Download Windows y50-70, without external dvd drive!


I just ordered the y50-70, he came without os and external dvd drive, I have a copy of Windows 7 on a dvd.

How can I download it? I am from Sweden and here DVD players cost a lot of money, I can install it in Usb? Any recommendation? Thanks in advance

Mimmo145 wrote:
I have another laptop which has an internal DVD player, I can create the Iso of it and the copy of the USB

Yes I think it'll do. You just need the program to create the win 7 dvd iso file. There are several, and you can google it. To burn it on a usb flash drive, you can use Rufus 2.5 or newer version.

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    Hi garden,.

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    Windows 8.0 versions are all updates except the OEM (System Builder and all require a previous version of Windows to be installed at installation time.) OEM version is the only exception and can be purchased online at several retailers, such as for example New EGG or Amazon.  Hope this helps and if you need any additional aid station and we will be happy to help you.

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  • Load Windows XP from external DVD drive

    Replaced the hard drive on laptop. DVD drive does not work on the laptop. How to install windows XP from an external DVD drive hard disk new?

    You must change the boot order in the BIOS of your computer.

    The boot order is order this computer tries to start from, for example, it can check the internal DVD first, then if there is nothing in there, go to the hard drive.

    You need to plug in your external DVD drive (it's probably USB).

    Then go into the BIOS setup - search for boot order and move the external DVD drive to the top of the boot list, so this is the first device to be "started" from.

    Then restart your laptop and then it should boot from the external DVD drive, which probably contains the installation media for Windows XP (DVD/CD).

  • I don't have a 93 years old goat needs to answer. I want to buy an external dvd drive, but don't know which is compatible with Windows XP, any help would be appreciated

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    Most of the USB 2.0 DVD burners will be compatible XP (be sure to get a burner so you can make CD
    and DVDs and not just play).

    A very good source of information would be supported by the manufacturer of your system and their forums (if any).

    Another good source would be your local computer store or even a major retailer like Best Buy
    or the FRY.

    This is good, but there are many good brands.


    ASUS BluRay Combo

    Toshiba external DVD - regular and bluray

    Amazon announces

    If you select a contact that he maker to ensure that it meets your needs.

    I hope this helps.

  • Satellite A660 - do not find external DVD drive

    Hey guys. Newbie displaying in total despair of and needing help! I posted in other forums without success. I bought a Samsung SH-D162D DVD drive in a USB enclosure to connect to my Satellite A660 via USB.

    I can't get Windows 7 to find! When I plug in the USB cable, the ball comes up to say that it has been installed (sometimes), I can see it on for about 1 or 2 minutes then he falls. It is not listed in my hardware or anything. Its not found in disk management or my devices, so it is not a case to change the drive letter - I can't find the drive to change. I also tried to find upper and lower settings in regedit. Could not find them so couldn't remove them as suggested in other posts of this nature.

    It is set to master, the IDE connector and power connectors are very good. Its got to be a cause of problem of Windows 7 it comes very briefly. In the minute or 2 sound, I can't do anything with it. It crashes right although it will open and close. I've google it and can't find anything. Mainly of registry issues, but they did not help.

    Ive also connected to another laptop with XP and had no problems so I know the DVD Rom works very well and all the cables are ok. Ive tried all 4 USB ports on my laptop and also disabled all the parameters of energy. All with no luck. And I also all Windows 7 update.

    This is exactly what happens to the power out of the Cabinet.

    1. I connect the USB cord then turn on the enclosure.
    2 - I quickly click Start, and I can see the DVD Rom E player beside my computer laptop dvd rom.
    3 - the green bar above starts to fill to the top, from left to right and gets to half way then suddenly disappears icon of DVD Rom and makes the green bar.
    4. He then flashes up in computers laptops DVD Rom icon with a player of Local E drive, but only for a fraction of a second.
    5. sometimes a balloon comes up saying peripheral installation, then the installed device successfully... but not every time.

    And that's all. I'm at a total loss and the cant work, so any help is really appreciated!

    Hi Smee,

    So if you have already connected the external hard drive on another computer, and it worked correctly, it seems to be a driver or compatibility between your external DVD drive problem and and your Satellite A660

    It will be connected to the port USB then you tried to remove all the USB ports on the Device Manager? After that, you must restart your computer and the USB ports will be recognized automatically from the Device Manager. In addition, I would also try updating the chipset driver. New version, which you can download on the official website of Toshiba: > support & downloads > download drivers

    Have you also tested other devices on your A660 if they work properly?

  • External DVD drive for W3-810-1600

    W3-810-1600 will supply an external DVD drive? I want to reinstall Windows from my recovery disc. What is a decent DVD player to buy?

    Hello amurphy98,

    I have an Asus DVD of ebay player. It has worked well for me. I have a powered USB hub, that's what I used. You can get without the powered hub but, it is recommended to use a. Especially do something so important. Error a little power and you might brick it. Acer also has a 8.1 recovery disk win via support Dept.

    Drive USB DVD - RW external Slim of Asus - Brand New! EBay (SDRW-08D2S-U) $22

    Ativa® mobile-IT USB 2.0 4-Port Hub Desktop "w / adapter ' Staples $17

  • Boot camp with external dvd drive

    How it is possible to install Windows 7 on my old MacBook Pro Mid 2009 using an external DVD drive?

    Because my SuperDrive drive is broken.

    Yes, there is a way, I remember that when I swapped my Superdrive for a disk hard while my old Macbook could not start Windows USB.

    you need vmware Fusion and refined installed

    It's a little tricky because not apple USB drives do not work when booting the operating system, but it works if you read carefully. basically the process starts as usual, put the DVD in the DVD USB drive and start to Boot Camp, let to create the BootCamp partition, instead of restarting create a VM with the mapping of physical disk, begin the installation, restart Windows and finish using DVD USB.

    Here is the guide, a bit outdated but might help. Be sure just to what disk you format in the virtual machine, because you are working with the physical disk where you have installed OS X:

  • Satellite A660 - cannot install Win 7 using the external DVD drive


    Not so long I asked help to reinstall win 7 on my laptop.
    The only option was actually in the restoration of order dvd what I did. Today, it has arrived.

    Problem is, or was that some of the CD or the DVD couldn't be read for some reason any.

    Now it won't boot from the cd, it says faulty hard drives.

    So what I did I have pluged my detached external DVD drive and it started from that.

    But just after a few seconds, she told me to '1 support recovery' and open the drive in the laptop. Tried to insert the disc - nothing, like its not inserted, tried to disable computers portable cd - nothing please help


    You should first check if the external CD/DVD drive is recognized as a boot device.
    Connect the external USB CD/DVD drive and switch on the device.
    Press F12.

    Now, you will see all bootable devices. Generally, the CD/DVD USB drive should appear if his support. If it does not appear, you will not be able to boot from the external USB CD/DVD drive.

    In this case I recommend you to create a bootable USB flash memory and install Windows 7 from USB flash memory

  • Dynadock U with USB powered external DVD drive

    Toshiba dynadock U PA3575A-1PRP
    Iomega superslim DVD 31785700 dvdrw8x-u
    ASUS U36J laptop Windows 7 64 bit
    latest updates for Windows and installed Dynadock

    Hi, this external DVD drive has 2 USB connectors (data and power) and no power supply.
    The dynadock has alternating current.
    When I connect the DVD directly to 2 USB ports on the laptop, it works.
    When I connect an external hard drive to the Dynadock USB powered it works
    When I connect the Iomega DVD drive to the dynadock, it doesn't work and I get an error message "power surge on hub port."

    I tested a second dynadock and DVD player (same model) and the same problem occurs.
    I also tested all of the USB ports on the dynadock, front and rear.
    I looked online for limitations on the dynadock, but found none.

    I look forward to any constructive suggestions or information.

    Hello micjam,

    the Iomega DVD drive also not functioning, it is linked to the dynadock?
    No mouse, keyboard or other usb devices?

    Have you tried plugging the dynadock to a different usb port on your computer?

    Perhaps there is an update of the bios available for your computer.

    Check this box

    Best regards

  • I get the 0x8078012D error code when I run the Windows backup on an external hard drive.

    I get the 0x8078012D error code when I run the Windows backup on an external hard drive.  I have Windows 7 Professional.  That suggests this error code is the problem and how can I solve the problem?

    For people who read this thread, I offer the following information.  I solved the problem by noticing that the problem could have been caused, when the system image is created.  So I did a backup without creating the system image and backup is complete without error.

    Then I used the backup program to create a system image.  This time error (0x8007045D) was displayed.   The error report says "the operation failed for a device error encountered with the source or the destination. If the volume of the source or the destination is on a disk, run CHKDSK /R on the source volume or destination and then try again using. »

    So I ran chkdsk/r, and this program is a bad sector on the hard drive of my computer and fixed the error.  It took about an hour to run the program.  Now, the image of the system and the backup of data file work again.

    So I think that the main cause of error (0x8078012D) is deborahgarbe of i/o error (0x8007045D).  So if you get the first error code you can search for fixes for the second error code fix the root cause.

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    i've got criptolocker virus, I need to format the computer to load back up, my dvd player is broken, because the computer has drop down in the past. I put the recovery on an external dvd drive CD, but I'm not able to work, it detects the dvd drive in F:, but is not read

    I have format my protégé R700 1 2 but I have lost my recovery disc
    Come posso fare devo formattare it portable mio protected R700 1 2 e non trovo piu' I disco di ripristino. Dove posso find lo. ?

  • AT100: can I connect external DVD drive & can I get a car charger?

    I received one of these when my friend bought a laptop.
    I've never used before.
    I've read all the literature and surf the net, but I'm still a little confused. A newbie and more I'm afraid.

    * 1 *-I want to use in the car for playing DVDs in the back seat. Can I use the Toshiba external dvd drive?

    * 2-* is there a car charging/adapter plug or anything like that?

    * 3 *-my stereo bluetooth, USB and ipod has access to-what options there are to store & playing music on the Tablet via these

    * 4 *-wifi is possible? I already connected it to a wireless modem; would need a modem separated in the car?

    Anything else I should know to use drive

    Anyone with the patience to help me that would be a popular Christmas gift.

    See you soon,.
    The f


    > * 1 *-I want to use in the car for playing DVDs in the back seat. Can I use the Toshiba external dvd drive?

    No, you can't attach an external CD/DVD drive to the AC100.
    The USB port supports the external USB HDD (FAT12/16/32/exFAT) and a memory flash USB (FAT12/16/32/exFAT) for copying data.

    > * 2-* is there a car charging/adapter plug or anything like that?
    Yes, google for cigarette lighter Thrive AT100. Otherwise, you can order part comatibel of ASP in your country.

    > * 3 *-my stereo bluetooth, USB and ipod has access to-what options there are to store & playing music on the Tablet via these

    Take a look in the Android market and search of HiFi Android app.
    But as far as I know if you want to stream music from tablet to sorrows, both must be connected to the same network.

    > * 4 *-wifi is possible? I already connected it to a wireless modem; would need a modem separated in the car?
    AT100 supports LAN wireless

  • Is it possible to install Boot Camp and use window only with an external hard drive, so it doesn't take much space on my Mac?

    Is it possible to install Boot Camp and use window only with an external hard drive, so it doesn't take much space on my Mac?

    No. Windows cannot be installed on an external drive, or start from a.

  • Satellite M30 - restore the external DVD drive

    I have a Satellite Pro M30. There is a problem with the drive DVD internal Multi - replacement will take a month or two to get here. I need to perform a restore on this machine. I connected an external DVD drive to the machine. When I start the machine starts on the restore CD but seems so looking for a Player X, I get the following messages displayed on the screen of the BACK:

    Device name: TOSCD001
    Number of units: 1

    CDR101: Not ready reading drive X
    Quit, retry, fail?

    Insert the recovery CD #1!

    What should I do?

    Kind regards

    Hello Sammer

    Unfortunately the recovery media is created to be used as internal drive only. I put t think you will be able to use it with an external device. On the restore CD there is a ghost image and it is not easy to fix it for use with an external device.

Maybe you are looking for

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