Display driver crahses when I download anything, in Firefox only.

Whenever I have download whatever it is the display driver crashes. It doesn't to any other browser. All the drivers, updates, and patches are up to date. Sometimes, he gets, other times it does not. GTX460 768 MB.

Help with graphics drivers


Check and tell if its working.

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  • When I download something with Firefox, it shows progress, but when it's over, the file that I downloaded disappears.

    When you download something with Firefox, I can see the file in the downloads folder while it's downloading, but like when it is finished, the file disappears.

    It is possible that your antivirus software is corrupt downloaded files or otherwise interfere with the download of files by Firefox.

    Try disabling analysis in real time (live) files in your software anti-virus temporarily to see if that makes working download.


  • Suddenly I do not get the popup "Download finished" at the bottom of my screen when I download anything... in addition, download 'box' at the top left has changed... Why?

    until yesterday, whenever I want to download anything, I'd get a 'popup' in the bottom right of my screen saying "full download"... now I don't see... also, when I click on my download option in my 'tools' at the top on the right, the box that appears has changed how it looks... It still shows my downloads, but the appearance of the box has changed... None of these problems is all 'biggie'... lol... nothing to worry about... but I just want to know why it happened all of a sudden if I've made any changes to my firefox... anyone?

    The user interface for changed in 20 of Firefox downloads. There was a parameter, you can change all: config to restore the old style. That setting in Firefox 20-25, but was no longer exists in Firefox 26. So, you probably changed this and now know the standard interface.

    This article describes/illustrates the green arrow icon you should see on your toolbar, which anime when a download is complete: where to find and manage files in downloaded Firefox.

    If you want a more complete view of downloads, you can try this module: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/download-status-bar/ (I've seen mentioned in another post, but have not tried it myself)

  • When I download anything on the internet, it disappears. If I select run it does not start.

    I have windows vista Home premium SP2.  When I try to download anything I get the usual dialog box to give me options toRUN or to RECORD I tried to download using both perform and record.  If I select RUNfile will download completely, I watch it go all the way to 100%, then the dialog box disappears and nothing happens.  If I selectSAVE, same thing I can look at the file download 100% and then it does not appear in the destination folder.

    I tried selecting the destination as a desktop or different folders.  I disabled user account control and I also tried to create a new account.  I have also made sure that I use the admin account.  I use IE8, and have also tried to reset the default browser.

    The last thing I would do would be to restore to a point, when this was not the case, but I have no restore points available.  I just noticed that I had a problem when I discovered that Microsoft Security Essentials icon disappeared and I tried to download it again, I went on my laptop using another computer and a USB key.  After scanning, there is no virus so im lost of ideas now.

    Someone out there has a solution to this problem.


    1. determine if your user account is corrupted or not.
    Create another user account (assuming that it would be another admin account). Log on to this new account, do a download/install. Use option record and see if it get saved in the destination folder.
    If the answer is Yes, then your old admin account is corrupted.

    2 make a check of the file system. See if it finds corrupted files and see if it can fix them.
    In the end, it will tell you either...
    "no breach of integrity", or
    It finds files corrupted but unable to fix them.
    Try to install again and see if the problem is now gone.

    File system check... sfc/scannow

    Start button > Search box type cmd > look up, do a RIGHT click oncmd.exe > click onRun As Administrator > in this window cmd black and white, type at the prompt flashing sfc/scannow > press the ENTER key.
    Note: there is a space between 'sfc' and ' / '.
    To sit and wait. It will take time.
    When finished, exit the cmd window.
    Reboot (restart your computer)

    For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • My firefox always opens with the three tabs, that I used when I downloaded and install firefox. How can I open one?

    When I downloaded Firefox for my new computer with Windows 10, I opened Firefox and follow the instructions to put everything in place to operate, including checking my email address. When I finished this process, I had 3 tabs open. Then, I closed Firefox.

    The next time I opened Firefox, 3 tabs opened. The additional 2 were on the same places they were until I closed Firefox.

    I closed two additional tabs before you navigate on several times. However, whenever I open Firefox, the same tabs will appear.

    How can I fix it? I want only 1 tablet to open.


    You can find the homepage here:

    • Tools > Options > general > startup: Homepage

    Firefox supports several home pages separated by ' |' symbol (pipe).

    If you do not keep the changes after a reboot or have problems with preferences, see:

  • Impossible to download anything using Firefox

    Original title: cannot download

    RELOADED Firefox as your primary browser. Now cannot download anything, as "source file could not be read.

    Check with the help of Firefox, as it is a mistake to Firefox.

  • When I download files in Firefox I can not find where they went.

    I use firefox and have vista, when I download they seem to download, but I can't find where the files are, like th eonly option I get when I download is save (not save as). they don't go to my download file?

    original title: downloads


    the information that Microsoft provides is for Internet Explorer

    see if that helps you

    or ask in the Forums of Firefox


  • My laptop display driver hangs when I turn on my Skype cam

    Especially when I make a call or someone calls me on Skype, my screen goes black for a few seconds and my Skype freezes. In addition, there are times when my laptop crashes and displays a blue screen. I use the version. I've attached my DxDiag file for any consultation about my problem. Hope you guys can help me with my dilemma. Thank you

    Unfortunately, the new implementation of this forum won't let me read your dxdiag.

    However, updated of your video driver (and all other offcours), will be more likely to remedy the problem, especially if you have installed Windows 10 as a place in upgrade (you can not update unfortunately) and have kept your settings.

    In this case you will need to Windows 10 drivers, if they are available from the manufacturer of your machine, if it is not the generic device drivers will work in most cases.

    Your Skype client is also outdated: http://www.skype.com/go/getskype-full

  • When I download anything I can't download or executable files have been moved or deleted

    Why can not download any program? When I try to download something my computer tells me either my executables have been move or deleted.

    Or he says that it cannot download the program at all.

    On Saturday, December 8, 2012 13:35:33 + 0000, raleigh enfinger wrote:

    Why can not download any program? When I try to download something my computer tells me either my executables have been move or deleted.

    Or he says that it cannot download the program at all.

    Please tell us what "cannot download" means. Exactly how do you try?
    What happens when you try? If you get an error message, please quote the
    It verbatim.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

  • I had to get a new hard drive and when I download Adobe 9 pro, it tells me that my license is not valid.  How can I sort this?

    I couldn't have the mirror image to work, do a fresh install.  I get the invalid license error that the drive is at its maximum of users.  No idea how to reset the license in order to release a new user?  Thank you.


    You can try to install Acrobat 9 referring to the following link.

    Download Adobe Acrobat products. 9, 8

    Try to check the serial number from the following link and see if that helps.

    Find the serial number of your Adobe product quickly

    Acrobat 9 is an old version and not supported.

    I'm sorry but this is the maximum we could do for you.


    Sukrit diallo

  • When I download anything to my office why can I only open using firefox

    I constantly save to my desktop. When I try to open another file, site, article etc I can only open it if I right click and open with Firefox

    You save web pages (Save Page as...), or they are other types of files?

    If you double-click the file, nothing happens?

    And if you right click and use Open (without specifying Firefox), nothing happens?

  • When you download the new Firefox, he did the preferences Options appear in the tabs. where is the option to make a pop-up window?

    In previous versions of Options under the Tools Menu of Firefox window was a separate Firefox window. With the new update they put in the tabs that majorly clutters the space and it is difficult to go back to what I was already looking upward. Y at - it an option to the Options window to a pop up or do I have to install a previous version of Fire fox?

    Hi, you can go back to the old window Options by: Type Subject: config in the address bar, press ENTER, accept the warning, scroll to browser.preferences.inContent and double-click on it to change the "value" from true to False, taking care to not to change what anyone else. You will then need to restart Firefox.

    If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Thank you.

  • Why am I unable to download anything on firefox market?

    Everything that I try, and I tried a lot of things. Either he is incampatible or blocked by my own tablet.

    Try filtering on the market "To show Android Mobile applications". These will eliminate errors.

    However if you continue to see mistakes, please take not of those who make these and the type of device you are using.

  • Why Firefox won't let me download anything?

    Basically, I had a problem these days. I can't download anything on Firefox or another browser, I try to use. Files download without problem, and when he's doing so I can still see the files under development in the appropriate folders.

    However, when the download is complete, the file just... disappears. It's the same for every file I try to download, not just one or two. Ranging from games, music, etc.

    When I search upwards in the start menu, it appears, but when I click on it, he said, it is looking for the file, but I can choose to search for it myself, leaving me very confused. Go to the location of the file takes me to recent, where it shows the files that I downloaded as 1 KB shortcuts, but with the original file nowhere to be found.

    If I may note, after downloading these files disappearing always occupy all the space on my drive that they argued that they could not only 1 KB. In addition, about a week or two before this happened, my computer mysteriously started losing a lot of space on the C: drive, to the point where I got a warning for having such space low; even if I was not doing something. Not sure if that plays one any part in this regard, but I thought I would add that in any way.

    Someone here has a solution to this? I wish I had answers, please.

    If download hangs at the last minute (just before reaching 100%), the cause may be an antivirus software that tries to parse the file and during this process the instance of Firefox crashes.

    To resolve the issue, try disabling the analysis as follows:

    1. In the address bar, type Subject: config and press enter. The subject: config "this might void your warranty!" warning page may appear.
    2. Click on I'll be careful, I promise!, to continue on the subject: config page. A list of parameters must appear
    3. Filter the list by typing in the search bar at top. Enter scanWhenDone. Now you should find the "browser.download.scanWhenDone" preference.
    4. Double-click this preference to set the value to false.
    5. Then, try to download something and see if it still crashes.

    Please reply and let us know if this helped you!

  • Equium A210 - cannot install ATI display driver


    I recently bought a satellite A210-171. It was pre-installed with Windows Vista Home Premium and partitioned into two drives C drive for Vista and E data drive. in any case I didn t like the way it was setup so I formatted the drive and installed Vista Ultimate on it.

    Not to get a CD of drivers only a DVD of restoration system with it when I bought it and I had to get the drivers of Toshiba's download site and everything is fine until it came to install the display driver.

    I downloaded the driver from the support of Toshiba (ATI) page and installed it restarted the laptop and the laptop didn't install the driver. So I went to the Device Manager and went to install the driver update driver and he won t install again. I'm 100% sure that I have the correct display driver, but whenever I try to install it, it the habit and said that the standard VGA graphics card is up to date. Someone at - it ideas how to install the display on this laptop driver because it has my head done now?

    John was soon.

    I forgot to mention I also visited the ATI site and downloaded the driver and the app from here and still won t install correctly.


    Cannot install the original driver ATI from the page of ATI on a common path because it doesn't support protection against overheating as the own Toshiba GPU drivers.

    You should be able to install it driver Toshiba ATI from the Toshiba page.
    If the system is told that the standard VGA graphics card is up to date, then go to the Device Manager and remove the graphics driver installed the OS.

    After restarting again, try to install the new GPU driver downloaded from the pilot site of Toshiba.

    Good luck and best regards

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