Copy of cold VM - old snapshot back?

Hi all

I have the problem that after a cold copy a virtual machine to a new hard drive for the computer virtual, is a former State.

Here are the details.

I powered my vm´s and my esx

Installed a new hard drive in my nas

powered by the esxi host and added the new hard disk as a data store

I copied a virtual machine of the old data store to the new, this copy job has been done at the level of the bone, my nfs server.

changed the vm settings, remove 1) old hdd 2) added the hard drive from the new data store

powered on virtual machine

After I checked if everything works, I realized that my vm has old data mybe a year I m lack dns zones which where set up there or more than 12 months.

can anyone tell me my mistake? and how do I get my old data back?

I don't remember that I did for this virtual machine snapshots.



I guess this is the part of the vmx file that I need to change, right?

scsi0:0. FileName = ' / vmfs/volumes/0d1d8431-87d719b0/Suse11.1/Suse11.1.vmdk '.

Yes. Assuming that it is the entry that you got to choose the vmdk in the user interface, you need to only replace the vmdk with Suse11.1 - 000002.vmdk


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    A ran CHKDSK D: /F /R (no problem found)

    Renamed all .lck files in the folder structure customer (renowned specific folders follow below)

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    D:\vmware\WinXP VA33100XP\Delete - me - Windows XP Professional - 000001.vmdk.lck

    D:\vmware\WinXP VA33100XP\Delete - me - Windows XP Professional - 000002.vmdk.lck

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    D:\vmware\WinXP VA33100XP\Delete-me-Windows XP Professional.vmdk.lck

    D:\vmware\WinXP VA33100XP\Delete-me-Windows XP Professional.vmsd.lck

    D:\vmware\WinXP VA33100XP\Delete-me-Windows XP Professional.vmx.lck

    Any advice/suggestions would be welcome.

    With the VM power off and out the VMware Workstation (close the app) try to remove the *.lck files

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