 'Ask buy' iPod of my son - my wife - who is part of our family share account.  I am set up as organizer and will be absent for a month on the company therefore needs to make other plans.

Thank you

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    You have the source document that the PDF file created from?

    Acrobat is not a very good creation or editing program. It is best o change of the source document and regenerate the PDF file. For forms, you can replace pages and keep the form fields. Make sure you have a copy backup of the form of

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    Hi Robert,.

    The description of the problem seems a little unclear and I wish I had a better understanding before you start working on it. I appreciate if you could help me with more information.

    1. What is the exact full error message?

    2. When you receive the error message?

    3. do you use wired network connections / wireless?

    If the message is all using the same IP address, I suggest you to reset the router and then reassign the IP manually once and check. You can go through the link to do so.

    Change TCP/IP settings

    Response with more information to help you.

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    Hello gorgonzola1111,

    I doubt that someone else has this problem because xinetd does not part of macOS. Have you installed it from a package of "ports" 3rd party?

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    When I connect my Ipad or Iphone to my computer via a USB cable, I can open the storage folder without using a password. How can I avoid someone else do the same?

    This storage folder are you referring? If you are referring to the film, what happens because you have accepted a trust between the iOS device and the computer. If the device has been connected to another computer, it must be unlocked and establish a relationship of trust as well. If you are referring to something different, please explain.

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    Original title: I'm having a problem online when someone else uses the same router I have...

    I bought a new laptop with windows 7 premium. I connect to the internet through an external modem dsl and a wireless belkin n router. My daughter has an Android and uses the same connection... The problem is that we cannot not be online at the same time... If shes online using his android I can't connect using the laptop and if Im online using the laptop, she can't get online using his android... The error message indicates that there is a conflict of IP address... And sometimes says that there is a dns error... How can I fix this problem so that we can surf the net using the same connection?


    Router is the gateway to the Internet, and it assigns the IP address for different devices. With the error message, you have so many IP address conflict, it seems that the IP address is not assigned correctly on the router.

    I suggest that you turn off all devices, reset the router and turn on the router. Once that is done turn the whole one and try to connect to the Internet.

    For assistance on this, you can contact your router manufacturer or Internet service provider.

    Hope the information is useful.

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    Original title: same address

    I got a message this morning saying someone was using the same service provider address Internet as I am... i said to contact windows

    Hi Brenda,

    (1) what is you receive the exact error message?

    (2) when exactly you receive this error message?

    (3) remember you to make changes prior to this problem?

    Run the fixit available in the article below to reset the IP (Internet Protocol) address

    How to reset the Protocol Internet (TCP/IP)

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    Do you know if your installation uses the IMAP protocol?

    Your problem may be due to the server; It can be configured to allow only a single connection at a time.

    Different users share a common profile? This would give the symptoms that you describe, since the Thunderbird locks his profile.

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    This is going to sound very stupid. I'm new to Lightroom, so it's probably obvious. It is my understanding that Lightroom does not change your original photos and simply stores all changes in catalog file. So how it is when you give someone a photo you have edited that they will get the edited image if they have Lightroom and my catalog? Lightroom is some publish kind of command that creates the file, you can then specify?

    Lightroom has an export option that allows you to export to JPEG, TIF or PSD copies, and those exported copies will include all the settings made using Lightroom. You may find it useful to take the time to watch this video series, since you are new to Lightroom.

    Getting started with Lightroom cc - YouTube

    Julieanne kost lightroom - YouTube

  • Can I buy 2 months of CC to someone else in the form of a gift card?

    I adopted a family for Christmas this year, and the 17-year-old boy is interested in graphic design. I wonder if I can buy a gift card for him to have two months of CC. I don't know his email or using mac or PC, so I can't really get it for him. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    The cloud as a gift

  • Changes on request not visible when it is deployed in the weblogic application server

    Hi all

    I have an ADF faces application that runs on a weblogic server.
    Application works fine, but I added a few features on some pages.

    I tested it with Jdeveloper and the build in weblogic server, that works very well.
    Now, I have deployed my application (trough the menu application-> deploy) to the weblogic server.

    When I open the application now, I don't see the changes I made!
    In the menu that I did run Build-> Make and Build-> rebuild but this did not help.

    What is causing this behavior?

    Thank you is advanced.

    Try first cancel the deployment of the server application, and then deploy it again.
    Then, you clear the browsers cache...


  • Someone else to the DPC does not get their free images of 10 per month?

    I got a dollar photo club membership before Adobe Stock took over, and at that time, I received an offer for a one year subscription to Adobe for $9.99, which would include 10 photos per month and 99 cents per download additional.

    I bought this offer and for the last three months, I have received no free downloads per month. I was chatting to adobe via instant messaging, and they say that the CPD plan does not come with 10 free images per month, when in fact the email said he made and the plan is named literally "Adobe Stock - 10 images per month for members of the CPD (one year)". " "

    Anyone else having this problem with Adobe? If so, how to solve it? I spent countless hours trying to get what I paid for, and every time I talk to the 'customer service' chat, they tell me that they have to move the higher ticket and someone will get in touch.  Nobody ever does.


    Problem has been resolved and the allocations of may, June & July have been added to your account - 30 credits.

    I added a 16 additional credits instead of the images you have purchased during the distribution of your subscription was not available.

    Kind regards


  • My bridge update destroyed previews of all DNG files. They only appear on the side and small and I can't open Camera Raw in Bridge. Someone else has the same problem?

    I've updated Bridge yesterday. CS6 Mac OS 10.9.5

    All previews (DNG files) to the bridge now appear on the side and only small miniature size.

    Also Camera Raw has been disabled.

    I tried cache purge for folders as all purge the cache.

    I also spent over an hour on the phone with technical support that being mainly involved switched between departments and try to understand someone on the phone.

    Can anyone help?

    I'm going to guess at the root of your problem is "also Camera Raw has been disabled."

    Can you check what version of Camera Raw, or not at all? Here is how to validate: keeping up to date of Photoshop

  • I don't have that someone else has the same number of mirroring since the update to IOS10?

    I don't have that mirroring, streaming since the update to IOS10, anyone?

    Hello. There are now two pages for the control center of iOS. Let slide to go to the second page where the old AirPlay menu is already open.

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    Place the card in the camera at the back of the iMac worked well.  Bryan

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