create the audio sample

I can't find an answer to this question online.  I have a drum track I recorded and want to create a file "sample" of the trap.  The trap played unevenly so I would like to take the best shot of snare and make a sample.  Then I can use this sample with the function "replace or double drum track.  Thanks in advance!

Odd that you re cannot find how to do or change an audio sample in Logic anywhere because there are many out there if you Google your problem, but here is a simple way to do this:

Use the scissors to trim the audio file

Put this file on a new audio track to start at position 1

Double-click the audio file to open it in the sample Editor

Adjust the start and end of the snare hit

Then use the gradient tool, if there is no break at the beginning or end of the audio file.

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    With audio files (in particular the WAV), Audio sampling frequency and the size of the Audio sample are not the choices available in the list of details with Vista.  In earlier versions of Windows (2000 and XP) they were both selectable as details.  Is it possible to get these will appear under Vista?

    Vista - related audio details available:
    Album artist
    Bit depth

    2000 / XP - audio related details are available:
    The album title
    Audio sampling rate
    Audio sample size

    The track number

    FWIW, sampling frequencies are discussed in the Help window and how to (below).


    Thank you!

    For the third part of the applications that perform many tasks, I usually discover and  They have a wide variety of programs, and the trick is to put in the correct search terms to find what you are looking for.  Make sure you that your selection is compatible with Windows Vista and at tucows, try to pick one with 4 or 5 cows because they are the highest rated.

    Good luck! Lorien - a - MCSE/MCSA/network + / A +.

  • the time display in the audio samples

    I'm trying to select audio and I can choose between something that looks like:




    If the second is "milliseconds" it's way way way too coarse and it does not let me enter a 4 digit. If the first samples, which means the 02? Or, how to display the offset in samples?

    Or, if I use hearing, can I select audio and that selection appear first?

    Exhibition of the hearing:

    53175 samples as time

    The timeline panel menu > show Audio time units.

    A first help search for ' time audio units "got me to the next page in less time that it took to create this thread: using Adobe Premiere Pro | Audio editing in the timeline panel

  • Could not create the Audio CD

    I followed the steps to create an Audio CD.  However, when I click on the "Burn CD" button, my "CD Audio" setting will automatically switch to "data CD".  Songs to burn to the CD, and I can't see the songs on the CD and play the CD in Windows Media Player.  However, when I insert the CD into my Onkyo CD player, I get a message that the CD cannot be read by the reader.  That this has something to do with the protection of copyright law?  Windows 'Help' Media Player seems to make the entire process of extraction of songs and then burn them on CD seems very easy and simple, but never mentions the kind of problem that I have.

    Volunteer J - thank you very much for your comments.  It turns out that the main problem was idiocy - from me.  I tried to copy the music on a DVD, I thought a CD.  When I used a real CD, everything worked fine.  I downloaded CDBurnerXP and became familiar with it - looks like a good product.  Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Change the Audio sampling frequency - post audio recording


    Is it possible to change the audio to 2oKHz sampling rate after I taped audio? Is currently 44,10 KHz

    Thank you kindly


    I just found this today...

    Under "Publish"-> click on the 'more' (button)->-> "Audio" and finally, select an option under "Bitrate:' '.

    Bitrate (128 Kbps) CD

    Near bitrate (96 kbps) CD

    FM Bitrate (64 Kbps)

    Custom bitrate (slider that starts at 32)

    I changed a course of 68 slides in near CD Bitrate to FM BItrate and size of published file dropped to 50 311 KB 93 288 KB.

  • Problem with the audio sampling during export

    I'm having a problem with my audio sampling rate. For some reason, it is set at 8 khz by default when I export. It wasn't a problem until the last update (2 weeks ago). I'll try and give all the info I can to the front. I also tried customer support... which was a nightmare.

    OK, the question that I address is that when exporting audio sampling rate is 8 kHz by default. Which to my knowledge has NO relevant use what so ever. Even when I set the file format to the h.264 format, he insists on the reset to 8 kHz. Even if I manually set all look rendering queue and click on output module again once it back the sampling frequency to 8 khz automatically of changes that I need to set it again. Why can it not only be fixed to 48000 like all other adobe products is and as it was two weeks ago. Does anyone have an answer?

    This problem is resolved by update fixes after effects CC (12.2.1), which is now available:


    Note the part at the end of this page on a crucial update for the creative cloud desktop application, which addresses serious problems with the SOUL, first Pro and After Effects.

  • Question audio sampling rate

    I read somewhere on this site that the authors of 3rd party applications have no control over the audio sampling frequency capture. It's all right, because my application can work with the 8 kHz that we are apparently limited to. However, when I leave my app, the phone remained in a State where all the sound elements (Media Player, ringtones, etc.) seems LoFi, as if he's playing at 8 kHz and I need to restart the phone to return to normal. Is this a known bug or I do something wrong?

    It's on a Curve 8900 running 4.6.250.

    Nevermind, I found the problem. There was a race condition in my application that caused destroyApp ends until the capture instance audio player is correctly closed.

  • AppleScript: Select the audio files in the Finder, to create playlist

    So, I have modified this Applescript courtesy of WoodenBrain and tried to deconstruct to use. What I need to do, is to be able to select the audio 3-4 files in the Finder, then contextually, select the function "Add to iTunes Playlist", that iTunes ask me for the name of the playlist, create playlist and add files. The script below which realizes, but has an additional step that allows you to select available playlists. I want to remove and don't have iTunes adds the music files to the newly created playlist.

    I know that the solution is somewhere between the block of choice, but I can't seem to get the name of the created playlist and use the the_plvalue. Any ideas?

    on run {parameters}


    Activate application "iTunes."

    say application "iTunes."

    define newFile to the text returned by (display dialog box default response "Playlist name?" » »)

    make new user playlist with properties {name: newFile}

    set the_playlists to the of each user playlist whose name friendly special is none and smart is false

    the value the_playlists to iSort (the_playlists) to me

    (* to remove the next block *)

    say me to the value the_choice to choose from the list the_playlists with prompt "Add selection to this playlist:

    If the_choice is false then error

    the value the_pl to issue 1 of (every playlist whose name is the_choice)

    (* end choice block *)


    the value reduced to window 1 to false

    the value cn to (number of points in entrance)

    Repeat with I have from 1 to cn

    say application 'Finder '.

    game of the_item to (point as aliasentry, I)

    If I = 1 then set iname to the name of the_item

    end say

    Add the_item to the_pl

    end Repeat

    end say

    end try

    back entrance

    end run

    on iSort (_list)

    _length set to length of _list

    If _length > 1 then

    Repeat with I have since 2 to _length

    Set temp to the point I of _list

    set j to i - 1

    Repeat while (not (j = 0)) and (point of _list j > temp)

    set agenda (j + 1) of _list to the point of _list j

    set j to j - 1

    end Repeat

    set agenda (j + 1) of _list to temp

    end Repeat

    end if

    return _list

    end iSort

    on is


    Put the output of the command of playlist make new user in a variable.

    No need of a loop, the add command takes a list of files.


    the term {parameters}


    Tell application "iTunes".


    the text returned by the value tNom (show the default dialog response 'The Playlist name?' » »)

    the value of the_pl to the new playlist user with properties {name: tNom}

    Add entry to the_pl

    reveal the_pl - show the new playlist

    tell the end

    try to end

    Back entrance

    end of race

  • My saved Windows Movie Maker Project open with video clips in the Audio editing panel and vice versa (NOT as it was created). Can I move them back where they belong?

    After days of the creation of a filmmaker 'project' I 'saved project' one last time, then reopen and publish a movie.  All my video Clips (phtotos) now appear in the Audio editing / music along the bottom with only a video clip standing in line of the video of this 'slide show' of 90 minutes.  Is it possible to move these clips to which they belong without having to recreate the whole project?

    What happens if you try to read the project in Movie Maker?

    Looks like your project .mswmm file is corrupt (starting
    Perhaps more than the best approach). The project can be as far
    too big and too complex to publish (save) with success as a
    video file.

    I suggest that you create several small projects
    and publish (save), each of them in the. WMV video format
    and then re-import the collection. To combine WMV files
    in a single movie.

    You can also import collection. Clips WMV to DVD
    Manufacturer and each clip, would have become a scene (chapter)
    on the DVD.

    The following article is maybe worth a visit:

    Movie Maker - how to divide a project complex smaller?

  • How to create the sample Order Manager of Transformation (OTM) cartridge

    Hi all

    I tried quite pointless to create a cartridge OTM sample.

    I created a sample orchestration cartridge, and it has 2 functions: supply and FulfillBilling with a dependence on Provisioning for FulfillBilling inside a model completion Service.Voice.

    I created an example of template with the design template project, and it has created some entities by default like stocks and other stuff.

    First, I created a fixed domain in the conceptual model. Then added a product "Voice_PS". I have create a CFS called "Voice_CFS" under "Voice_PS" with a primary relationship. I added the fulfillment of coceptual model 'Voice_FP' product 'Voice_PS '.

    After that, I created MappingRule which I kept as a default because I haven't created any parameter of Voice_PS.

    Then I create the parameter bindings of controls and that I kept also by default because I didn't take all the parameters command line group specifications.

    Then I called design model to create a Service order. This gave me the sequence of Transformation and in the first step, I added simple context Type for parameter OLI ProductSpec = "Service.Voice."

    I use the same specification of element of order for the transformation of source and target texts. To do this, I checked the box «Model order» distributed support

    I created the processing Manager and mapped the area and the sequence of Transformation.

    After that, I marked the "Transformation Manager invoke" the Orchestration process verified and gave to the service provider that calculate the Service order.

    I pulled an order after you have configured all of this and I'm getting line continuation in the DEBUG log.

    < 22 January 2015 07:56:26, 289 PM IST > < DEBUG > < transformation. OrderTransformationManager > < ExecuteThread: "14" for queue: '' > < transformation OTM invoked with cartridgeId: 353, service provider: {OracleComms_Model_Base_Cartridge/}Calculate_Service_Order, 3 points of order >}

    However if I open the order I can't control elements transformed under the control elements in the left panel.

    What I'm doing here wrong or missing?

    In the tab "Property references" specification of element of order there is also a field 'Order recognition Item property' which I mapped to a property returning my original ESP entity that was the Product "Voice_PS" entity

    However, I constantly get this error for her.

    < 23 January 2015 10:12:35, 832 IST AM > < WARN > < generation. XQueryEntityResolver > < ExecuteThread: "14" for queue: '' > < can't find the person identified by namespace = COM_SalesOrderFulfillment; name = Voice_PS; type = T = OrderItemParameterSpecificationType @>

    I have a feeling that the OSM requires no conceptual entity to this place but what it should be, that's what I don't get.

    Any little help will be welcome, because I feel really bad for the last 3 days.

    Hi all

    After almost a month to research on the OTM configuration, I was able to successfully create a cartridge with OTM.

    The thing is that oracle has tried several things to ensure that you do not work on OTM without taking training from Oracle University. However working for an Indian Council COMPUTER company, cost of training is something that approve all IT managers. So now I would like to register 4 things I was missing and which are very important for the configuration of the OTM: -.

    1. one thing that has not always been productSpecMapping.xml with the conceptual entities. This was achieved after dependence conceptual cartridge cartridge model fulfilment and realisation configuration and then the construction of the entire workspace. Reason for satisfaction was derived from this mapping.

    2. Although the DS is built as entities in the workspace are available for configuration, however, when you select the realization within the OSM entities the conceptual entities are not visible. Only if you bring a dependence of the cartridge to cartridge of the conceptual model to the OSM cartridge where you configure realization so only the conceptual entities begin to appear.

    So in my cartridge missed me 2 achievements. One was the realization of the conceptual model entity model fulfillment OSM entity fulmillment. Second has been the achievement of entity area conceptual funcational to the OSM order entity.

    3. the next thing that I configured and which was essential was 'container of entities in the common model. This tab appears on all files in all projects cartridge. Basically this allows you to select the project template that contribute to this project. As soon as I have it configured OSM began to detect OrderItemParameterSpecificationType entities.

    4. the wierdest configuration that I found was this one. After trying the previous point, I found that even if the entities are now be created, but again I was getting OrderItemSpecificationType entity not found. So I cheked in the cartridgeBuild folder to check what is created in the backend before deployment. I found that for some reason any was not Voice_PS but Voice_PSSpec. So I started concatinating "Spec" to all entities of the product in the order entering the property of recognition element OrderItemSpecification order. Please note that my order of recognition property point was not "Voice_PSSpec" but rather the value "qualifiedName" derived from the productSpecMapping.xml to the node with the value of the name attribute as "Voice_PS". For more information look at this post of me some time. OSM 7.2.4 cartridge

    And now my cartridge started grateful OTM. However I did a wrong configuration in order for transformed model controls inside functions so I quickly corrected and pulled another order. This time I could see the elements of order and turned the control elements. Phew! Finally his work.

    Now I spent enough time on this, I'd be happy to help those who are struggling to set up OTM.

    Kind regards


  • EPM environment - cannot create the sample HFM application.

    Hi Experts,

    I have a particular question of HFM on newly built EMP environment - cannot create the sample HFM application.


    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Server 64-bit

    I get "Unspecified error", when you create a sample Application using the workspace.

    HFM. ODL.log:

    [2014 02-09 T 21:35:15 - 06:00] [EPMFM] [ERROR: 16] [HFM-80004005] [HFM] [ecid: 004wVzsXFaL8tlVvy0bAD00002OX0000vX] [Org: oracle] [host: auhodtest] [pid: 3472] [tid: 3516] [username:] [file: CHFMCASSecurity.cpp] [line: 546] [version:] [appName: HsxServer.exe] [devString: the system cannot find the specified path.]
    ] [paramString:] unspecified error

    [2014 02-09 T 21: 35:16 - 06:00] [EPMFM] [ERROR: 16] [HFM-80004005] [HFM] [ecid: 004wVzsXFaL8tlVvy0bAD00002OX0000vX] [Org: oracle] [host: auhodtest] [pid: 3472] [tid: 3516] [username:] [file: CHsxServerImpl.cpp] [line: 4890] [version:] [appName: HsxServer.exe] [devString: STAT] [paramString: admin@Native Directory;] Unspecified error

    Viewer application event log:

    Log name: Application
    Source: Hyperion Financial Management
    Date: 09/02/2014-15:35:16
    Event ID: 11
    Task category: no
    Level: error
    Keywords: Classic
    User: AD1\! fdminstall_abc
    Error 11;! fdminstall_abc; 09/02/2014-15:35:16; CHFMCASSecurity.cpp; Line 546; <? XML version = "1.0"? >
    < C'estr > < Ref > {92DCCDF8-B8C1-4F61-B858-BDADFAE401B0} < / Ref > < AppName / > < user / > < DBUpdate > 1 < / DBUpdate > < CSEC > < Num >-2147467259 < / Num > < Type > 1 < / Type > < DTime > 09/02/2014-15:35:15 < / DTime > < Svr > auhodtest < / Svr > < file > CHFMCASSecurity.cpp < / file > < line > 546 < / line > < worm > < / worm > < ExErr > the system cannot find the path specified.
    < / ExErr > < / CSEC > < / C'estr >

    Could someone please suggest me some tips on this problem of creating application - HFM?

    Thank you


    Sharing the fix in response to the post here:

    The 'Unknown error' error was due to the fact that underlying configuration of HFM with Foundation was broken and so HFM complained of another error, "the system cannot find the path specified".

    Then as an effort to solve the problem, in a scenario where I had to uninstall, reinstall and re-config component HFM which solved the problem.

    Thank you


  • All the 'timecodes' now showing in the form of Audio samples

    It's very strange, timecodes are is not displayed as Audio samples, no temporal codes.  If 00:00:27:12 is displayed as 00:00:27:50000 (or something similar).  How do this back to timecode, googeling tried with no luck. (.

    Click on the key on the monitor of the program and uncheck the option "show Audio time units.

  • After you have created the sample application planning you see no form?

    Hi all hyperion planning, I recently created a sample planning an application but I do not see the forms under it.

    The steps I did:
    I created the planning app example
    then connect to the workspace > navigate > plan app > Administration > Application > Referesh DB

    I can see the types of plan created on essbase server but I see not all forms under form folder in the application I created. I'm using Oracle 11 g DB.

    Can someone explain why?

    Thanks for the help in advance.

    Planning data forms oracle Essbase is a problem

    For IE, go to tools > compatibility view settings, uncheck the box "sites intranet view in compatibility view.

    Try refreshing planning once again the form verification

    See you soon


  • With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    With audio slideshow created in PSE 9 plays well in edit.  When brought to burn items from the Prime Minister for the dvd, the audio does not play.  He appears in the edition, but no sound is played.  It happens regularly.  What setting could be wrong?

    Thank you very much!   At your suggestion, I've selected out, burn to disc, DVD.  A window shows requiring Save have *.wmv.  OK, reluctantly saves.  Automatically opens first.  Preview has no audio.

    Instead of burning to disc, I chose Edit in first.  The preview has the video and audio.  Engraving option asked under wmv.  BUT by selecting the tab burn, then disc, dvd, part took place smoothly and dvd resulting contains actually the audio and the video.  Yes!

    She should not be incompatible and hard, but I could never have succeeded without help.

    Thanks again.

  • Audio problem after you re-create the Image

    Obviously, I am missing a step when re-imaging a Machine under Windows Vista. I exchange the unit containing the old image with a new drive with the new image. Now at each reboot, the audio troubleshooting tool must be run. It detects the audio device, it configures a time for her and seems to be configured correctly... until the next reboot. Whenever the computer is restarted, the audio icon in the status bar appears again with the beloved red 'X'. Is this a driver problem? Thank you very much for your help!


    See if this helps you:

    Go to your computer, or your sound card, the manufacturer Web site > looking for drivers and downloads Section > put in your computer or sound card (if you installed it yourself) model number > find your operating system > download and install drivers etc you will find Audio.

    See you soon.

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    Does anyone knows a good synchronization software for Sony Ericsson phones that works well with the Toshiba Bluetooth stack?I used the official version of Sony Ericsson and it worked fine, but it seems not to support MS Office 2010 which I use now.

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