change the primary address of the live ID account

I have a windows livve id associated with an email account that I no longer have access. It is also linked to an email that is not verified who I would like to make my main address. My mbilé phone number has also changed, since it is an old account. The account is linked to my mcp status, so I want to get it back, can he help me a few?



Because the problem is with Windows Live Mail, you can publish your application in Windows Live Mail Forums to get assistance on this issue.

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    Hi all

    I want to change the main admin account on Windows 7, so I can remove the second account admin on my machine.

    I put my machine using my admin account but had a problem with and an Adobe program. Adobe technology has created a second admin account, account now appears to be set as primary and I can not change the options for the account, much less delete it but I would like to make.

    Can someone tell me if there is a solution to this?

    See below:

    1. This is my main account, and he's always been. I click on 'manage another account '.

    2. He takes me to the screen. I click on "Administrator". Administrator. "

    3. no options to change the account are available. This is the account that Adobe technology created AFTER the story of 'Kevin Byers' had been used as my main admin account.

    The strange thing is that these options ARE available on my main account. The FIRST account created on this machine.


    So I guess the question is: why was the SECOND admin account changed to primary school, why can't change this back, and why I can delete the account I'm logged in from this account?

    I've been racking my brain and no one I know can help. Searches provide nothing, so if you have anything it would be appreciated.

    Hi all

    I want to change the main admin account on Windows 7, so I can remove the second account admin on my machine.

    So I guess the question is: why was the SECOND admin account changed to primary school, why can't change this back, and why I can delete the account I'm logged in from this account?

    I've been racking my brain and no one I know can help. Searches provide nothing, so if you have anything it would be appreciated.

    Your problem is mainly due to some confusion.

    There is no 'primary' admin account in Windows 7. There are '' integrated '' account called "Administrator". It's still there. You can't create, edit or delete. Adobe technology has not created the it. He simply allowed her.

    You can disable the built-in Administrator account by using the sequence of steps shown below. Before you do, you should create, test, and document an alternative admin account. Why? It's for the same reason that you have a spare key to your House. A lot of people have in diabolical trouble in case something goes wrong with their one and only the account Admin happens all the time. With spare admin account, you are safe.

    1. Log in under your own admin account.
    2. Click the start planet.
    3. Type these letters: cmd.exe
    4. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
    5. Accept the challenge.
    6. Enter the following command and press ENTER:
      NET user administrator / active: No.
  • MacBook pro stolen the question, 'Find my mac' still works to erase personal information if I put it before changing the icloud/itunes account password?  or is my phone app stop working when I change the password?

    MacBook pro stolen the question, 'Find my mac' app still works to erase personal information if I put it before changing the icloud/itunes account password?  or is my mac app stop working when I change the password?

    Unless you fully active 'find my Mac' BEFORE that your mac has been stolen, it can't do anything for you now. It is not active, and there is no way to make it active after the fact.

  • Can't send or receive messages for the Live (grbrewer) account.

    Can't send or receive messages for the Live (grbrewer) account.

    Server error: 0 x 80048820
    Server: ' '.
    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0 x 80048820

    This happens whenever I try to check my mail. Why?

    Hi Greg772,

    Because this problem occurs in Windows Live mail, you can post the issue in Windows Live for help.

    For more information, see the links:

    Hope this information is useful.

  • What does "change the user myuser account unlock" do?

    What is the statement "change the user myuser account unlock" do? I'm looking at a few examples to use the oracle data pump. He asks me to unlock the account.


    You can not access a locked account. You can connect to an unlocked account (open).
    ALTER USER myuser ACCOUNT UNLOCKING unlocks the account if you can connect using it.

  • I want to change my primary address in the iphone?

    How can I change my address in my account in my iPhone, I can't download anything on my Apple Store!

    & I'm also have problem in my storage space?

    2 questions

    1. to change the Apple - ID click here

    2. with regard to space

    1. go to Settings - General - use and see what is too much space OR

    2 connect to iTunes - summary - post a picture of the color bar downstairs after the removal of personal information, and we can give you some advice

  • How to change the live settings on an iPhone 6 Plus

    Try to sync the contacts between my 6s iPhone more ver.10.10.5 ver.9.2.1 and iMac. OS X Yosemite, using iTunes ver.

    In iTunes, I sail down to INFO under SETTINGS for my iPhone 6s longer.

    In the body of the screen, just below the Apple icon there is an area called CONTACTS SYNC. In this area, it states the following, "your contacts are being synchronized with your iPhone on the airwaves to iCloud.» Live sync settings can be changed on your iPhone". I explored the iPhone SETTINGS with a fine comb, looking for a menu that will allow changes to the live synchronization settings. I have not found any such settings.

    For testing purposes, I added new contacts in the iMac and iPhone. I perform a synchronization, but none of these contacts of the trial appears in the iMac or the iPhone. At this point, sync contacts seems to be hopeless!

    I am convinced that he is passionate about Mac out there that will and have a solution to my problem. In addition to this situation, I would really appreciate a quick clarification on how iPhones and iMacs synchronize contacts. When the SYNCHRONIZATION is selected in iTunes while in the INFO, contacts are synchronized in an interface method? IPhone added contacts transferred to the iMac, and the course of the same iMac to sync contacts added are transferred to the iPhone? If not bidirectional, machine who should I enter new contacts? I'm a little confused as to the direction of the synchronization (when it works).

    Thank you for your comment on my questions. I'm not new to Apple/Mac, but I still consider myself a rookie. This is my first post of the Community Support of Apple, and I look forward to working with and to be part of the community.



    I appreciate that you try to sync your contacts between your iPhone 6 Plus and your iMac.  The most common way to keep data synchronized between your iPhone and your Mac must have iCloud put in place on both.  Looks like you may have put iCloud in place on your iPhone, that's why you see the message "on-line".  However, you cannot have your Mac put in place for iCloud.

    iCloud: what is iCloud?

    Get help using iCloud Contacts, calendars, or reminders

    • On your iPhone, tap Settings > iCloud. Check your Apple ID and make sure you put what you want to update (Contacts, calendars, or reminders).
    • On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud. Check your Apple ID and make sure that you select what you want to update (Contacts, calendars, or reminders).

    If you choose to synchronize your information using iTunes and USB cable, then the synchronization is a way - from the computer to the iPhone.

    Sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes via USB

    Hope that helps...

  • 5530 ENVY: Can you change the live of HP Wireless channel?

    I have a HP ENVY 5530.  Can I change the channel default channel 6 wireless?

    Thank you.

    Hi EffaD,

    I couldn't find all the parameters of this model that you can change the channel with the printer wireless.

    On Laserjet printers, you can change the channel on some models.

    I've included the manual of your printer for further use.

    5530 e-all-in-one HP ENVY series.

    Good day!

  • How can I change the e-mail account in Firefox, it uses, when I send the email from a Web site?

    When I click on an e-mail link in a page, it comes up with a box asking if I want to use gmail or outlook, which I did not? I did not have this problem on my other computer. I need to know, in Firefox, how to change this option to use my e-mail account of Qwest. Not sure I'm explaining properly. Thank you

    The mailto: protocol automatically asks you what you want to use when you click mailto: links. Default value for me on Ubuntu is Thunderbird.

    You can't exactly use your e-mail address for the to do directly from Firefox (Firefox is not a messaging application), but you really need to sign in to your account of Qwest and copy / paste the e-mail address of the recipient.

    Another thing to do is to synchronize your mail from Qwest for Thunderbird, then when you want to use mailto:, you can choose Thunderbird with ease.

  • good way to change the standard administrator accounts

    I'm looking for the right way to change some of the administrative accounts on macs, I support since administrative Standard.

    the systems in question have at least two accounts of adminsitive and I only will this happen to one of these accounts.

    Currently, there are data for users (images, music, etc.) in their accounts of the House.

    Is it simply a matter of the past as long as administrator on a single account, by selecting the other account and by unchecking the box "allow user to administer this computer" or is it more than that, such as the creation of accounts entirely new?

    It is also mainly a matter of 10.9, but I have a system running 10.10, which must also be addressed.

    He need only disable this checkbox.


  • How can I change the main security account for the family to another user?

    My account is current holder of main account in security for the family. Is it possible to change this to another adult? If so, how?

    I tried to search the different help files and this site, but have failed to find an answer.

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Kevo82,

    Thank you for visiting the website of Microsoft Windows Vista Community. The question you have posted is linked to (Windows Live One Care and would be better suited to the Live One Care Community.) Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

    Maybe it's not the exactly the forum for the security of the family but it is closely relate to Live One Product Care, many experts in this forum be a care products to help a Live question most concerns complicate.

    Hope this helps, Kevin
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to change the country into account Adobe?


    I have an Adobe account and I try to get the monthly package of Photoshop/Lightroom, implemented.  For some reason any my account thinks I live in Australia, when I actually live in Thailand.  How can I change my account so that it registers me as living in Thailand (and therefore charge me in Thai Baht and no Australian Dollars and recognizes my credit or debit cards), but keep the tongue in English?

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    Hi John

    Please visit the link mentioned, to change the country below:

    Change the country associated with your Adobe ID

    If in case you have an active subscription in your Adobe account or if you are facing a problem, contact our customer service:

    Contact the customer service

    Thank you


  • How to change the first vmware account email


    I need to update my e-mail account, but the information available in does not work...

    I can't create another account bec I have attached to this support agreement...

    How can I update my email?

    Thank you

    I guess that you are referring to the procedure for changing the e-mail address below.  You have already completed step 5?  If so, that you have received e-mail notification sent by the Community Manager that your account has been updated?  If Yes, and you can't always connect with your new email, you will have to repeat steps 5 to 7.

    Kind regards


    How can I change my e-mail address on the community platform?
    If you change your e-mail address, please follow the steps below.
    1. go to your profile Page
    2. change your community profile
    3. Enter your new email address and save.
    4. create a new VMware account for your new email address. Make sure that you choose the option "no, I don't not want to join the VMware community" as the Community Manager will transfer your existing account from the community into your new VMware Store account.
    5. send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
    Subject: Change of address Email
    Old Email address & community UserID
    New Email address
    6. once the Community Manager updates the account, we will inform you by e-mail.
    7. connect with the new email address (you may need to close your browser sessions until you're able to connect)


  • Monitoring stops working after changing the SQL Service account

    I have the Foglight for SQL Server cartridge. I recently changed the service account that is running the SQL Server engine and SQL Server Agent from a local account to a domain account. Everything works fine on the SQL Server side.

    No configuration changes have been made on the Foglight end, and none should be necessary Foglight is configured to use a separate service for SQL account both OS level followed. This account has always been in the local "Administrators" Group on the database server, as well as a "sysadmin" on the side of SQL Server server role. If I 'validate connectivity' within Foglight to that server, it shows that the connection is correct. I tried to remove the monitoring officer and recreation, but yet to see errors in the attached screenshot. Has anyone meet a similar problem?

    Although I couldn't find any indication that the agents were locked, I tried to release them anyway. That seemed to do the trick!

    This can be found here:

    Databases-> Dashboard Support-> Support of databases-> release agents

  • BES 5.0.3 api to change the configuration of account?


    I want to temporarily disable the users to send and receive e-mail and messages on their devices.  What I've read, the way to do is to put "Redirect to BlackBerry" 'no' in the account configuration.  The problem I have is that I want to do from a Java application using the BES 5.0.3 Service Web interface and I can't find any way to do this.

    Can I retrieve the current value of the object AccountConfiguration and I see that it has a setter, but what is the method in the BWS interface I would use to change the configuration on the server?  If this is not yet supported, or I forgot something?

    Thank you.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!

    Currently, this feature is not supported. You can set e-mail filters or the folder redirection using BWS, but stop the flow of messages in total is not supported.

    Feel free to submit a request for this feature by using Issue Tracker (link in my signature). It is important when using file a new application to include a good deal.

    Kind regards

  • Windows 7 action center > security > I can't change the uac user account at the level of the control window freezes / uac rest!

    PROBLEM: ACTION CENTER > SECURITY > USER ACCOUNT CONTROL FREEZES AND REMAINS OFF - I CAN'T CHANGE THE UAC LEVEL. When access to the center of the Action (Windows 7-32 bit) > Security > UNDER USER ACCOUNT CONTROL IS OFF > said UAC will be NEVER NOTIFIER > and below it in blue is the option to click on "Choose your level of UAC" > I click it and it opens a window "DECIDE if he MUST BE INFORMED of CHANGES to YOUR COMPUTER" with a feature of landslide to choose the level > I DRAG to ALWAYS NOTIFY ME AND EACH TIME the SCREEN is IT FREEZES LET ME HIT OK - so I can not change this setting. It won't let me change to always warn me - the recommended setting, and I can't go beyond that! The window closed either! I'm trying to close the window by clicking end task in Task Manager - it takes several attempts before / if it can close this frozen window... BUT THE KEY IS THAT I CAN'T CHANGE THE UAC LEVEL - THE SCREEN FREEZES AS SOON AS I GLIDE TO ALWAYS WARN ME - HELP? * NOTE: a few times after the Task Manager tried to close the window without success, I saw a box pops up that says: Manager of COM surrogate has stopped responding... he tries to fix - as if Windows stops responding, and he tries to recover or fix the problem. I would like any help or information please, as to why I can't change this setting, even after I give an administrator password, you are prompted, to say good make - when I am logged in as a standard user. Help? Thank you!

    Hi Shellzak,

    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community!

    I understand that you can not change the UAC settings on the computer and the system hangs. I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Rest assured that I will do my level best to help you.

    Did you of recent changes to the computer before the show?

    I suggest the following method and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    I suggest you try to activate UAC from the command line and check if it helps.

    (a) open an elevated command prompt. To do this, click Start, click programs, accessories principally made, right-click Guest, and then click Run as administrator. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password, or click on allow.

    (b) run this command

    Reg.exe ADD HKLM/v EnableLUA /t REG_DWORD /d 1/f

    Registry warning: Important this section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

    Kind regards!

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