continuous timestamp entry to table?


I tried to put a random generated entries in the table with the current value of the time stamp.

I did it partially, but each new entry is crushed on the first place only.

Corresponding VI is attached below.

Thanks in advance for the answer.

Shift registers.  This is to construct a table of values for your table.

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    My book has a few tables - nothing wrong with that.  I have a front cap of the table - that's what I want in the table of contents.

    iBooks author shows instead, empty entries whenever he comes across a table, that is hopeless.

    I just want the topic as indicated above - 2.1.  I don't want 2.2 which is the table.

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    See you soon,.



    I found an article from Apple which may help to answer your question and I pasted the link below. I think that you will have to 'say' iBA this is or is not part of the Table of contents (TOC) and's done it with the Inspector tool, Document tab, section TOC. Look down at the bottom of this window to the sign and arrow down to allow the addition of other document settings in the table of contents, or remove some.

    I hope that this help =)

    iBooks author: Customize the table of contents

  • [Bug]? Beware of the evolution of your entries in table...

    Forums snub research related but different issues, so this is: is this another leak memory graphic or I missed something?

    The problem is simple, although I doubt it appears often.  If you ask a chart, its use of the space data memory must reflect what is needed for the history of the times ranking two.  However, any when you switch inputs between scalars and tables (does not seem to matter what type, or what size for berries, and I was testing with empty bays), the chart takes another entire buffer (history x 2), and data space grows from this amount.  If you come back, it grows again.  You can change the dimensions of the matrix, remove your entry and a new one of the same "order" of wire, or do any number of other things, and the data space is fine.  But once you make this specific switch, the data space is growing.  Everything I tried, there is not a way to free this memory, even by removing the graphic of the VI, except to CTRL + Z all the way around before you inputs wired.  If you closed or did a bunch of work later, I don't think that there is a way to recover, and it is not get cleaned up with a reboot.

    Of course, this probably has not yet arrived on the radar of anyone for several reasons, but we are often dealing with very large data sets, and I discovered this in a chart with a history of 1 M.  (On a 32-bit computer, not less.  Why even they those more)

    I have screenshots available if anyone is interested, but I have to shoot and crop before they are useful to someone else so I don't put everything here.  I haven't searched deep enough into VI scripting to find a programmatic way to see the distribution of memory usage - on that note, does anyone know how?- so I have no excerpts, either.  I'll be stuck in the lab so I'll be slow with the answers, but I'll be anxious to hear if anyone has any suggestions or foreknowledge of it.  Thank you!

    LV of the dad to keep history to support the "Nations United-do."

    Only possilbe workaround would be to change the number of steps of the UN - do from scratch?


  • Missing entries in Table of contents

    I am working on a long document (550 pages...) in InDesign CC 2014 and has created a style of table of contents in order to generate it.

    But for some strange reason some entries are left behind not taken at the table of contents are generated...

    The styles are applied and included in the table of contents style...

    Someone has encountered this problem before?

    I've seen this when the style names are duplicated with capital letter, or there are two copies in groups of different styles (or in a style group), and both have been applied to different parts of the text.

  • RMAN clean old entries AL table

    I notice there is always old (according to the defined policy) entries in the AL table:
    SQL> desc
     Name                                                              Null?    Type
     ----------------------------------------------------------------- -------- --------------------------------------------
     AL_KEY                                                            NOT NULL NUMBER
     DBINC_KEY                                                         NOT NULL NUMBER
     AL_RECID                                                          NOT NULL NUMBER
     AL_STAMP                                                          NOT NULL NUMBER
     THREAD#                                                           NOT NULL NUMBER
     SEQUENCE#                                                         NOT NULL NUMBER
     LOW_SCN                                                           NOT NULL NUMBER
     LOW_TIME                                                          NOT NULL DATE
     NEXT_SCN                                                          NOT NULL NUMBER
     NEXT_TIME                                                                  DATE
     FNAME                                                                      VARCHAR2(1024)
     FNAME_HASHKEY                                                              VARCHAR2(20)
     ARCHIVED                                                          NOT NULL VARCHAR2(1)
     BLOCKS                                                            NOT NULL NUMBER
     BLOCK_SIZE                                                        NOT NULL NUMBER
     COMPLETION_TIME                                                   NOT NULL DATE
     IS_STANDBY                                                                 VARCHAR2(1)
     STATUS                                                            NOT NULL VARCHAR2(1)
     DICTIONARY_BEGIN                                                           VARCHAR2(3)
     DICTIONARY_END                                                             VARCHAR2(3)
    SQL> select count(*) from;
    SQL> select min(LOW_TIME) , min(COMPLETION_TIME) from;
    ------------------- -------------------
    2010-04-07 20:31:41 2010-04-07 20:32:03
    How to clean these entries through the rman interface?
    I'm talking about the catalog version

    Assuming that these archivelogs have the status of "DELETED" using script


    to delete the entries.

    RMAN itself does not directly remove the entries in the catalog tables.


  • Insert job completion timestamp to another table

    Hi - I have a requirement where I need to insert timestamp end work to another table.

    I'm loading of data from oracle to Sql server table table. This job works well. Once this is done, I need to insert the timestamp on the completion of another table in Sql server.

    Here's what I did...

    (1) created a package with the interface that loads data from oracle to Sql server the table1 table.
    (2) created a refresh variable that gets the timestamp.

    I want to know if there are any ODI tool that loads this timestamp to another SQL server table once the data is loaded to the first SQL server table.

    Appreciate your comments.

    Thank you

    Simply create a procedure that inserts the timestamp to the relevant sql table by passing the variable as the value and call it as the last step of your package.

  • Add entries in table form located on a form page

    I have a form with a tabular presentation on her page. Entries in the form of this table are obviously related to the record displayed on the page of the form. The form is based on a demand_id and my form of table contains all transport on demand, so each record in the form of tables has a transport_id and a demand_id with a FK constraint on it (for cascade delete). Everything works well but one thing. I can create a request, add transport, register the application it will save transport associated and delete request and it will remove the transport associated with it. Hiccup time alone, is that I can not add transport creating demand, because the request is technically not yet created, and the FK constraint won't let me add any transport.

    A work around all about anyone know? Because I really need to be able to add transport on demand that is being created.

    Kind regards

    It's no wonder because you are missing citations in all directions. By using a tool like TOAD helps - try to format your code and it will tell you where your problem is. This should compile:

    SELECT apex_item.checkbox (30, transportid) delete_checkbox, transportid,
              apex_item.hidden (31, transportid)
           || apex_item.hidden (32, demandeid)
           || apex_item.hidden (33, seq_id)
           || apex_item.hidden (34, seq_checksum)
           || apex_item.date_popup
                                 || seq_id
                                 || ', ''3'')"'
                                 || 'id=f35_'
                                 || '#ROWNUM#'
                                ) dt_transport,
                  || seq_id
                  || ', ''4'')"',
                  'f36_' || '#ROWNUM#'
                 ) hr_transport,
                         || seq_id
                         || ', ''5'')"',
                         'f37_' || '#ROWNUM#'
                        ) duree,
               || seq_id
               || ', ''6'')"',
               'f38_' || '#ROWNUM#',
              ) ind_typetransport
      FROM dates_collection_v

    I think that the task is too big for your knowledge of PL/SQL and efforts will not lead to the expected results. It would be best to start with easy stuff.

    Denes Kubicek

  • entries in table of cases within a lower hierarchy of VI


    I wish I had access to a table in a Subvi to lower hierarch. Now using the property of the "appellants", that I have access to VI refnum at the top level and 'number of elements in the array reference' allows to write in the first item in the table to the right, but I would like to have access to all the elements separately.

    Please consider that I'm using LV 8.2.

    Best regards


    Afshin salvation,

    as you already use the nodes property you should connect the 'IndexValues' property to show the search item and then read its value of "ArrElem.Value". Or search the Forum as there are also other threads on this topic

    In general: the better (faster, without thread switches, [no] datacopies) is to wire the table itself to the Subvi.

  • Most entries in table Port Forwarding on WRT54G V1, firmware 1.0.04)is


    I recently bought the above router. However, it seems that in its interface, I am able to put only limited port forwarding entries (about 10). My current DSL modem, I used before only a router, allowed me to add number of entries I wanted to though.

    I am currently dangerously close (on a single PC, second PC is coming) to reach this limit. I know what I'm doing (i.e. all transmitted at intervals of ports are necessary, the applications do not support UPnP), and I don't want to disable the functionality of my software.

    Therefore, could you please tell me how I will be able to add more entries? It seems ridiculous to artificially limit this functionality.

    If you use the WRT as access points you can use all the remaining LAN ports on the WRT for wireline customers, i.e. you only 'drop' a port because you cannot use the internet port.

  • Entries of table of contents in the first word of the paragraphs

    Hi all. I would appreciate your help in this matter.

    Currently my page format will-


    1 subtitle. Lorem ipsem asjdlffojsdlf asldfjlsjfklsf.

    These two have a point each, with the other having automatically number each paragraph style (where the 1. + the dash).

    The Question- How can I get my OCD to show that the word 'subtitle' and is not the number, and the rest of the paragraph is?

    Also - think There are a few paragraphs that have the same style (so that each paragraph numbered), but I don't want to show them on the table of contents, as they do not have a subtitle.

    Your help is very appreciated. Thank you all.

    Ah, you're right. You cannot apply the condition directly as part of a style of characters, but you can always do it in several steps.

    First define the style of character, and in this case everything there need for attributes is a unique name. Once defined, apply it to the text a nested style or GREP style in your paragraph style from the list after the text that you want to keep the separator character before the page number. Once the generated table of contents you can use find/replace to find this style of character and to apply the condition, and then finally to hide the State in the Panel (State must be visible for search/replace to apply it).

  • entry level table question

    I'm new to the table, I have a lot of color codes I want to assign a table,




    #0000 CD,







    in AS2, I have so far

    var i = 1;

    While (I < 11) {}

    This ["icolor" + i] =


    How can I do this in a loop, while each time 'i' imprement, it will be re-branded the color-coded next on the list? I think it's pretty basic... I'm still doing research on this subject, great if someone just point out he me.

    Thank you very much.

    Oh I had,

    var this.colorCC = newColor;

  • How to insert the date with timestamp in the table values

    I have a table

    create the table abc1 (dob date);

    insert into abc1 values (to_date (sysdate, "HH24:MI:SS RRRR/MM/DD))

    but when I see in the database, it shows that the normal date without time stamp.

    Is it possible to insert in the back-end with time stamp.

    Thank you...

    Firstly, SYSDATE is a DATE already, no need to convert a DATE using the TO_DATE() function.

    The date ALWAYS was a component "hour", if it is displayed until your NLS settings. for example:

    Table created.
    Session altered.
    1 row created.
    Session altered.
    02/04/2010 12:54:57
    Table dropped.
  • Find maximum in the entries in the table

    Dear all,

    I would like to find and replace the highest value among a set of values being interviewed.  Only, I managed to find the highest value, if I compare the new value with the old value by using a shift with a single value (element) register only.

    Currently, if I deal with entries in table instead of a single value, how can I do?


    New entry 1 = [5





    Entry 2 = [4





    The answer should therefore x = 5





    So if another new table of entry has higher values x, the answer will change again. The values are compared against the row of each element in the table. The final answer should be in a table.

    Can anyone help this? Thank you very much!

  • Question: adding prefixes to the table of contents chapter entries?

    Hello I would like to know if anyone can help understand me how to format Table of contents entries to include a prefix.

    I want to each chapter entry in my table of contents to include the prefixes of words Chapter 1, Chapter 2... etc.

    For example. Just to say that my first chapter is called "aseptic".

    Currently the aseptic 'A technical' chapter title is formatted with a paragraph style called "chapter title", and this paragraph style is included in the "Styles of Table of contents.

    So for the moment my OCD simply shows the words "One Technique aseptic" followed by the page number.

    I want that entry of table of contents to say: "Chapter 1 asepsis.

    But I don't want the words "Chapter 1" to appear on the title page of actual chapter. "»

    Also, I want to be able to add unique style to the prefixes (I guess with character styles). So that I can make the "Chapter 1"style a little differently to "Aseptic", while both appear on the same line.

    Is it possible to do? I know that I can just click on the table of contents, and then make the changes directly, but it's not ideal because if I click on "update the Table of contents" then all changes are lost. I want the added prefixes dynamically so that they remain in place even if chapter headings are changed in the future.

    Thanks for any help.

    Of course, I see no problem:

  • Find the table number B &gt; = number in the table but &lt; then next entry b

    I'm trying to understand the following: find the table number B > = number in the table but < then next entry b

    Table A


    Table B


    The 5 entry in table A, I would like to return 8 b
    For the 10 entry I would lke to return 12 b
    21 entry I would like to return 23 b
    20 entry I would like to return 23 b

    Edited by: Withnoe October 5, 2012 09:19

    Edited by: Withnoe October 5, 2012 10:54


    INSERT INTO TAB_A VALUES ('BIOL 520', 201010);
    INSERT INTO TAB_A VALUES ('BIOL 521', 201250);
    INSERT INTO TAB_A VALUES ('BIOL 522', 200980);

    INSERT INTO TAB_B VALUES ('BIOL 520', 201110);
    INSERT INTO TAB_B VALUES ('BIOL 520', 201150);
    INSERT INTO TAB_B VALUES ('BIOL 520', 201250);
    INSERT INTO TAB_B VALUES ('BIOL 521', 201250);
    INSERT INTO TAB_B VALUES ('BIOL 521', 201260);


    Please let us know if you need anything else. Thank you

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