East-audio/video or advertising photos in the tab 'not open' affect the performance of Firefox?

From what I understand the audio Forum leaking by a tab can be cut. This means that the most important activity such as periodic updates on a page to download advertisements could also affect Firefox performance even if the tab has not been clicked. Is this true?

Once the tab has been loaded, any video or audio active in this tab will have a negative impact on the performance of Firefox.

In the options, you can tell Firefox to not load the tab until it is selected, but once you select the tab for the first time, the site will remain responsible.

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    I accidentally deleted my original photo album when exporting photos from my USB. I thought that I had lost the pictures. I plugged the usb again and the folder of photos was in the trash, so I dragged. I tried opening the file and he "quit unexpectedly" How do I fix? I lost more than 900 photos. What should I do?

    the folder of photos was in the trash, so I dragged.

    What do you mean by "Original Photo Album" or "pictures folder"?  Your photo library?

    If you got to the photo of the trash library, try to fix it.  See this link: https://help.apple.com/photos/mac/1.0/index.html#/pht6be18f93

    Important: You must back up your library before repair of your library.

    • If the photo is open, choose Photos > Photos of quit smoking.
    • Press Option-command and double-click on the Photos icon in the Applications folder (or click the Photos icon in the Dock). The library of repair window opens.
    • Click on fix to rebuild your library.
  • Picture it photo premium 9 does not open

    Picture it! premium photo 9 crashed on me while I was editing and upload a photo on the internet (not sure exactly what I was doing the exact minute it crashed).  So I uninstalled and reinstalled.  However, now when I try to open it I get this message:

    "The MSN 9 Internet software is not installed.  If you are still subscribed to MSN, please install MSN 9 Internet software.  This request can only be used if you are currently subscribed to MSN and have MSN 9 Internet software installed.  If you have subscribed to MSN, you can uninstall the application by using Add or Remove Programs Control Panel. »

    Then he gives me a link to download and install MSN 9 Internet software.  However, I'm afraid to click on it because I fear that it may load a viris.  Instead, I went directly to MSN and downloaded their latest messenger Live package, but it still does not work.  The reason why I think that this could be an attack is because I use Picture It! for quite some years now and have even installed on a new computer, and NEVER had to download anything to make it work.  I installed from Microsoft Works Suite 2004.

    Changed how Microsoft Picture it! works?  This program has been compromised?

    OK I fixed it.  I did another restore point but I don't remember how long I had to go back.  So what I did instead.  I uninstalled it again.  But this time I used the registry CCleaner cleaner afterwards to get rid of everything that is hung after the uninstall - and of course I backed up just in case.  Then I rebooted.  Then I reinstalled and it worked this time.  Not really sure what happened, but my scans my system is clean.  So I wonder if after the first uninstalled there was something in the registry.  In any case, thanks to John.


  • Photo smart media does not open

    I used this software a lot. The last time I downloaded images and went to change, and it does not open. I tried other programs in the smart media and they all work very well. It's just the photo program. I use a PAvilion dm4-1165DX laptop any help would be greatly appreciated



    Download the installer for HP MediaSmart Photo at the link below and save it to your desktop.

    HP MediaSmart Photo

    Once the download is complete, right-click on the Setup program and select "Run as Administrator" - this should first uninstall your current version of the software before installing the new version.  When this is complete, restart the laptop.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • photos digital .jpg does not open in Windows 7

    Digital photos were taken with a Nikon "point and shoot" camera

    Pictures open in my XP machine and view .jpg file name

    Copy photos with the outside to a WD 500 HD XP machine and they always correctly opens on the XP machine.

    Connected the WD external hard drive to my new WIN 7 laptop to change

    Laptop recognizes the WD external HD... but says there are no files on it.

    Default viewer changed to IRFANVIEW (which I use in the XP machine)... Still no files indicate hard disk

    Tried to copy the files to a DVD - R (I closed it) on the XP machine. Well open files on this machine.

    Tried to read the files of the DVD on the Win 7 machine. The files are not recognized.

    The old machine is a Dell Dimension 3100 with Win XP svc pack 3

    The new machine is a g7 - 1033CL laptop with Win 7 Home Premium... HP i3... 500GB HD... 4 GB OF RAM.

    These suggestions do not work in my situation. They require that a file/folder is accessible. In my case, none of the files/folders are recognized on my external hard drive or a DVD that these files have been copied from my XP machine. Win 7 'sees' the external HD/DVD, but indicates that there is nothing on them. So I can't run some suggested solutions.

    Any other ideas?

    PS... Win 7 going to open these files when they are sent by the XP machine via Email to myself.

    OK experience email seems to verify that the photos are
    visible on the Win 7 machine... somehow the permissions
    need to be addressed.

    And still a question... you have problems to import
    photos from your camera to the Win 7 system?

    Sorry, I don't have the answer... it may be useful
    a try to post your question on one of the following forums:

    Windows 7 - files, folders, and search

    Windows 7 - performance and Maintenance

  • .exe files are not open; affected by the Windows Security Center of lazy virus


    As the title indicates, none of my executables will open his; on the contrary, when I click on an icon or similar function (as in the start menu), I'm inclined to the screen 'open with... ». I noticed that most often, if I run the program as administrator, it is likely to work without having to manually find the file - still a bit tedious however.

    I'm assuming that since I was recently hit by the virus which is a fake Windows Security Center, something my registry has also been hit (take into account the fact that I'm not savvy computer in the slightest). It happened on my user account initial and rather than take action on the right, then, I decided that I would use the other account that I had to install a program better anti-virus (Norton provided ISP) than the one I had been using (the two admin). At that point, I had finished all my activity moved to the new account and it worked very well until the virus had one possessing this account as well - delete on the first user account seemed to have deleted only the effects of my account but still affected everything I did after that. This time, I went and deleted all accounts and checked to ensure that it is not at all. After getting rid of the virus, it's the same thing: none of my .exe files will open without using the monitor "open with...". ». I'm not really sure what action to take from here, I have not done much to remedy the situation, and I'm going right through the screen of "open with...". "to get to what whatever - so any suggestions or help would be very appreciated.


    • .exe files are not open (However, in some cases, the "Run as Administrator" option overrides it)
    • recently hit with (deleted) and fake Windows Security Center virus ; That's when the .exe is no longer
    • is not much in terms of addressing this problem, do not know what to do with regard to the question of if my situation calls for something specific

    I tried to cover everything that seemed important to address; However, if there is more need information, let me know. I am about average in terms of computer navigation and therefore my understanding of what many of these commands, functions and files is a bit Basic.

    Thank you! :)

    Thanks for the very comprehensive post. Run the Doug Knox fix (that isn't a .exe that you can do this).


    Then follow the instructions to delete here:


    MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • HD video and Jpeg photos in the same sequence/project?

    I want to use HD video (1929 x 1084; 24 bits/s) and Jpeg images from my digital SLR camera in the same sequence. My problem is that when I choose the correct presets for video (DSLR 1080 p 24) then the Jpegs gets cropped in the program monitor (I don't see only part of the picture). How can I fix?

    This is probably a simple question but I was not able to find an answer.

    Kind regards

    There are essentially two ways (plus a Variant) to this address.

    Your pictures are too-large, for the project Preset frame size. You can apply the fixed effect > Motion > to scale the size of the image (1920 x 1080), or can verify the scale to the default image size (i.e. variation). Or, you use a program like Photoshop, scaling up to 1920 x 1080.

    Up to CS5, PrPro wasn't good scalability, so PS was the way to go. Things have changed with CS5, but we're still pushing around a bunch of pixels, that won't be necessary, and this taxes the computer.

    Good luck


    PS - This ARTICLE will give you some information and advice on the conduct of the scaling in PS.

  • Unable to open a link in a web page, immediately goes down load and then when open it shows downloaded to the windows photo viewer, which does not open

    I open a web page, in the web page, there is a link to open another connection. I click on this link and doc is "downloaded" automatically, I click on the download button "green arrow" at the top of the screen, the page opens and says "windows Photo Viewer cannot open the image because the photo viewer does not support this file format or you don't have the latest version of photo viewer! I just want to open the link. Grateful for the advice.

    Where is - what happens? Please provide the URL.

  • Photos 1.5 is not opening

    The Photos 1.5 app opens quickly, and I don't get a menu bar.  But it is not a window of Photos, or do anything else.

    Now the Option key pressed to try to open a library of replacement does not work.

    Holding Option and command to rebuild a library nothing also.

    I can see my photo library in the Finder, but can't access it.

    Version OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

    Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


    I don't know how I would go about fixing it, but I would simply try to restart your Mac.  If that does not clear the issue, you must report it to Apple https://bugreport.apple.com/ . You can also try taking in to the Apple store if it is convenient for you to do.

    See you soon,.


  • "Photos close unexpectedly," does not open

    Ive tried dozens and dozens of repairs, destruction, etc. for hours without result. When I start the pictures, I get a grey rotating disk in the pictures window, and it crashes immediately after that. Before that happened, he would ask me to repair my library of Photos many times, so Im wondering if there is something somewhere that I can't find no bribe. Here is my error report...

    Process: Photos [888]

    Path: /Applications/Photos.app/Contents/MacOS/Photos

    ID: com.apple.Photos

    Version: 1.3 (350.23.0)

    Generation information: PhotoApp-350023000000000 ~ 2

    Code type: X 86-64 (Native)

    Parent process:? [1]

    Officials: Photos [888]

    User ID: 501

    Date/time: 2016-01-05 03:06:23.085-0800

    OS version: Mac OS X 10.11.2 (15 C 50)

    Report Version: 11

    Anonymous UUID: FF8D6C02-2817-C798-0A20-6B7093B7A65B

    Time since started awake: 440 seconds

    Integrity of system protection: enabled

    Crashed Thread: the queue on the expedition 15: SimilarityMatrixProcessingQueue

    Exception type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

    Exception codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0 x 0000000000000002

    Note the exception: EXC_CORPSE_NOTIFY

    Before that happened, he would ask me to repair my library of Photos many times, so Im wondering if there is something somewhere that I can't find no bribe. Here is my error report...

    You can launch Photos without an accident, if you hold down the button options launching Photos? When the ppears selector library panel, select this option to create a new library and try to import photos.  Does it work?

  • photos from Lightroom does not open in elements such as external editor

    I put 11 items PS as my second choice after CC for external photos of Lightroom edition, but it only opens PSE without the selected image. CC works perfectly. Any ideas?

    During your installation, make sure you select the application, and not an alias (shortcut). Go to this link which is for PSE14, but the setting is the same.

    PSE14 as an external editor

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