DATA drive (D :) HP I can romove without reformatting

is it possible that I can delete the DATA partition without reformatting my entire drive

(this is the dv7-3079wm) I really don't like to have backups I have an office 1.5 to drive freeagent external hard for storing my personal files and I want to remove this disk partition (it is a 600 GB hard disk divided into 3 partitions of DATA, RECOVERY and OS), I want to delete the partition of DATA and combine it with the OS partition , so I can get more usable space, can someone help me?


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    my hard drive does not, makes the noise, and I don't see in my computer...

    a disk is locked using bitlocker... I go to repair hard disk...
    but I'm afraid that my data in the bitlocker drive safe? No one can access without password?
    and what happens if the hdd is irreparable? I will come back my data?

    its working fine now I have clean the power cable from the HARD drive... now my drive HARD works very well... I thank all for answer now, I know the work of the bit locker

  • Every time I try to open a pdf document that is located on a server of our company (so not on my laptop), the drive still shows error. Cannot open the document. Only in EAC I copy the document to my local PC, I can read without problem. Server is mapped

    Every time I try to open a pdf document that is located on a server or in our company (so not on my laptop), reador always shows error. Cannot open the document. Just in case I have copy the document into my local PV, I can read without problem. Server is mapped in my FileExplorer (Win7). So boring and big bug I think.

    Massage of error: "there was an error opening this document. The network path was not found.

    Hi tobiask53385798,

    Could you please try to disable Protected Mode under ' Edit > preferences > (protection) "and see if that helps.

    Let me know.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Plan for the creation of new virtual machine with 3 TB data drive

    We have an old server, we need to virtualize, and one thing that we need is a lot more storage. We have approximately 3.25 TB of available for this machine (250 GB for the OS and 3 to for the data drives), but I'm going in circles trying to find the best approach for this server. It is not possible to separate the data between several players because of the way the files are indexed. I have created a virtual machine with 2 TB of disk space (for the readers of OS and data) and added 1.25 TB of disk space I want to add on the data reader, but it does not seem possible to add 1.25 TB without destroying the data on the first disk of 2 TB. What is the best approach? Create a single disc for my virtual machine that is 250 GB and then add in two separate disks of 1.5 TB for storage and combine them within Windows?

    Thanks for your suggestions.


    Unfortunately, the maximum size of virtual disk to a virtual computer is 2 TB - 512 bytes. In you case it should create two or three separate virtual disks and combine them (disks RAID 0 or concatenate). Another way (IMHO besser way) is to create several virtual drives and mount using NTFS mount points.

    An example:

    C:\Data is a folder on one of the virtual disks. Create a second virtual disks and create the C:\Data\Data2 folder. Rather than assign a drive letter for the newly created disk, you can mount it in the Database2 folder. This gives you the ability to move the largest files on separate virtual drives without lose you the structure of folders.

    Kind regards


  • Mac pro can works without hhd?

    I took out the hard drive. Now my mac without hhd and my mac do not. Is no lights, nothing! Help, please!

    No computer can operate without a hard drive.  The operating system lives on the hard drive. without it, you cannot start the computer to the recovery console.

    Why are you shooting? and I hope that you did not out the HD then the computer is turned on.

  • Satellite M115-S3094: how to make a partition without reformatting the HARD drive?


    recently bought a laptop Toshiba M115 comes with 80 GB ' SATA drive and XP MEDIA CENTER 2002

    (1) how do I partition without reformatting the drive.

    (2) even if the laptop came with a pre-installed xp. I was wondering what happens if I want to reinstall xp media center, if and when required. Y at - it a disc that I can order (I have the license)... What options of backup kindo f are at - it?

    first time with toshiba... so am new at the mercy of the workings...



    1.), I use the Partitions Magic 8 to create partitions on the HARD drive.
    This application is very nice and I love it all simply ;)
    You can change the size of the partitions, status and you can fully manage the partitions on the HARD disk. And the best thing is you do not need to format anything B-)

    2.) well, the computer Toshiba laptop are delivered also with the recovery CD. I think that all manufacturers of laptops offers this CD of restoration with own products.
    In any case, on this CD, you'll find Tosh preinstalled operating system drivers.
    If you want to install other OS (XP MCE) you can do it, but you should check if there are drivers that are needed for this OS. But I have XP drivers should also work with thin MCE.

  • DeskJet All in One F380: F380 can print without color cartridge

    I rarely ask output color then could I remove the color cartridge to stop the waste of ink on cleaning? If this is not the case, how to set preferences so it displays permanently using black catidge only. I think I should change this option, every time I turn on.

    Hi @john859uk,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed that you wonder if you can print without a color with your HP Deskjet F380 cartridge. I am pleased to see that for you!

    Basically, if you remove the color cartridge, and it only gives you an option to continue, without it the printer must then both cartridges to work.

    You will want to start devices and printers (via your control panel) with access to your folder and right-click on your Officejet 6700 icon and select Printing Preferences. The window that opens will be similar to the display on the left of the screenshot below.

    On this screen you click the Advanced button, and then you will see a screen similar to the one on the right of the screenshot. There, you go the black ink only setting and press OK. Press and then apply on the previous screen before pressing OK again. The driver will now be on use black ink only.

    I hope that answers your question and I thank you for posting!

  • How to rotate my office of 90 degrees to the right so I can read without turning my head to the side?

    Original title: guidance office

    How to rotate my office of 90 degrees to the right so I can read without turning my head to the side?

    Thank you very much

    Very often caused by cats or other pets stray free!

    Hold down the Alt and Ctrl key and try the up/down/left/right arrows to change the rotation of the screen. Sometimes this has no effect, but I hope that you will be lucky, or it can become a little involved because it depends on your display driver software. Somewhere in your driver software display, accessible from the Control Panel/display/settings/advanced, there should be a screen rotation option. Unfortunately, each pilot is likely to be unique in the way that you pick this option and, unless I had the same driver, I couldn't give you anything more than general advice already given.


  • Drive system corrupt, how can I get windows 7 on a new drive?

    My drive hard system is corrupt and I want to replace it with a new hard drive.

    I can't back up my files or create the disk image windows won't let me because of the corruption.

    The computer randomly restarts and various other problems are happening, and I tried destructive restore but gave up after waiting 15 hours it ends!

    My main question is how I'd get windows on a new drive?

    I have a product key but no installation dvd and I am running windows 7 Home premium. Most of the messages that you have a dvd installtion or a backup of your system, but I can't find a post that deals with this specific problem

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    For 5 years, Microsoft made it fairly easy for users of the Windows 7 operating system to get reinstall media. If you have lost your support disc or installation retail collection; either it has been damaged or defective; You can download a copy of the edition that you have licensed from a membership site called Digital River. More recently, Microsoft ended the availability to reinstall media that you can download as a. File ISO in Digital River, which is a digital reproduction of an optical disc.

    It was particularly convenient for people who could not easily get the manufacturer's recovery media, did not want to pay the fees required to get or preferred a clean configuration without the software packaged manufacturers or even a recovery partition does not work. It's easy to use, all you had to do was reinstall and reactivate using the product key located on the certificate of authenticity and download all the drivers on the manufacturers website.

    Given that this option is no longer available, what are your options? See the article for more details:

    How to: What are my options for Windows 7 reinstall media?

  • Can operate without BIS - in the universe of GMail and app blackBerry smartphones?


    I got a BB Curve 3 g 9300 for a week; I'm in England, and I have as well as a T-Mobile contract, Phones4U store in London.  Before agreeing to buy the BB and the contract, I went through a whole bunch of things that I wanted to be able to do with the seller and received assurances that they were all possible without additional cost beyond the contract.

    Now, the thing is that this contract includes unlimited T-Mobile internet, but does not include the T-Mobile "Blackberry Booster" - which I think is the terminology of T-Mobile for the BIS.

    After checking with a nice lady to T-Mobile, I didn't expected to be a problem, because she said that the Blackberry Booster is necessary for e-mail system push Blackberry and Blackberry Messenger, neither of which I want.

    Since then, however, I had regular problems with the GMail application (saying "this application requires a working data connection") and BB App World (with a similar message of not being able to connect to the server).  This is not the case all the time - sometimes both work very well.  But they do not (as described) approximately 40% of the time, and of course, it is enough to say that I can't rely on them.

    So I just called T-Mobile again and this time I was told this was caused by not only not the Blackberry Booster.  The person I spoke claimed that Blackberry power to prevent my apps to work (as I described) and that they periodically scan combined BB and disconnect people like me who are not pay for Booster/BIS.

    So now I wonder if it's really true and - in other words - that it's effectively impossible to use a BB correctly without the Booster/BIS.  If you are sure that you know about it, just reply to tide me over!

    I should add that you can find out something about the GMail problem anywhere on the web, many different solutions proposed.  But most of the success is old, and my impression is that none of the solutions are final.  I also tried most of the suggestions, and they have not helped.  (An important is only that I have not yet tried redownloading books service, because I do not understand, and because it sounds like it is bound to have BIS.)

    Thank you very much in advance for any help you can offer!


    Hi there, Neil.

    That is right.  To use BlackBerry App World and other applications like GMail, Facebook, and Twitter, you need a BlackBerry data package and access to BIS.  Without access BIS, these applications work properly, even if you access GMail online via your browser and you can manually download the applications through your computer.

    I hope this info helps!

  • I recently downloaded my favorite CD music in my I tunes library, how can you transfer this music on a USB Flash drive so that I can play the music through my stereo system H D - Bike. I'm 10 Windows on my PC

    I recently downloaded my favorite CD music in my I tunes library, how can you transfer this music on a USB Flash drive so that I can play the music through my H D - bike

    stereo system.

    I'm 10 Windows on my PC

    Select the songs in iTunes, let them slip into a file Explorer window showing the flash drive, drop.


  • I got a message saying that my iCloud storage is almost full. However, I tried to delete data in iCloud and I can't. Any suggestions?

    I got a message saying that my iCloud storage is almost full. However, I tried to delete data in iCloud and I can't. I get a message saying to try again later. When I try it later, I get the same message. Is - this forcing just to buy extra storage space, or am I being too cynical? Any suggestions?

    Take a look at this article, it can help you manage your iCloud - Apple Support storage space

  • I used my iMac as a hard drive backup to my macbook once. Now when I update to El Capitan he says that it cannot be updated due to being of a backup. How do I change the drive mode so I can update?

    I used my iMac as a hard drive backup to my macbook once. Now when I update to El Capitan he says that it cannot be updated due to being of a backup. How do I change the drive mode so I can update?

    If you use your iMac as a backup to disk using Time Machine look for a folder called Backups.backupdb.

    It's what keeps you upgraded your operating system, you must remove it.

    Copy everything first if you are on a different drive. It would be wise to create a backup of the iMac on another drive also.

    Check system preferences > Time Machine and make sure that the iMac is not selected as the Time Machine drive.

  • The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    The Apple Magic Keyboard can operate without bluetooth when connected to an iPad with the lightning to the USB camera adapter?

    I love the Apple Magic Keyboard to be very light (I want it with me everywhere). I also like that I can choose the layout of the keyboard I want (Canadian multilingual), which is not available on any keyboard for any brand, with the exception of Apple iPad (and I did a ton of research). I have problems with the old model of keyboard Apple Wireless because of the Bluetooth connection: I often have trouble connecting. I want a reliable keyboard. I don't like having to plug the keyboard on the iPad, and I think that a wired keyboard can more reliable and safer than a wireless keyboard. And a wired keyboard never had battery problems.

    I read that the Apple Magic Keyboard can work wired with a Mac without bluetooth. And I read that some USB keyboards work with lightning to the USB camera adapter. There are several keyboards with a cable (Belkin or Logitech) lightning, but none with the available Canadian multilingual.

    So, if I buy a magical keyboard Apple and a Flash to the USB adapter of the camera, according to my needs, I'll be satisfied or I'm going to be disappointed?

    A better solution would be to have a male-male cable lightning between the keyboard and the iPad, but I don't find any of these products anywhere.

    Thank you.

    It will not work. And where did you read that the keyboard works wired with a Mac?

  • request to help build a vi to acquire a signal of pc6251 for the acquisition of data and perform fft it can u people please help me? Thanks in advance

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    If you do only use LabVIEW for a few days, you should get familiar with it first by looking at some of the resources available here. After that, you can watch heredata acquisition.

    After reviewing these documents, you can post back with any specific questions.

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