Express airport, used for the speakers, loses the connection to the network wireless after about 30 seconds

Second generation of airport express base station used to play music loses connection wireless, also a second express network, gen airport after about 30 seconds.  Tried to change channels, reorienting the airport, using a different device - ipod and ipad, to listen to music - nothing works. Interestingly, my Amazon Music plays fine on the same airport and speakers and loses no signal.  Any help?

Where the two Express base compared to the other station? Same room, different rooms or different floors? The host of iTunes (iPod or iPad) location when the streaming? Near the Express which provides the network Wi - Fi or the one used for streaming?

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    Hello Nicolas,.

    Thank you our writing about Microsoft Community.

    If your computer has a wireless network card, Windows will automatically detect the networks wireless in range of your computer.

    You may encounter network or problems of Internet in Windows for several reasons.  Some common problems that can cause these problems are:

    • A wireless network adapter switch that is not enabled

    • WEP, WPA, or WPA2 key or password security issues

    • Cables that are not connected correctly

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    Hope the helps of information provided. Do we know the State of the question, so that we can help you further.

    Thank you.

  • C309g-m do not reconnect to the network wireless after the start-up

    I have a question similar wireless as people before, however, I think that my case is different, somehow:

    1 during the initial installation, I set the wireless settings (just select the name from the list and enter the password - there are many networks around me)

    2. everything works, connection is never dropped, the printing speed

    3. then, when I turn the printer off and then later turn it on, wireless blue led lights, but there is no connection. Running wireless network Test gives in the statement: "the wireless radio does not work. Contact HP support. The network running configuration does not help again, no wireless networks are found.

    4. However, when I unplug the printer from the power while it's on (at rest), then plug back in and turn it on (I shouldn't do this, I know) - printer is connected within seconds to the configured network and everything is OK - "no problem found", said the wireless network Test

    I call HP support and they asked me in the service menu and make the semi full reset, I did. He turned me to configuration - see point a. Connected printer and was working fine until I turned it off. (I tried turning it off and on again shortly after completing installation and the printer connected correctly, however, the later, when I turned it off (but not disconnected) for a longer period of time, the question has remained.)

    Yet called HP, the guy said is directives are stop here and return the printer. I said two weeks ago, I installed new cartridges place - he said to take out them. Is it really OK for a cartridge to rest just like that, to sit on a table for a week or two without drying? I said how to store the - he said leave, they'll be fine.

    Y at - it a fix for this, because I don't want to be bothered with the printer until the point of transport service? Not one that follows would behave like this? And are there recommendations of store for the cartridges out of the printer? I feel I'm wasting a lot of ink in outgoing and re - install a new printer! I don't want to, this isn't my fault printer is defective.

    The last question is - when it makes sense to turn off and inkjet printer. I print a few pages every couple of days. I usually turn off the printer when the working day is over and then turn it back on next day (or 2nd day) when I need it again.

    I thank very you much for your help and advice!

    If they send you a replacement printer, there with her ink tanks.  You can store your current printer ink tanks and use them later you 'new' printer if you wish.  Store the nozzle in place so that they do not leak.

  • Equium L350D - 11 d connecting to a network wireless after the factory restore


    Recently, I've restored my Equium to factory following a virus. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium and it is out of warranty.

    When I try to connect to a network, it is said the computer does not have an installed and configured wireless network adapter. I recommend to install wireless networking equipment and checking that the correct drivers are loaded.

    How can I do this?

    In the PC Diagnostic tool under network, he said: "Realtek RTL8102E Family PCI - E Fast Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.0) version = 6.2"

    However, in Device Manager, I also have a yellow exclamation beside an unknown device in the section "other devices." It's the only thing that has been highlighted with an exclamation point.

    In the system information section, I found that the vendor for this product ID is 08DA and the device ID is 8197 (usb\vid_08da & pid_8197\00e04c000001). I don't know what it refers to, or why it prevents my find all networks.

    Can you recommend what measures I can take, or divers you think I need to install to correct the problem. I guess I should save the drivers on an external hard drive?

    Thanks for your help.

    [email protected]

    It is really strange this unknown device is listed after recovery image installation. In General, recovery image contains all the necessary drivers, so something like this should not happen.

    Open if please check and if Device Manager card Realtek WLAN is listed under network adapters.
    According to specification for laptop, your laptop has wireless 802.11 network card g (RTL8187B) Realtek driver for this card, you can find and download from Toshiba WLAN portal -

    Please send comments.

  • Windows 7 will not reconnect to the network wireless after the first connection.

    Hi, we have computers portable windows 7 on a corporate domain which primarily use a desktop lan connection. We have a user based certificate that is registered automatically through Group Policy, to allow wireless access, and another group strategy that puts in place the wireless itself.

    The question we have is: LAN/WLAN switch is enabled in the BIOS.

    User can start and open a session with or without the LAN cable and wireless connections automatically connects them (if no LAN cable not inserted) wireless access point

    Once connected (if started with inserted LAN cable), when the LAN cable is removed, the wireless connection will automatically connect AP (specified by Group Policy).

    If the user then taken LAN cable back in, (after returning from meetings etc...), it connects to the wired LAN fine.

    If the user removes the LAN cable once again, (another meeting etc.) the wireless connection is not automatically connect again.

    The user can open the connections wireless at this point and manually connect to the access point.

    The opposite occurs if the user starts with no LAN cable it inserts after the start and then he removes, the wireless connection does it not connect automatically.

    "Connect automatically when this network is in range" is enabled in group policy

    IPv6 is disabled on the wireless card

    I tried to delete the contents of the Interfaces file in the program data\microsoft\WLANSvc\profiles

    WLAN/LAN switching works fine every time.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!!


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you have problems with the wireless connection that isn't automatically. That this computer is connected to a domain network, I would like to advice post you your query in the TechNet Forums.

    Forums TechNet for Windows 7

    Hope this information helps. Feel free to write us again for other queries.

  • Hello, do someone knows if the App Skycure is interesting to use for the security of the iPhone?

    The pp Skycure is interesting to use for the security of the iPhone?

    I doubt it. You need some protection when the computer opened and then install and use a VPN. SaturnVPN is effective and inexpensive.

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    What is the MTBF method, used for the cRIO 9012, is the method of counting of Telcordia under what conditions? (Temperature, humidity, etc.)

    Hi jojosalud,

    According to the specifications for the cRIO-9012, the MTBF is 330 481 hours at 25 ° C; Question of Bellcore level II.

    Kind regards

  • The Parental account for my child's account has been disabled for inactivity and to accept the new terms of use for the xbox update must be parental confirmation.

    The Parental account for my child's account has been disabled for inactivity and to accept the new terms of use for the xbox update must be parental confirmation. I can't do this because even when you type the parental email address in the password recovery, it does not recognize because because it is inactive. I need a Windows Live technician to reactivate the account and I don't know if I should put the email address of the account here for security reasons. My other question is also if you can't reactivate can you switch parental permissions to another account.

    -Thanks, Michael


    What version of the Windows operating system is installed on your computer?

    I suggest you to refer to the following article in the Xbox and check if it helps.

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    Thank you

    Ed P2

    any card 32 GB will be less than 32GB after it is formatted to be used in a computer. It is a standard for all types of storage.

    If you need 32 GB of actual useful storage space, you will have to get a 64 GB card.

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    No glass is plastic sony replay for me

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    Original title: trouble installing the drivers for my printer.


    I am trying to install an EPSON L110 and eveytime I try to run the CD, it appears this error message.

    Windows could not determine the language to use for the installation: CODE of ERROR: 0x80004005.

    I have windows 7 32 bit OS. What I'm doing. A quick response will be very useful.



    Hi, Germain,.

    This problem could occur due to corrupted files. We will try to download and install the latest printer driver on the site of the manufacturer of the printer. Check if it helps.

    See the articles for more information.

    Install a printer

    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7

    Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

  • The scheme < SOA > _OPSS is already used for the safety of the point of sale. Please create a new scheme


    version: 12.1.3

    I am trying to create a new area where I wanted to use the same scheme used in the existing domain.  It failed with the below error security of the store DB configuration error. of exception: the SOA12C_OPSS schema is already used for the safety of the point of sale. Please create a new schema.

    Is it mandatory that the scheme (creating the UCR) used in a field cannot be used for the new domain?  or am I missing something? Please notify.

    Thank you


    That's the point... So actually you were never more than one domain using the same patterns, you have never shared patterns on different fields... You had a domain which would sometimes... Not possible in 12 c but because of OPSS more... Maybe you could just the OPSS schema duplicated, but you would always use the platform so that it was not intended to...

  • Can I use other Adobe ID instead of the Adobe ID, used for the command to install and activate the Photoshop CS6?

    Can I use other Adobe ID instead of the Adobe ID, used for the command to install and activate the Photoshop CS6?

    Thank you

    Only ID authorized to use the software is the ID of the software license.

    Transfer an Adobe product license

  • I have a mac with el capitan on it.  This computer is not going to used for the design, but I need Acrobat 9 put on.  I have Acrobat 9 on a CD, I slipped the file in my application folder and double click on the Acrobat pro icon, nothing happe

    I have a mac with el capitan on it.  This computer is not going to used for the design, but I need Acrobat 9 put on.  I have Acrobat 9 on a CD, I did drag the file in my folder of the application and double-click the Acrobat pro icon, nothing happens, I'm stuck.

    You must install, copy... and 9 version does not work with El Capitan

    Install CS5 on Mac 10.11 can help (also for others than CS5)

    -also a TEMPORARY security change

    - s-mac-os-x-0158095 /

    -the guardian

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