Clicking on/jumping noise coming from my low sub

WWhy created a low sub with the efm1. For some reason any at the beginning of each note you here a pop or click. I tried Channel Equalization all frequencies, but even when I cut out all frequencies I always here the sound of rattling and nothing else. I tried to switch to a low sub massifs and sylenth but I always get the same result. Any ideas? Thank you!

Try adjusting the envelope 'Attack' of the generator is probably on the lowest setting possible with could give a "tic" at the beginning of each note. Move very little, until the noise you hear is gone.

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  • Strange noises coming from the D command

    I bought a Toshiba computer and installed the program, the laptop produces a strange noise coming from the drive D as given that any departure or visit regularly. This happens like every 15 min or 20 min. Is this not a major problem. I just bought the laptop 3 days ago can I change my computer by another?

    I've had in the past a laptop making the same noise and the D drive stop working in 1 year

    Thank you

    Hey Buddy,

    Which drive D mean? The STRANGE internal or second partition?

    Which laptop model you purchased?

    Here he s a user to user forum and it is difficult to say if this is normal or not without hearing it. If in doubt, you should contact an authorized service provider. They can give you an official response on this behavior.

    In addition if your laptop is only 3 days old he should t be a problem to swap it with another.

  • SatelliteA200 - 23 k - strange noise coming from the fan area

    I have my model A200-23 laptop Toshiba PSAE6E for 1.5 years and I recently returned from service.
    I sent there due to a nonfunctional key.

    All right, they changed the keyboard... but since I found, I have noticed some strange noises coming from the fan area...

    The sound is not so strong, but it's pretty boring.
    I cleaned using compressed air, but the sound has not disappeared.
    It is still under warranty, but I don't think they would do something against this noise.

    The laptop works very well, it is not overheating or something, but I cannot get used to the noise.
    Should Whatd I do?


    Hard to say what noise would that be
    But if the laptop was removed by a technician of the ASP in the past, then you should get in touch with the same technicians again and have to explain your situation!
    A screw has perhaps forgotten who knows
    I think that the technician should take a new look on this laptop

    I wouldn't recommend open and disassemble the laptop yourself because you could void the warranty

  • Public Static T3600 noise coming from headphones that are connected to the headset before decision-making.

    I have problem with my T3600 when used before headphone jack. Noise coming from headphones that are connected to the telephone jack of heat before, however, I tried to connect with rear headphone jack is good. If I put the system in standby mode, when I restart the audio does not work, but the noise electric only in my helmet!

    Hoping to see an improvement soon.


    I did the steps you recommended, but my computer is still such a situation.
    I'm using BIOS version A14, audio Realtek ALC269 and Driver for High Definition Audio Driver Version, A06.
    Drivers for Service NOTE from the ADMINtag: maintain the label removed by privacy policy >
    Please help me. Thank you

  • I have removed the cause of driver audio realtek that I did not like the noise coming from my speakers.

    * Original title: audio driver

    I deleted the audio driver cause real tek I didn't like noise coming from my computer speakers, now I have nothing lol how is that I can install to solve this


    Do a system restore to a date before you had this problem:

    "How to make a restore of the system in Windows 8 and 8.1" . "

    If necessary, follow this path to make a system restore:

    "5 ways to boot mode safe Windows 8 & Windows 8.1"


    Or go to your computer, or your sound card, the manufacturer Web site > looking for drivers and downloads Section > put in your computer or sound card (if you installed it yourself) model number > find your operating system > download and install the drivers etc you will find Audio.

    See you soon.

  • Satellite U405d-s2850 - noise coming from the fan high pitch

    I bought my computer laptop 2nd Friday last for the school. I bought it at Costco after comparing with some other laptops.
    I like it so far, it is a tone high from the fan noise. First I thought it was my ear, but it wasn't. This high pitch noise is so darn high, it makes me crazy.

    This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    Or am I just darn sensitive?
    My other laptop Toshiba is very good. It's just this new laptop!

    Should I return this laptop and get a new one or is it normal?


    Are you sure that this noise is coming from the cooling module?
    Usually, it is really hard to say what causes these sounds of high pitch without disassembling the whole laptop and check the single parts.

    > This means, there is something wrong with this laptop?
    To be honest, I never noticed the sounds of high pitch on my three different notebooks.
    So I guess there might be something wrong with the single computer laptop part.

    So if you aren't really sure what causes this noise of high tone, then I recommend contacting ASP in your country for and verification of the laptop.

    Welcome mate

  • Resonance noise coming from new Mac Pro

    Hi all!

    I picked up recently a late 2013 6 mac pro core. I once owned a mac Mini 4 core i7 model quiet whisper. I hooked all my cables similarly to the way I had with my mac Mini. Now the question is, when im downloading with download accelerator or transfer files in both feel between my server, I can hear sound coming from my new Mac Pro resonance frequency. This only happens when im connected by ethernet. If I disable ethernet and use wifi, this noise is more audible! Is this a common problem! My new Mac Pro would already have problems!

    Thanks in advance


    RE: noises reported in Mac Pro end 2013.

    There was an initial report of a noise called "Reel whining", launched by the power under certain conditions.

    Those who could demonstrate the problem got their power supplies replaced under warranty.

    Of course, those who have done nothing and waited for the next version of the software solve the problem have nothing except maybe a headache.

    If this is a NEW Mac Pro, back at the origin of the seller ASAP. If you purchased at Apple in the United States, you can get the unit replaced with 14 days of receipt - the Genius Bar or you local Apple authorized service provider.

    If others, it becomes a problem to repair.

  • Funny noise coming from AC power adapter


    for 2 weeks now, I had trouble with my adapter. It fails to charge my laptop at any time. at first I it could be a bad connection, but every time that he stop I hear a high tone noice coming from the charge adapter. the sound stops once I have unplug the adapter from the socket.

    the lights, the power light is on but the battery light is not.

    I'm not sure of the cause of this noise and'd like some advice on this.

    Yes, it's certainly a malfunction of AC adapter. Looks like a broken cable sector.
    Something similar happened to my friend's mobile phone. The high-pitched noise appeared during the charging of the battery and disappeared after disconnecting the AC adapter.

    We send the defective part to the service provider and received a new. Mobile phone charges and no sound now appear.
    I know, I shouldn't compare the mobile phone with the notebook, but the symptoms are identical or very similar and I'm sure that the adapter needs to be replaced.

    Then, contact the ASP in your country and request a replacement! I think the guys will first check the AC adapter but what the hell!

  • Satellite P50-B-103 - noise coming from the ODD box / ram

    So the first thing is that I have a strange noise coming out of my drive/ram zone cd of my laptop, (its new).
    the cd drive is empty
    The noise sounds like the laser moves around, but for a very short period of time

    Second thing, it is that the update for the cd player install little matters what I do


    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what it could be.
    What you can do is to open a WEIRD door but just a little bit and work for a period of time see if you can hear the new sound.

    The noise sounds like the laser moves around, but for a very short period of time

    Do again and again?

    Second thing, it is that the update for the cd player install little matters what I do

    What you want to install exactly? Which update?

  • I use a lot my daily life of the computer. I hear CLICKING noises that are not caused by me! Who and where are the clicks noises coming from? Is there a ROOTKIT, someone somewhere romoting access my internet service?

    Is there a Rootkit, or someone somewhere romoting access my internet service?  I use my computer for several hours every day.

    This year I went through a CRASH my system in September due to my memory stick in my digital camera INFECT my computer.  I bought a new computer that's how it was.  I'm also a MODEL all CIS although I am learning.  Since then, I've downloaded the AMOUNTS of VIRUS protection.  Of course, I didn't know it was my stick of memory from my digital camera which has infected my computer, I only understood what a month ago.  So, you guessed it, even my brand new computer became infected soon enough.  I recently did a RESTORE on it, which has erased everything.

    My point is, I had about 4 people from remote access my computer to try to resolve the various problems with it several times last year.  These people are found in various places: Argentina, India, Phillippians.  I found it interesting.  Whenever they take control of my computer from their remote location.  Once the session is completed, they finished their access.

    Why what I hear clicking then I use my computer?  As I wrote this, I heard it about five times.  What is it?  Why gives me the feeling that someone is using my internet.  Talk about paranoia, makes me think that they can get in my email when I look at my bank account etc.  Is there a possibility that this actually happens or not?

    My son has a laptop that he uses a lot with the internet service that I use.  His laptop using WI - FI.  It uses the X - Box live wi - fi.  These things are going at the same time while I use my internet connection.  Would this be causing clicks?  I would like to know if there is violation of privacy occurring and/or and "OUT OF BOUNDS" type of question, where someone from a remote location using my Comcast service internet and maybe even can see confidential things on my personal login.

    Thank you, WG

    I used my mouse that you asked and he makes no noise whatsoever (it's a laser wireless mouse) - well it makes a rattling noise when I click with the right button or left mouse on an icon as it should, but nothing outstanding at all - is the click made by the mouse when you click on an icon or a hyperlink that you speak?  And you say he doesn't mouse, but from somewhere inside the computer?

    Someone smart enough to gain access to your system to be able to do the things you're afraid of that happening is smart enough to make sure that the computer does not have a noise when it occurs to give the fact that it happens.  In addition, access would be through the network connection so let's do a test.  Remove the connection from the system (I mean disconnect the cable or ethernet connection or remove the wireless card or go to network connections and sharing and disable every single network, you will find (don'tdelete - just disable their) or better yet, just remove the connection of the moden provided by the ISP, so there is NO WAY) a connection could get through.  Then see if clicks continues.  If so, it has antyhing to come with your internet connection or a pirate in your accounts. If it does not go far, it is possible that some network devices is originally of the problem (or that you are currently connected to a web site that generates the rattling noise, but I seriously doubt that this is a sign that everybody won that kind of access to your system (even if it could be malware as I mentioned earlier).

    I honestly have no clue what inside the computer could cause this noise that often and that constantly. It is not a problem of software for me.  I still think you should try the suggestions I made in my previous post (especially the search for malware and do a clean boot).

    If you this concerned and you have tried everything that has been recommended, I stick a reputable computer repair shop and ask them to check it out. If it occurs when they use the computer, they should be able to find the source even if they remove all to do.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • No Audio / noise coming from my speakers, get the message: "material changes may not have been detected." When I click the speaker icon to troubleshoot

    Recently, my son plugged his headphones Turtle Beach X 12 in the front USB and my computer's audio input. Since he took the helmet, I have had no audio of my Logitech speakers.  When I click the speaker icon to get out of trouble, I get this message: "material changes may not have been detected." When I go to my control panel to manage my audio devices, I get a message that says no audio device is installed. I tried the simple things like the removal and reinstallation of my speakers and tries a recovery to date before my son his headphones plugged the computer, but those who have not yet worked. I have to uninstall and reinstall my sound card?


    Which could be necessary, but first, first try the software road. Try the steps in this tutorial and see if that solves the problem: .

    Keep me posted and let me know how you fare.

    Kind regards


  • Noise coming from Vaio 13 Pro

    -Very well, so I got my new Pro 13 for about 2 weeks. It works perfectly except for a boredom. There is a low type squeking noise. It happens every time the computer treats something. A good example would be whenever I load a Web page that he screams until the page is completely loaded. If I put my ear next to the keyboard, it seems to come from the middle. I'm not sure if this is normal and I'm going to have to deal with it, but its just enough to hear and be annoying, when I am in a quiet room.

    I've updated all the drivers and others.

    Thank you

  • IPhone 7: funny noise coming from the rear

    I noticed that my new Iphone 7 makes a strange noise from the back (more or less close to the apple logo) but udible only put ear on the back side of the phone. It also occurs if the phone is in stand-by mode with the screen off. Is this normal?

    Google HIssGate it. Hoping that my 7plus in Jet Black t has this issue. Due here 25/09/16.

    UT read about it on or That's an impressive Edie with the first phones. Time will tell if all the phones in the Moon, but most reports say they only hear it on heavy load

  • Satellite A500 - 14 c: high pitch noise coming from speakers?

    I think that sound from the speakers even when. But even if I turn the volume down completely the noise doesn't always.

    Its a subtle... this kind of electronic noise that becomes really annoying if you're in a quiet room. Does anyone else have this problem?


    I know that these noises, but in my case, it was created by an AC adapter.

    The AC adapter cable has been damaged (broken), and therefore this noise appeared.
    But it was really, really down, and I couldn't always hear it just sometimes a mostly just for a short period

    In any case, I tried another AC adapter and allowed to detect the reason for that

    I put t know why that sound comes from the speakers, but most often these issues are related to the material and should be checked by a technician.

  • Satellite A100 - 784 buzzing noise coming from the display

    I hear a hum from the screen while I'm running my new Satellite A100-784. When the brightness of the display is set to the highest level the noise is higher. Any suggestions?
    Thank you


    looks like a hardware failure. Maybe a faulty display ups or something similar. I suggest you:

    Bring your machine to an authorized local ASP. They must correct this mistake and replace defective parts of your laptop.
    Here´s a link to find a few ASP in your area:

    Welcome them

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