Detect whether the mouse has left or entered in the browser window


I use v2014.1.1 EA

I need to hide a symbol when the mouse leaves the browser window and display the symbol again when the mouse enters the window of the browser.

Then when the mouse is entered in the browser window, if it does not move for a few seconds, the symbol has to hide again.

If someone has done something like this?

I fight because I'm not sure how to target the window or viewport.

Thank you



He did it in the end:

{$("body").mouseleave (function ()}



{$("body").mouseenter (function ()}



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  • Element is FLUSH left, right and top of the browser window.

    OK, this should be an easy one for you guys. Can someone tell me how to do something (in this case a header bar) aligned to the left, right and top of the browser window? I tried many different ideas. Do not know where the margin or the padding is coming.

    Something with a fixed width will push right (always leaving the gap on the left) and bring up the scroll bars. I don't want to scroll bars. I want an elastic element that fits flush, without a space.

    Here is the code. I deleted everything except the header bar. View online at: .  Thank you!


    < ! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / IN" "" > ""

    " < html xmlns =" ">

    < head >

    < meta http-equiv = "Content-Type" content = text/html"; Charset = UTF-8 "/ >"

    < title > Untitled Document < /title >

    < style type = "text/css" >


    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;


    #header {}

    background-color: #333;

    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;

    height: 100px;


    < / style >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div id = "header" > < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >



    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;


    on this subject.


    margin: 0px;

    padding: 0px;


    You have an ID selector when you should have a type selector (or a tag selector).

  • Is there a possible solution to this age-old problem which graphics disappear when the browser window is resized?

    If the browser window is smaller than the content, the header image seems well.
    My css stylesheet looks like this:

    #banner {
     text-align: left;
     font-weight: bold;
     border: 1px solid #000;
     background: transparent url(/media/header.svg) top left no-repeat;
     height: 70px; /*workaround to adjust width*/
     -webkit-background-size:100% 100%;
     -moz-background-size:100% 100%;
     -o-background-size:100% 100%;
     background-size:100% 100%;

    It has nothing to do with svg, similar problems with png images.
    In earlier versions, height adjustment worked as a workaround, but no more in vesion 17.
    There are various problems like the one described in the net:
    for example Bug 282558 - sized image vanishes on browser resize.
    But I can't find any solution - and this bug is described in 2005!

    I was wrong, it was a problem with the svg format. I tried several other formats, each doing its own problems. I tried cleaning the svg with conversion tools code and finally manually with a Publisher - nothing works. GIF and jpg of other problems, so finally I have found a converter of images to, which produces an acceptable png format.

    I think that the rendering of images needs to be improved.

  • Page DW8 with HTML to fit in the browser window

    I created a basic html page and wish to have the page continue to fit in a browser window as the window changes size. Tried with CSS "background-size = 100%" fixed online codes, but doesn't seem to work.

    The background-size setting is only to set a background image. Would not resize the entire page.

    Several things working against you in your code. The first and most difficult to treat while using it on the page, is "position: absolute". In General, this setting is the opposite of reagent. Position: absolute "can" be used in sensitive designs, but it requires additional code to make it happen. Absolute positioning of objects include an exact amount of pixels high, left, down or to the right of the parent (just up and left by default in DW) element. In your case, #Layer1 will always be 431 pixels from the top of the page and 329 pixels from the left that is decidedly "not suitable."

    These parameters (position, top and left) must be removed and the APDiv/layer button should be ignored here on out if you want your design to adapt to different screen sizes. You will need to learn how to position elements using css float, margin and padding if you want to create something sensible. Running through the tutorials at for some databases. Some other links on css positioning...

    Learn CSS positioning in ten steps: absolute relative static position float

    CSS - float and clear formatting

    Your width settings also say your items to an exact pixel size as well. To make your attentive elements, you can use % width settings. The actual size of an element using a percent width is determined by the setting of its parent element. For example, if you set the width of #Layer1 to 80%, instead of 674 pixels, it will eventually be 80% as wide as thesetting the tag. Given that theis assumed 100% unless otherwise stated, layer1 would end up being 80% of the width of the browser window. With ' width: 60% ", you can use a setting min-width" never get smaller than that "in css. If you set your same #Layer1 width: 80% a min-width: 400px will keep it from never has less than 400 pixels wide.

    Once you have the basics of layouts css under your belt, look into CSS Media Queries. Basically what they allow you to do, is put "break points" in your .css file so "once that window reached 401 pixels or more, use this css instead" so it allows you to write completely different rules for various devices.

  • Attachment of an element in the browser window - why margins collapsed here?

    Someone at Watch video tutorials form this youtubechannel? I understand everything except this part:

    072 setting an element in the browser window - YouTube

    I read article margins collapse - SitePoint, but in this case I don't understand what the margins are collapsing? We have a header element that has position fixed :

    #header {
        position: fixed;
        width: 1200px;
        background-color: #FFFFFF;

    and we figure element with ID = 'Heroes' (which is just under the header element) with margin-top140px, which is the same as the height of the header:

    #hero {
        margin-top: 140px;


    <div id="wrapper">
      <header id="header">
      <figure id="hero">


    But the result is the following:

    Pacific Coastal Highway - Mozilla Firefox 2014-09-04 15.25.42.png

    This problem is solved by adding

    Top: 0px;

    to #header, but I do not understand why the header element also moved down, as it also top of the margin: 140px when there post fixed , which means that it is positioned compared to the browser window:

    An element with fixed position is positioned compared to the browser window.

    Fixed position elements are removed from the normal flow. The document and other elements behave as the fixed positioned element does not exist.

    CSS positioning

    Let's see if I can explain it and no sense of it...

    Because the #header element is pulled out of the natural flow of the document through its position: setting fixed, #hero next item margin collapses with #wrapper since there is nothing in the #wrapper to stop him doing that. In this case, the addition of HTML in the #wrapper, before the item #header or by adding a css padding-top or border-top to #wrapper are otherwise, you can stop thecollapse.

    A fixed element itself doesn't fix left/top of the default browser window (i.e. What are the top and left parameters for), it attaches to its own location in the normal document flow. The rest of the content of the document does not account this positioning and moving as if the fixed element is not there. You can see very well if you give a fixed position to one of your

  • elements and let all the top, left, bottom or right settings. The
  • items under the fixed we will move upward as if fixed is just not there, yet one fixed will always be in its normal flow position dictated by the html code.

    That being said, the 'normal' position of the fixed element #header in the document would be 0/0 of the #wrapper. The #wrapper that has a margin of 140px instance collapse of her second child, because this second child is now the first child, with the removed #header element in the normal flow of the document by post: fixed. Then, without high settings or to the left, the #header knows he must be 0/0 of the #wrapper which is lower in the page because of the collapse. That's why the addition of the question in patches of higher setting, he tells the #header away #wrapper 0/0 to the top viewport: 0px.

    Clear as mud?

  • Try to float my icons so that they are always in the lower right of the browser window.

    I am currently using tags div to achieve, but because I am now fields a preloader, I can't use this method. I have elements which must float including my logo on the lower left, my icons at the bottom right and request a tab on the top right of the window. I also need my main_mc to be centered in the browser window. I could do all this using CSS and DIV tags but because I would use a preloader, need to understand how do have instead.

    Someone said in a previous debate that I could use javascript in some way to position elements, but do not know much about him. If someone could put a solution relatively easy to do this I would really appreciate it.

    What kind of preloader is that? Do you use some sort of preloader javascript which shades site and preloads the page? How the preload affects your need to change the CSS? The SWF resize itself?

    If you are not very familiar with JavaScript, it is better to get a frame that will handle things like differences between the browsers for you. jQuery is a very popular and easy to use framework. You can use the class ExternalInterface AS inform JavaScript your Flash loading is completed and use jQuery to measure and align your SWF object. You would need a resize handler to adjust necessary also when the user resizes the browser.

    Although I keep just simple with CSS is better. I don't understand why a preloader is not what allows some CSS work unless the SWF is actually changing the size.

    An example of a JavaScript function using jQuery that ExternalInterface might be called to reposition the SWF, assuming the SWF file has the id = "MainSWF":


    $(document) .ready (function)


    resize the listener

    $(window) .resize (function () {AlignElements() ;});

    Make sure SWF is absolute positioned


    call it to begin



    function AlignElements()


    Use the top/left properties to align SWF

    var left = Math.round (($(window) () - $('MainSWF').width () .width / 2) + "px";

    Var high = Math.round (($(window) () - $('MainSWF').height () .height / 2) + "px";




    LIKE, called SWF after preloading"saveglobalscore",score) ("AlignElements");

    Make sure you download and load jQuery into your pages, so it is available or not working. There are a lot of other JavaScript frameworks you'll love more or are together lighter on the loading of the basic page for such things. Looking around doesn't hurt.

  • Web pages change position slightly when their height exceeds the browser window.

    Hi, I use Dreamweaver CS5.5 to build a Web site. I'm at halfway through the project, and I discovered an annoying problem with my pages finished, when they are displayed in a browser.

    The thing is that the pages are not all the same height, and if you move from a page which is inside the browser window, to one that does not fit into the window, but extends beyond it, the entire page, background and everything, the movement obviously 20px to the left. And when you return to a page that fits in the window, it moves to the right. When you resize the browser window so that its young, all pages in the same position.

    This happens in all browsers I have try.

    Please is - that someone out there can explain why this is happening, and if there is a cure?

    All pages are centered, with a fixed background, if it helps.

    That sounds as if it was because of the scroll bar.

    When the page is contained in the browser there is no scroll bar and when the page has a greater height the scroll bar appears and the page seems to jump.

    I think that the solution for this is:


    overflow: scroll;



  • Forms hangs before closing the browser window in IE7


    When executing our application forms in IE7, it crashes when closing the browser window.
    The same request has no problem when running in IE6.
    Customers have Windows XP. We use the webforms and Jinitiator, which is certified against IE7 (see
    If first, we open the java console of jinitiator window, we are able to close the window of the browser without any problem, but this isn't a solution for users.

    Any suggestions to solve this are welcome,
    Kind regards

    Registry keys have similar permissions to how NTFS permissions behave. The data values do not have permissions. Right click on the name of the key (looks like a folder & is on the left in regedit) & go to permissions. It is very important to do this step for users who have restricted permissions on Vista/XP/Citrix systems. If users have user with power or better, you can skip this step. They will not always plant without this parameter.

  • Given that I've upgraded to 20.0, many keyboard shourtcuts do not work in the browser window: Ctrl + C, CTRL-V, etc.

    Many shortcut keys do not work in apps/sites in the browser window:

    CTRL-C, RIGHT/LEFT/TOP/DOWN-arrow, BACKSPACE (back), CTRL-D, CTRL-T, TAB to move from one field, etc.

    Using the menu commands such as COPY and PASTE work fine, while CTRL + C and Ctrl + V do not work.

    Real pain... (since the upgrade to V20 a few days ago)

    Following another suggestion here, I went in: config and disabled the "allowclipboardhelper.tabs.disabled" parameter set to "false". No change.

    I'm on Mac OSX 10.7.5 (Lion).


    Thank you very much. And thanks for the quick response!

    I did as suggested and restarted several times enable or disable addons to isolate the one that generated the problem.

    The guilty were:

    Website and SEO analysis 1.1
    SEOpen 1.2

    Everything seems fine now.

    Take care.

  • The browser window does not whole screen, despite the actual program in doing so.

    At one point, I opened FF and the browser window has stopped picking up full-screen. The program actually fills the screen, but the current browser window has some sort of right margin. Do a right click in the right margin produced no popup menu. Browser currently looking like such I tried closing, closing force and the PC restarts and does not return to normal. No plug in installed, however cannot be certain it did not update, although in my view, that none has.

    Found my culprit. Whitespace Remover for plugin Google more recently updated course. I disabled v1.28 and everything went back to normal

  • What is the red button... "IHELP" surrounded by blue, green, red and yellow in the bottom right of the browser window all about?

    What is the purpose of the red button... "IHELP" in the lower right corner of the browser window? Is there any purpose? So then what? There is no answer if clicked.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    No button does not exist by default. This looks like an extension installed in your Firefox, view/disable tools-> Add-ons, Extensions

Maybe you are looking for