Determine the side "reception" of the SFP optics


I have an upcoming implementation of dark fibre which requires me to run ZX SFP (cable distance of more than 10 k), but I need an attenuator in the side reception of the FPS at each end.

How I think we're the receiver?

With SFP 1350nm, it is not 'light' to see the exit and the number which is the transmitter, as it is on 850nm SFP - so, how do I do to the longer wavelength, those?

I've been unable to find a representation of the disgrametic of a CWDM SFP that indicates a specific - is it reasonable to assume a SFP WDM standard, is not the same thing?

Or should I connect with the attenuator on the one hand, check the input power, and then plug it into the other side and see if it makes a diference?

Thank you.

Look at Figure 1.

Cisco SFP and SFP + Transceiver Module Installation Notes

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    Thank you ~ for your help!

    Hi Marvin,.

    I found this conversation today, because I'm looking for an answer on a question similar to the question that Jerry asked, at the opening of this discussion.

    So my problem is this. In a certain place, I need two 10 GB and a connection of 1 GB on an optical cable. To cut costs, I tried with WS-C2960X-48FPD-L, but because it contains only two ports of SFP +, I tried with two WS-C2960X-24PD-L which will be connected with the battery modules.

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    Thank you... Rick

    You can specify the PAIR of titles that you create:


    Basically, HD anamorphic uses rectangular pixels

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    Turn on Wi - Fi for the information about the location.

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    < personal information under the direction of the host >

    Go to settings - general - about - Scroll down - must be model number


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    Kind regards.

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