Disable history iCloud

Anyone know to disable iCloud history of safari so I can install cs6

Hi birjuv6659205

If you receive a prompt to close Safari, Safari Cloud story or SafariNotificati, in this help document troubleshooting steps can help: the Installation of Adobe Acrobat asked to close "SafariNotificati".



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  • Disable the iCloud macOS Sierra while retaining Documents and Desktop on Macbook


    I recently updated my Mac to macOS Sierra and during the installation process I accidentally left the synchronization "Desktop and Documents" on iCloud drive selected. He transferred some of my documents to the iCloud drive and then not others because I don't have enough storage iCloud and record my 'normal' documents is now empty.

    I often work without an internet connection, so it is essential that I am able to access all my documents without cloud. I tried to uncheck the 'Jobs' and Documents and "iCloud Drive" in System Preferences, but it left my completely empty folder documents and deleted all the contents of my office.

    I panicked because all my documents had disappeared from my computer then I reactivated "iCloud drive" and it is now restore all documents that it removed from my computer.

    I was wondering what is the correct way to disable the iCloud drive and recover my documents and desktop in the 'normal' folder and not on iCloud drive without him remove again.

    No problem with iCloud drive, just my personal preference is to have saved it on my computer.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you very much


    This - see move the files to the drive iCloud for Mac, after you move the files to iCloud drive to the Mac, just clear reader iCloud to stop using it.

  • Is it OK to disable services icloud, icloud photo library and icloud on PC startup disk? There will be negative consequences if I disable?

    Is it possible to disable services icloud, icloud photo library and icloud 10 PC Windows startup disk? There will be negative consequences if I disable these at startup?

    You can uninstall iCloud for Windows completely if you do not use one of its features. If you do, you should let its services run. See what is iCloud for Windows?-Apple Support for more info on what it does.


  • Disable backups iCloud will delete old backups and free storage?

    I need to keep my current backup in iCloud for awhile (maybe a month, maybe more, until I have find a way to download it somehow) and I'm afraid that my phone re-writing it one night if I forget and leave it with wifi at a charge.

    Can someone check and to confirm disabling backups iCloud keeps intact old backups so I have access to them in the future.

    Deactivation of the iCloud backups will prevent only future backups to take place. To delete older backups, you must remove them manually.

    See you soon,.


  • iPhone disabled / pirate iCloud?


    My girlfriend has been surfing the Internet using his iPhone 6s more and met with a message saying that his phone has been hacked and that she had to pay the money. Fearing the worst, she quit safari and attempted to erase and restore his phone from the last backup to iCloud, because she isn't breast each of his computer at this time.

    However, to the restoration of his phone and WiFi Internet connection, told him that his phone is locked and enter its password iCloud would not open his phone. Is there anything she can do? I tried to locate his phone on iCloud.com but he said all peripherals are offline and is not found - that his phone is swict on what he had and get 3G, that confirms it is at least online, but if she does not appear on find my iPhone, surely iCloud has been compromised in some way.

    Help, please!


    Where exactly is she see this iCloud message, indicating that the iCloud password would not open the phone? Please provide the exact error message. In fact, get one of these pop-up windows is easy to get, because they are just a java script. All she really needed to do was to go to settings > Safari and then clear history and data from the Web site. Then open Safari to the top. It seems to me that it is a problem of Activation If you see this error in the password, but the only way to be sure is to know the exact error message.

  • I disabled - history why it always all there is behind the button "back"?

    Thus, in 'Options', I've got "never remember history" selected. Of course, when I look in the history tab "View history", there is nothing visible. HOWEVER, if I right click on the button "go back a Page ', all pages are there - and clicking on the cycles of key through them. So history IS remembered even if it is set to do not do. Why is this? Where the data comes from, and how can I stop it stored?
    Thanks much for any help.

    It is data that is stored in the history of your current session - if you want to limit that, enter Subject: config in the bar firefox address (confirm the message information where it appears) & search for the preference named browser.sessionhistory.max_entries. Double-click it and change its value to 0.

  • Disable the iCloud sync iBooks books and PDF option

    I activated the iBooks to iCloud download so it would sync my books and PDF documents. Now, I can't find a way to turn it off!

    System Preferences-> iCloud-> iCloud drive-> options-> delete the control of iBooks

    I hope that helps!


  • How to disable the iCloud on el Capitan, particularly in iTunes?

    Every time I open iTunes, I get a pop up box asking me to connect. If I choose 'Cancel', it comes back after a while, and if I sign, it is also after some time, to tell me my session is over, and I need to reconnect... It's really annoying.

    Anyone know how to turn off completely, or at least in iTunes?

    Thank you very much!

    Click on your name to the upper right of the window iTunes and 'Sign' Out

  • One more time. How can I disable history of cloud of Safari and Safari Notifications?


    Guest of installation of close SafariNotificati


  • Cannot disable iCloud Keychain on iPhone 6 + IOS 9.3.2

    Two issues of iCloud keychain.

    1. cannot disable keychain. iCloud signon asked when off iCloud in settings. iCloud switch slides back to GREEN after using the password to iCloud.

    2 - ADVANCED option does not appear on the screen of the iCloud settings as it does on my other iDevices.

    Hello Andy,

    Try to connect to iCloud and restart your iPhone. Then, try to disable the keyring. Also, if you have things added to your portfolio to Apple, which can interfere with turning off the keychain. If there is still a problem, you might want to check with 1-800-MY-APPLE.

    See you soon!

  • disable the library access iCloud music on Apple TV 4

    So I brought a brand new apple TV (4th generation). And I'm a little disappointed by some of the limitation. Why can't disable the library iCloud music on my apple TV? I still care for my family to have access to iTunes radio. But my library of music iCloud is a little personal. I can easily disable library iCloud music of my other devices. But not Apple TV? Why? In order to prevent access to my music, I completely disconnect from iTunes. It's very embarrassing. Does perform a work around?

    You only need to log out once to turn it off, once you sign in you will need to then turn it back on so that it is visible.

  • Disabled by mistake to iCloud photo library and he turned his back.  Still says it will remove pictures

    I disabled the iCloud photo library photos & soft adjustment camera, as well as any type of sharing.  I need try to free 13 GB of space which has been monopolized by ghost photos that were not on any device or even show in icloud.com.  Restarted the phone, the data was retrieved, and I re-enabled all elements in parameters, including iCloud photo library of photo sharing.  iCloud library, Optimize iPhone/iPad, storage, Upload to my photo stream, download Photos of Burst, iCloud, sharing photos, pictures to summarize all lit up.

    The question I have is that I see the message:

    "iCloud photo library will be removed from iCloud in 28 days.  Choose to download and keep the originals below to download a full copy of your photos and videos. »

    That's fine, I have all my saved photos.  What I find that I am able to do is add any (as via iCloud.com Photos), as the 'Upload' button is grayed out and the same message appears on the header of the photos app page.

    I want to reset it.  I thought that turn everything would have been fine.  But it seems to be stuck.  I activated on all devices.  It's frustrating because it is preventing me from getting things done on the fly, I'm used to because I can't upload pictures in the Photos app.

  • IF I DISABLE icloud backup on my ipad can my iphone still talk about her

    I have an iPhone 6 and a Mini iPad. My iPad says I have only 1.5 GB of available for storing iCloud, but I don't want to buy more.

    Can I disable the icloud on my iPad Mini storage and back up my computer; and let the iCloud on my iPhone storage 6?

    My iPhone has more information, and just about everything that of on my iPad, so back up both to the iCloud is just a duplication.

    Thank you.

    Each device backup files are separate and independent on any single iCloud account. You can do what you want about the back up on top of one, and it has no effect on the other backup.

  • How can I delete the synchronized data of Safari in Icloud?

    I have only 1 iOS device, a Mini iPad and no Mac. I try to erase history, while allowing the synchronization of data with icloud incase I add another device later. I tried to erase the history data and the Web site, but that still leaves some elements of my top hits. I can hide it by disabling synchronization icloud, but this then remove the what should be useful features. Any ideas on what we can do.

    I was, just came out, it was that the item has been blocked in the playlist under view all. Why there is not a clear option so that I don't know.

  • Problem with the iCloud sync


    For some reason that I don't understand, my library of Photos Mac synchronization with iCloud ceased (as he was no longer considered to be Photo library system). My problem: I clicked on the button "Use as system library" (maybe it's not exactly these baths on the button I use the french version of the Mac App) but now, when I try to choose iCloud photo library, it does not continue the synchronization where it stopped but want the App fully load the library without deleting the old. As my old library (synchronized) 120 GB and my real 170go (so 50 GB not synchronized yet), I don't have enough space on my 200 date for each other iCloud account... The best solution might be to delete the old library, but I'm afraid of losing my local photos by doing this...

    I hope that I was clear enough...

    You have a solution to help me solve this problem?

    Thank you very much! Martin

    Disable the iCloud library in System Preferences > iCloud > photos (options). This stops the synchronization and does remove all photos of your Mac (assuming that you have not used the optimized option previously)

    Delete all the photos in the cloud to iCloud.com, also remove deleted photo album and make sure you have recovered your space.

    reactivate the iCloud photo library of system preferences.

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