Company to remove the App Profile Manager - error occurred

Server 5.1, El Cap 10.11.4

We recently completely flies over to VPP for our App distribution.  Previously, we did the way of old-skool share iOS applications (download the application on our server after you download it from the iTunes store).

I now want to delete all old ' Enterprise' applications and just keep my VPP catalog.

When I select an application, click on the sign - to delete, then I get an error message.

Any thoughts?



Logs show the following:

Apr 4 11:04:09 quicklookd www [24044]: error returned by iconservicesagent: (null)

Apr 4 11:04:09 iconservicesagent www [642]:-[ISGenerateImageOp generateImageWithCompletion:] has no image descriptor composit of < ISBindingImageDescriptor: 0x7fa198507c50 >.

Apr 4 11:04:09 quicklookd www [24044]: error returned by iconservicesagent: (null)

Tags: Servers and Enterprise Software

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