Dell U2711b compatibility & iMac

Is U2711b Dell compatible iMac (Sierra) as a 2nd monitor? I have to buy special adapters/connectors? It is currently connected to MacPro to 2010.


Should be good, Yes, you'll need an adapter but without knowing the year of the iMac, it is impossible for us to know what type of adapter to recommend. However, if your iMac is an iMac 2011 or a later version, you use an adapter Mini DisplayPort to VGA, HDMI, etc... Depending on the type of connection that you want to use Dell. You can get the Apple adapters, btw you can get from other sources, but turns out not all are made similar. So, it is wise to buy a quality one rather than buying at low prices and have to be replaced several times.

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    I just got a computer with Windows 7 and my AIO 946 does not print. The printer is recognized and says it's ready to go, but nothing prints. I said that my 64-bit system needs a driver for Windows vista to run the printer, but I chatted to the guy in India (he told me my printer was out of warranty and so he couldn't help me) and I tried able to move to a sales associate to find out if I have to buy a new printer and they are not answer to (page does not load when you click on the chat button on Can someone tell me how to find and download the Vista driver so I don't have to throw a perfectly good AIO printer! ???


    Try following that located instructions...

    946 owners photo printer all-in-one thread (W7)

    The trick is to install the Vista drivers in compatibility mode.


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    Is it possible to get the Dell software to make my V515w compatible with my Mac Book Pro? I want a WiFi instead of USB.


    To be able to print, try the (Driver Mac) (another Mac driver Instructions and the drivers used) (Mac Os X 10.7 Lion driver) (Lexmark S300 - S400 Series)

    You will need to install the OCR of the disk of the printer program to digitize documents and pdf files


  • convert the windows desktop to imac

    I plan to buy a new imac.  I currently have an operating windows 2010 dell desktop computer.  How can I transfer my files from dell to the imac?

    You can use the Migration Wizard from the to do.

    Move your data from a Windows PC to a Mac - Apple Support

    Or simply use an external hard drive and drag and drop.

    Most file formats can be opened on a mac very well

  • iMac does not list the HP B210 Scan function in applications

    I'm a new Mac user.  OS X 10.7.3.  When I installed my HP B210, I use on my Dell laptop, the iMac did not accept the installation but disc downloaded the drivers.  The printer works fine.  The problem is that I do not think the B210 listed in my applications.  I want to scan something to my computer but I can't find any icon or application that will allow me to do the analysis.  On my Dell, I had a program called "HP Scan" icon that lets me choose if I wanted to scan to a document, e-mail, TIF, etc.  I can't find this feature on the iMac.  This printer/scanner is wireless.  I tried to reset the printing system, as suggested in other posts, but that seems to have changed nothing.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    Download and install this:

    Now, let's reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and wait until the button 'Add' becomes available. Until it clicks.

  • Windows 7 is compatible with a dell e310?

    Windows 7 can be installed on my Dell E310

    Yes, no doubt possible. It will work ok? Probably not...

    Dell mahine compatibility.

    Cannot find any mention of the Dimension E310.

    Some models of Dell budget had a slot for internal video card. As a result, graphics performance can be mediocre to bad, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

    80 GB HDD, is a little touch. Since Vista, everything takes more space and it must leave space for swap files, updates, service packs more than space for expansion and free alternative space too, about 25% if you want to maintain hard drive performance.

    You must also at least 2 GB of RAM, to compensate for the shortfall in overall performance.

    Personally, I would stick with XP on this machine.

  • 6 e Mac OS el Capitan lightroom compatibility

    posso installate lightroom 6 nel Mac OS el capitan?

    E I file raw della della sono compatibility nikon d750 con lightroom 6?

    Grazie e della

    We do not have a student/teacher edition standalone Lightroom 6.

    The perpetual version of Lightroom 6 is available as a full product or upgrade - products

    Also, stand-alone version is not a sharing with other devices.

    You can go to Lightroom CC if you are ready to use Lightroom Mobile: plans pricing and membership creative cloud | Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Join a new MD1000 to an MD3000 existing query

    I'm as confused as if I connect our new MD1000 to our exisiting MD3000 in unified mode or in shared mode. Our existing MD3000 has 2 controllers host at the back of the it. Our new MD1000 has a primary EMM and a secondary EMM. What I can do I connect the MD3000 the MD1000 in shared Mode by running a cable from the "in" on the primary EMM in the MD1000 to the available port in the first controller on the MD3000 host (slot 0) then by running a second cable from the 'in' on the secondary EMM in the MD1000 to the available port on the second controller on the MD3000 host (slot 1).

    Can you confirm that the above is what I have to do?

    Also looking at the requirements for adding the MD1000 it is mentioned that I need to have the following:

    "Developing an existing Md3000 with a new Md1000 chassis system".
    Follow these steps to fix a new MD1000 to an MD3000 existing extension
    NOTICE: The mode dial must be in the position of the mode "Uni" for the MD1000 chassis to function
    with the MD3000 chassis.
    1 on the MD3000 chassis, upgrade the controller to A01 or later software.
    2 on the host servers and the MD3000 system, follow these steps (in order) to upgrade
    an upgrade of the SAS 5/E driver and firmware. For Windows hosts, use the update package.
    For Linux hosts, use the DKMS package.
    b upgrade the Modular Disk Storage Manager on each host server. (The latest version is available
    from the site.) Refer to the Installation Guide of PowerVault MD3000 for further
    c upgrade pilots multichannel on each host server. Paths multiple drivers are provided with the
    Modular disk (MD) Storage Manager installation package.
    On Windows hosts, the drivers are installed automatically when you install MD Storage Manager
    in Full mode or host. On Linux hosts, you must install Multipath drivers manually.
    NOTICE: If you are prompted, restart the host servers during the upgrade process.
    3 once all components have been upgraded, to stop one or more hosts, then shut down the MD3000
    4 attach the MD1000 expansion on the MD3000 chassis, following the steps in the
    Dell PowerVault Compatibility Matrix (available from site). »

    Is there documentation that explains how to perform updates to the firmware on the MD3000 and the MD1000? Thank you.


    The minimum to connect to a MD3000 is A03 and A04 later and came out for about 3 years now, so if you bought your speaker this year, it came with A04 already and the MD1000 itself should not need upgrades (drives in the MD1000 is another story, but you can not determine their firmware until you connect it to the MD3000).

  • Can I connect a Dell 17 "monitor to my iMac g5?


    I just bought an iMac G5 to an individual on Craigslist with a broken power supply.  I've already replaced the power supply and the computer now works perfectly.  In any case, I have a 17 inch 1440 X 900, Dell display with a VGA connector on the back.  I wonder if I can use the Dell monitor as a secondary monitor (extended desktop) with the iMac.  The iMac has two ports, firewire, 4 USB ports and a port mini screen.  Thanks a lot for your suggestions!

    Yes, you can use it. You will need an adapter cable

    On Apple and cables - video cards Support Apple

  • How can I import my folders of bookmarks created on a Dell laptop to an Apple iMac and clean up the mess I created trying to create a new set of bookmarks and folders on the iMac?

    I couldn't find and import from the version of Firefox on my Dell laptop to an iMac from Apple records containing the addresses of favorite Web sites. In the process, I created a hodgepodge of unwanted bookmarks. Please give me a step by step process to import the files into the version of Firefox on the iMac. The process to achieve this seems very awkward and counter-intuitive. Goes the same for the creation of new files and Web site addresses in these files on the version of Firefox installed on iMac of bookmarking.

    The easiest way is to use the Sync feature to synchronize the bookmarks on the two installations of Firefox. To use sync, please refer to How can I set up Sync on my computer?

  • Programs compatibility application applications App Gioco Giochi Dell'arresto anomalo Arresti fault block Blocchi Legacy applications

    Buongiorno a tutti, sul mio PC HP Pavilion media center TV, sul quale era prima da XP (S.P 3) ho UN grave problema di con compatibility I audio, driver is di questo: Sul PC e mounted dall' original scheda TV sintonizzatrice: Asus Europa II Hybrid capture device, che da quando ho da he sagna Win 7 (ultimate edition), no solo non più my admired dei source di risorse funziona con I driver del controllo multimediale. Nel pannello di controllo compaiono in fact at least 28 pins con Bus 2 del nome he della scheda e con tutti he suddetto conflitto (codice 12)

    Inoltre, e questa e the cosa by me inspiegabile, ogni volta all'accensione he cambia PC audio driver: infatti in modo random, ora carica absolutely pilot: Realtek AC' 97 audio driver con he quale are evidenziati Reed I source di cui sopra, Camera possibile ascolto soltanto sull'uscita rear wheel (verde) delle entrate digitali, ed in questo caso non funziona mi he pannello frontal che contains news audio/video; pilot of he oppure carica Sound blaster X-Fi, Camera possibile the ascolto con uscita (verde) analogica ed in this case he pannello frontal funziona.

    Inoltre in quest'ultimo caso break rilasciano UN suono molto più alto del primo caso.

    It seems, at least by me tutto molto ingarbugliato, pera cerco aiuto pole no I like formattare ed inoltre ho cercato invano I pilot date by win 7, by the sintonizzatrice Asus scheda, ho trovato soltanto sp37289.exe che pero no viene accettato pole incompatibility, in fact arrived fino has Vista, just compatibility.

    Grazie per aiuto che vorrete dare mi.

    You posted in the English version of the Microsoft Answers forums. Please repost your question by selecting your language in the drop-down menu at the top of this page or by going to the international section of this Web page:


    Translation of Bing above:

    Hai post by nella versione in lingua inglese dei Microsoft Answers forum. If get di ripubblicare tua domanda rates the lingua da discesa menu nella parte superiore di questa pagina o per andare alla sezione internazionale di questa pagina Web:

  • Compatibility problem XP Dell Wireless 1395 mini-map WLAN driver currently installed Vista Home Edition 32 bit Service Pack II

    Hi, my OS is Windows Vista Home Edition 32 bit Service Pack 2 - installed on XP by the owner without first unintalling XP.  Although my Device Manager lists the mini-map Dell Wireless WLAN 1395 as working properly, what Windows says that it has stopped working correctly because the driver installed is not compatible with my current operating system (just one of the many questions).  Although I can get online wireless most of the time, IE and Google Chrome often freeze and there are a few minutes, I got a blue screen - not for the first time - that shut down Windows.  I note the other error message information that a fatal error has occurred that required Windows stops, so am not sure that the two problems are related or not.  I tried to find a compatible driver for what I assume is a WLAN Mini card for the original XP OS on the compatibility of Vista site, but there is no driver is listed for the Dell Wireless WLAN mini-map 1395.

    I have the Vista installation CD, but not the verification code necessary to reinstall.  It will appear somewhere on this computer under the program or the ancillary system (information) available to administrators?

    Just out of curiosity, there is a feature of rectangular white USB printed with the name "Biogear" attached to one of my ports, although he is not listed among devices on my computer since the computer laptop original owner died and I can not ask what is its purpose or what program it was meant to facilitate. I tried to remove it and it came out (the envelope detached the part inserted into the USB port) without affecting my ability to access the Internet wireless.  An internet search has a line of golf apparel and a few articles in German... Any ideas?  Thanks, Lara

    If the original owner installed Vista on XP, you need to reformat and do a fresh install of Vista or you will continually have problems multipling. If the original owner is an update from XP to Vista it is OK. However, the problems that you're seen suggest the original owner installed Vista on XP. Verification code (if found on the computer) will not be for Vista but for XP. As long as your operating system is installed, you can retrieve the key with Free Key finder software, do a search and you will find them on the internet. Also if you have the CD and ask for a new key to Microsoft you will get it at a very low price, I don't know no current tax, was $ $10,00. Since you are not the original owner (and the first owner died) both of these options may not be totally legal, unless you can provide proof of purchase or the person deseased was a member of the family.

  • Dell Photo All in One 964 - 10-64 bit Windows compatibility


    I just bought a new Dell laptop and updated to Windows 10.
    Unfortunally, my OS is unable to recognize the driver for my old printer Dell Photo All in One 964.
    I have read all the post on compatible with this specific printer driver. I tested the procedure:

    -remove the printer

    -install the driver Windows Vista - 32 bit or 64 bit and put Vista SP2 compatibility mode (also compatibility mode with Windows 7 and windows 8)

    -Connect the usb printer. But only the Scan is installed successfully.

    any help will be really nice!

    Thank you very much

    / Reg

    I installed the driver R146813 and it worked very well, for scanning and printing.

    Sure to first temporarily disable your anti-virus firewall before running the Setup.exe that comes with this driver. Complete the configuration all the way, including the print test page. Turn the firewall again later.

    The R146813 driver can be downloaded from

  • Reference Dell 375 Bluetooth no longer works after update Windows 8, R296919, blocked by the Compatibility Assistant programs - how to fix

    Hardware: Dell laptop with adapter Bluetooth 375 Dell running Windows 8

    Problem: after Microsoft Windows 8 update, all Bluetooth devices stopped working.  Moreover, they could is more to be discovered to pair them up.  Device Manager showed all works very well.

    Failure of attempts to repair:
    -Uninstall all components of Bluetooth in the Device Manager and analysis of the material changes.
    -Uninstall Dell 375 in programs & features (WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software) in order to reinstall (R296919).  The installation was quickly blocked by the program compatibility Wizard.
    -With the Dell software uninstalled, I thought that perhaps that it was no longer necessary, and so Microsoft software would work.  Yet once, I uninstalled all Bluetooth components in the Device Manager and analysis of the material changes.  Still could not pair.
    -Check in Bluetooth services and services were running.

    What worked:
    -Run GPEdit and go to the compatibility of the components/Application Computer Configuration / Administrative Templates/Windows /.
    -Enable the following:
    Remove Program Compatibility Property Page
    Turn off Application compatibility engine
    Disable the program compatibility Wizard
    -Run services.msc and stop the process of Bluetooth
    -Extract the R296919 in a directory
    - on R296919.exe and select run as administrator
    -For me, the installation failed the first time.  Then I repeated it, and it was installed fine, but required reset, which I did.
    -At this point, I was able to pair Bluetooth devices again.
    -Open Device Manager and go to the Bluetooth Module Bluetooth/Dell Wireless 375.  and select Properties.  Click the power management tab, and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power" and press OK.  If you do not perform this step, you will have all kinds of problems with Bluetooth devices, including keyboards and mice.
    -Reverse changes in GPEdit to not configured.

    How to avoid the problem:
    Microsoft has an updated driver that States it is for the adapter Bluetooth of Dell 375.  on the update and select Hide update.  Microsoft has had quite a few black Tuesday lately, and this update is just another example.

    The above post started as a question.  While typing what has not worked, I developed the answer.

  • Dell photo printer 720 Windows 7 compatibility reference

    Is is possible to use a Dell Photo Printer 720 with Windows 7 and if so, how to set up.


    Yes, it is possible to have this printer work with Windows 7. You must...

    Unplug the printer. Download and run the patch (cleaning printer utility) until it prompts you to restart your computer.

    Restart your computer. Download the vista drivers, and then install them in compatibility mode. If you have Windows 7 32 bit, then download 32-bit Vista drivers. If you have Windows 7 64 bit, then download 64-bit Vista drivers. The links to the patch and drivers are to...

    Wire of 720 owners (W7) color inkjet printer

    Let me know what happens.


    With Windows 7, I found that installing the software and Vista drivers in compatibility mode works well.

Maybe you are looking for