DoubleClick opens a new site after about 60 seconds of delay, IE OK

Especially a lot of time to download after clicking on links in Outlook Express


Safe mode is entered (Maj/FF) and refreshed proposed such Firefoxed. The respons of doubleclick on seems normal now. Exit safe mode did not return the problem to the back.
So, it seems that refreshing and cleaning resolved problem.
Thank you very much

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    Do a check with some malware malware, analysis of programs on the Windows computer.

    You need to scan with all programs, because each program detects a different malicious program.

    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before scanning.

    Alternatively, you can write a check for an infection rootkit TDSSKiller.

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    can someone suggest me how the code to open the new screen after clicking ListField point

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    Thank you

    Himanshu sharma


    Just copy and paste into your application

    package mypackage;
    import net.rim.device.api.command.CommandHandler;
    import net.rim.device.api.command.ReadOnlyCommandMetadata;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.Field;
    import net.rim.device.api.ui.FieldChangeListener;
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    import net.rim.device.api.ui.component.table.SimpleList;
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    public class SimpleListDemo extends UiApplication {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            SimpleListDemo theApp = new SimpleListDemo();
        public SimpleListDemo() {
            pushScreen(new SimpleListScreen());
        class SimpleListScreen extends MainScreen {
            private SimpleList listField;
            public SimpleListScreen() {
                setTitle("Simple List Demo");
                add(new LabelField("Blackberry Team", LabelField.FIELD_HCENTER));
                add(new SeparatorField());
                Manager mainManager = getMainManager();
                mainManager.setMargin(0, 0, 0, 50);
                listField = new SimpleList(mainManager);
                listField.add("Mr.Sushil");// /////////////// i want to open a new
                listField.setCommand(new CommandHandler() {
                    public void execute(ReadOnlyCommandMetadata metadata,
                            Object context) {
                        if (listField.getFocusRow() == 0) {
                            UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(new P());
                }, null, null);

    No need for a FieldChangeListener interface

    Run to it and if you think you've got the necessary solution just set this thread as SOLVED

  • Why my cpu quits after about 30 seconds of connection!

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    It is in Mode safe?

    Can log you in as a regular users and open an administrator command prompt without loading the profile?

    Start button--> RUN--> type:

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    He should come and ask you the password for the account "administrator."  Enter it.  Then, it should open a new command prompt - but works as an administrator.  You can then use commands like:

    CD "\Documents and Settings.
    Ren Administrator.old administrator

    To get into the right directory and rename the profile folder for 'Administrator' to 'Administrator.old '.  Then restart and try to log on as administrator again.

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    Where the two Express base compared to the other station? Same room, different rooms or different floors? The host of iTunes (iPod or iPad) location when the streaming? Near the Express which provides the network Wi - Fi or the one used for streaming?

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    Hi I'm moving to windows 10, once I click on upgrade, it starts to install then after about 2 seconds. it come can not install windows 10 error 80070003, someone has any ideas?


    You can reset the Windows Update components by running the Fixit on this page. But if there is malware present, she will continue to reset the connection to the update servers:

    How to reset the Windows Update components

    Suggest you download and save the Fixit. Then configure the system before the clean boot by running:

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista/Windows 7

    Once the Fixit has been downloaded and the system is started in the pure State, check that the native Windows Firewall is now on if a 3rd party firewall has been used previously. Now run the Fixit and choose the default mode. Restart once it's done and see if the system can be connected to the update servers. If he can't, then rerun the Fixit and choose aggressive mode. Turn it back on when he finished the race and updates.

    I suggest before you stop and install the updates, disconnect from the Internet, first.

    Try the upgrade again. If it does not work.

    Task of pre-required

    When you make significant changes to your computer for example updated operating system, you must always back up. See the links to resources on the backup by clicking the link for each version of Windows you are using: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1



    • Turn off (preferably uninstall) your Antivirus utility before you perform the upgrade.
    • Reboot several times, and then try again.
    • Disable the general USB peripherals (for example - smart card reader).
    • If you are using a SCSI drive, make sure you have the drivers available for your storage on a thumdrive device and it is connected. During the installation of Windows 10, click on the advanced custom Option and use the command load driver to load the driver for the SCSI drive. If this does not work and the installer still fails, consider switching to an IDE based hard drive.
    • Perform a clean boot, restart, and then try again.
    • If you upgrade to the. ISO file, disconnect from the Internet during the installation, if you are connected in LAN (Ethernet) or wireless, disable both, then try to install.
    • If you are updated through Windows Update, when download reaches 100% disconnect from the LAN (Ethernet) Internet or Wi - Fi, then proceed with the installation.
    • If this does not work, try using the. ISO file to upgrade if possible.
    • If you are connected to a domain, go to a local account.
    • If you have an external equipment, attached to the machine, unplug them (example, game controllers, USB sticks, external hard drive, printers, peripherals not essential).
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    If I delete the second half of the presentation, I can get the rest to play through. I tried to isolate a single slide if the origin of the problem, but I get inconsistent results.

    Any ideas what could happen? Any ideas on how to solve the problem?


    FYI: there is already a fix for your problem, so that you can have text animations in your projects. Here is the link to the blog where you will find all the necessary information:

    Solution for CP5-content with text Animations


  • Audio stops playing after about 30 seconds, the continuous video

    I created a movie with music.  During the preview, the video and the audio works fine.  The problem is when I watch the video on my pc, the sound stops playing after about 30 seconds and the video continues.  When I reset to that point the audio begins again, then stops shortly after and the video still continues.  It is a mpeg format and played on the windows media player 11.  What is the problem with the audio?  Looking for solutions to this problem.

    Thanks people for your suggestions and advice.  I had the sound to play.  I did change the audio settings for dolby to mpeg and that makes the difference.

  • Why firefox opens a new site (clkmon) when I click on a link, and why the gray site out and show the site of direct access message?

    When I click on a link a few times a new site opens with which shows clkmon as the address. When I return to my home page page greys out and present in french access direct AU site. so I constantly see a white bar appears on the right side, when I click on the X to close it opens the site of clkmon.

    Do a malware check.

    Microsoft Security Essentials is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP, if you do not already have one.

    More information can be found in the article troubleshooting Firefox problems caused by malware .

  • How to close this dialog box modal blocking and open a new one after a few minutes

    It's my method to display a modal dialog box:

    public static dialogue handleInactivityDialog (String msg, int [] values) {}
    Diálogo dialog = new dialog box (msg, new String() {"Yes", "No"}, values, 2, null);
    int i = dialogo.doModal ();
    If (I == 1) {}
    try {}
    do something
    Utils.popScreenForLogout ();
    } catch (Exception e) {}
    Utils.forceLogout ();
    return of diálogo;


    After 3 minutes, this dialogue must be closed and should be opened a new. The new dialog box must be closed after 1 minute.

    I have no idea on how to do as DIalog.doModal () is a blocking operation.

    Thanks in advance!

    You can start a timertask before calling doModal, for example.

  • Cannot open a new file after working in PE13, file open the Organizer

    When you work in PE13 I can't open or save a file after a period of time. I am able to work on some photos and then I can't open a new or save all.

    Go in the editor preferences > general, click this button and restart the Editor:

  • How to open a new tab after the current browsing session.

    I used to use the new King of the tab, and when I opened a new tab, it would still open the new tab the very right of my session, the gap and not somewhere randomly in the middle. However, I wanted my restored windows to open where I had closed my session. I've since changed to use the new tab more instead and it worked the same way before, but since I've updated for firefox 26, he seems to have reset this option (and others), it opens in the middle of the session now instead of the end.

    I don't know what you mean by the middle of the session.

    Do you mean in the middle of the bar tabs in the current window? There is a setting to make it open a link in a new tab adjacent to the page where you clicked on the link, or always at the end of the tab bar. If this is what you mean, here's how you can activate:

    (1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press ENTER. Click on the button promising to be careful.

    (2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the tabs and make a pause so that the list is filtered

    (3) double-click the preference browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent from true to false.

    But I'm not sure that's what you hear... also, extensions can replace Firefox built-in behaviors with their own settings tab.

  • Why can't I open a new tab after clicking on the button +?

    Usually I can click on the "open a new tab" button to open a new tab, but now, when I click on the button, nothing happens. I tried right clicking and choosing the option: 'New tab', but still no opening tab. However, new tabs open if I click on a link and it leads to a new window. I don't know why? How can I fix?

    Uninstall the toolbar Ask and it should work again. There is a compatibility issue with the Ask and Firefox toolbar that prevents the opening of new tabs.

  • Firefox sometimes freezes my computer when I go to some sites for about 10 seconds and my hard drive is turned on all the time.

    This happened since I upgraded Firefox 3.6 Firefox 18 when it was released in the 23.0.1 that I have right now. When I go on some heavy such as yahoo news, browser specific websites and my computer will be blocked for about 10 seconds while my HDD is on all the time and the only info on: crashes gives me a link to a page called limitation, which apparently no longer exists. It happens that its manual or automatic cache on size and only seems to happen when its max cache. Depending on the subject: crashes, it happened only 4 times before I went from 3.6 to 18.

    Ive tried turning almost all my addons turned off and that did not work, Ive had harware acceleration turned off for a long time if it's not that. I still have all my plugins off except flash and it does not have anything to do with flash. The report of health of firefox it also count as an accident.

    I worked in fact observe that its almost always the comment system on the pages of Web sites such as disqus. IM blocking them just through them with ghostery and anti-ad element hider.

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