Editing photos using Windows 7

I have A 6500 OffficeJet more printer and PC using Windows 7.  I liked the Image area on old computer XP but HP will download it to Windows 7.   Someone said to download the Photosmart Essential software.  I did, but instead got HP Photo Creations.  He did many things, but not to change the images.  I also read to download Picasa.  I did and got it over some malware called SnapDo.  Photo montages Picasa well (best eye removal pink I saw)., but it is difficult to find photos.  HP makes good software to edit images for Windows 7?  Do you have any other suggestions for me?

I found how to add pictures, editing and doing projects such as collages.  I need to explore more Photo Creations.  He has a little help with the program and I can e-mail to the staff of creations for additional help if necessary. Thank you.

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    In the past I could modify the pitchers in the Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, but no more...?

    On the computer I'm on right now I have a XP Pro. I use to be able to crop and change the lighting and the red with the Viewer windows pitcher. I bounced around different OS so I'm not shore if its because its older operating system or if Im so after to have and do. On my XP when I open 'photo and faxes Windows' I can't do it all. If I want to go to paint cultures. And I can't fix red eyes or anything. What is the due to different OS or what? :(

    Windows Picture and Fax Viewer does not have
    ... of the editing features is just a spectator... and Windows
    The painting is the editor by default when you click on edit it

    I wonder if you are referring to Windows Live
    Photo Gallery?

    (FWIW... it's always a good idea to create a system)
    Restore point before installing software or updates)

    Download Windows Live Photo Gallery for Windows XP
    (There are other applications included in the download, uncheck)
    the ones you don't want)

  • Scanning old Photos using Windows Photo Gallery

    I am digitizing my old family pictures using Windows Photo Gallery, but each individual image that is scanned is saved as its own folder in images. Obviously, I would save each individual image as a file/thumbnail to a named folder.

    I've been in Options/File/Import, but it does not seem possible to save it to a file.

    Any ideas?

    I am digitizing my old family pictures using Windows Photo Gallery, but each individual image that is scanned is saved as its own folder in images. Obviously, I would save each individual image as a file/thumbnail to a named folder.

    I've been in Options/File/Import, but it does not seem possible to save it to a file.

    Any ideas?

    I'm not sure that understand the question... You say the scans
    stored in your pictures folder. Where_exactly_ do u
    you want to from there?

    Maybe the following articles will be useful;

    Windows Vista-
    Windows Photo Gallery - scan an image

    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - * proceed at your own risk *.

  • Problems with importing photos using Windows - Photo files are corrupted in the Gallery windows

    I use Windows to import images from my camera (Canon Rebel EOS) to the computer (HP) and display them in the Windows Photo Gallery.  Recently, the photos in the Gallery become corrupt once downloaded, which means they download fine then when I open "Images" to see in the Gallery, they photos each are corrupted with ribbons of various colors, or the image is cut into strips to compensate.  It didn't happen when I uploaded the same photo files to another computer so I know that is not the fault of the camera or individual files.  I scanned for a virus (I use AVAST).  Can I fix this, or is there any other software I should use to download files?  I'm just a MOM ol ' ordinary looking to transfer the zillions of photos that I take my children.  Help!


    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers community.

    Try to rebuild the database of photo gallery that should remove corrupted files that could cause this problem. Do follow the steps mentioned below.

    Photo of C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows


    Rename the file Pictures.Pd4 to Pcitures.Pd4.old

    Retstart the photogallery program check what is happening.

    Run a Virus scan using a live care online utility.



    Follow the steps mentioned in the link below

    How to get rid of malware.


    Let us know if this helps



  • How to delete the duplicate and photos using windows 7 x 64 bit?

    I have a new computer using windows 7 x 64 bit. I noticed a lot of photos and files duplicate on my hard drive. It seems that any device that you plug into the computer it automatically records in the library under documents, music, pictures, etc... When configuring my e-mail or import/export does duplicate the same info, instead of ask or inform it is a duplicate. Help someone. I can't go directly to MS supports without going through many unnecessary changes. I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT I CAN DO?


    If you look at the odds on these files, you can just about bet that they are safe to use.


    Auslogics has 4 stars which is a good rating at Cnet.

    Glary Utility has 4 1/2

    Need3Space - writing is here - 4 stars (not freeware)

    Duplicate File Finder - 4 stars

    Pay attention to the files you want to delete.  You will find a list of formats of files here.


    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_file_formats _(alphabetical)

    The digital negatives (RAW files) are safe remove.  These are digital files, camera or scanner, left on the disk, usually after photo/printing has been removed from the folder my pictures...


    Check the links classified by Ronnie Vernon for a better understanding of the libraries and files.

  • How to organize and edit pictures using Windows Photo Gallery

    Windows in Vista - stupid Question Photo Gallery

    I take a lot of pictures over several days, so when I their transfer from the camera to the computer, they are different places and days.  They are listed in the Windows Photo Gallery by date taken.  Rather than keep it like that, I want to change this date (and not on each photo, but the name of the Group) to something like Austin, TX.2010 and Museum.2010 in Houston and San Antonio Riverwalk.2010 (everything is loaded into the computer at the same time.)  How do I do that?

    Hi 3Kids.

    To change the date or time

    1. open the Windows Photo Gallery by clicking Start , allprograms, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.
    2. If you do not see the details pane on the side of the window, click information on the toolbar to display it.
    3. click on the image you want to change.
    To select multiple pictures, hold CTRLand click each picture you want to change.
    4. click on the date at the top of the details pane.
    5. click on the arrow next to the date and then click the correct date on the calendar.
    6. click on the time at the top of the details pane.
    7. Select the correct time.

    Change the date and time a photo was taken

    Windows Photo Gallery: frequently asked questions

    I hope this helps!

    Halima S - Microsoft technical support.
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Photo Gallery Windows Live-impossible to send photos using Windows Mail

    No, socket error: error # 1101: #ox8oocccod

    Try to send Photos by email through Windows Live Photo Gallery... host is not found... How can I enter in the server name correctly? Subject has Verizon. Server: 'Verizon', protocol: SMTP, port 25, ensure [SSL]: no, socket error: 1101, error ox8oocccod this error in my windows mail. I know I have to change the server, but don't know where to start... Help, please

    Try to send Photos by email through Windows Live Photo Gallery... host is not found... How can I enter in the server name correctly? Subject has Verizon. Server: 'Verizon', protocol: SMTP, port 25, ensure [SSL]: no, socket error: 1101, error ox8oocccod this error in my windows mail. I know I have to change the server, but don't know where to start... Help, please

    Were you able to send and receive at all?
    Your ISP (internet service provider) is Verizon, but what do you use as mail client? i.e. Windows Live Mail?
    Your server names are:
    Incoming server: incoming.verizon.net
    Outgoing server: outgoing.verizon.net
    How to change the names of servers. The method applies to both Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail...
    Open your e-mail program, > menu bar, tools > Options > accounts > clicking on the verizon account > properties > tab servers make your changes here > click OK when finished.

    Note: you may have problem with port #25 send, if this is the case, change it to 587.
    Sorry to be honest, I have the feeling that you never have the Setup program before your e-mail account. If so, please call Verizon for the technical help section, ask them to lead you through setting up an e-mail account. They might have a website for this purpose.


  • How can I send photos using Windows Live Mail?

    I tried pointing out the pictures in my pictures and then clicking on send, and I tried in Windows Live Mail, by clicking on the Photo by e-mail (SkiDrive).  Whatever it is, everything seems fine until I got the email. Then, there is a long wait, and ultimately, I get:

    Windows Live Mail - Error ID: 0 x 80004002, Protocol SMTP, Port 25. "Some errors have occurred during the processing of requested tasks".

    I run Windows Live Mail on Windows 7, 64-bit.

    Can anyone help?  There is a problem with the parameters of security, or a fault, or do I have to download an add-on?  I have IE 8, but I use it - I use Firefox instead. I can't print or preview in IE8 or Windows Live Mail and have not found a solution for that - but I don't know if this has nothing to do with not being able to use Photo Email/SkiDrive.

    Thanks for any help,


    You have the wrong forum for issues with Windows Live, ask Windows Live experts.

    Here: http://www.windowslivehelp.com/


    If I brought you joy, vote! If I answered your question, click, propose as answer! > WT

  • Can I edit photos using the browser?

    I've just "migrated" my photos to photoshop.com Revel and would like to know if I can edit these photos online using a browser from my pc?


    To select multiple images, click 'Select Photos', and then as soon as you click on the images you can add to the album or delete"


  • Can I edit photos using external applications such as Graphic Converter?

    In iPhoto, I use the menu Advanced Preferences to choose different external applications such as Graphic Converter, SnapHeal, intensity, etc to editing that is not available in iPhoto.  I don't see how I could do this with pictures.

    Is it possible to use external editors?

    Not that I can see, unless you simply export the image to change it to GC.

  • Encounter problems when you try to save EDIT photos in photo library

    I have problems saving my pictures in windows photo gallery afteri change them. It displays the error message "changes to this picture can't save Photo Gallery has encountered a problem" so my question is, are solutions to this problem? I tried some things, but they all failed.


    I suggest you to visit these links and check if it helps:



    It will be useful.

  • How to use 'Import using Windows' instead of using the Live format?

    original title: "IMPORT to WINDOWS HELP."

    With my old computer, operating system Windows Vista, I was able to import pictures from a camera, DVD or CD, by "Import Windows using". It worked very well, and I liked the format of the Gallery of images produced, in particular space readily available for more information (title, date & tags).

    When Windows Live became available as an option, I DELIBERATELY chose to use 'The window using import', rather than 'Import using Windows Live', that I did not like this product format.
    When I had to buy a new computer, running on Windows 7, I find that I am completely restricted import using "Windows Live".
    Y at - there no way to return to importing photos using Windows rather than in the "live" format that seems necessary?
    Thanks for any help and assistance, someone can give.

    If it is not listed in the Autoplay download another program like google picasa... of photo editing and manually copy / paste the files that you want by using windows Explorer.

  • Cannot edit photos

    According to the help on internet pages, I'm supposed to be able to right click on the photos and editing options will appear.  This is not the case.  And no, my files are not read-only.  They are JPEG files saved on my computer.  Help, please.  I'm very angry.  I already DESPISE windows 8 and this adds to my disgust.

    Hi Larlann,

    What application you use to edit photos?

    You can use the photo app for editing photos in Windows 8.1. I suggest you to see the following link on how to edit photos in Windows 8.1 using photo app.

    It will be useful. For any other corresponding Windows help, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

  • Photos in Windows Explorer

    When I connect my iPhone to a Windows 10 PC, and I want to sort my photos using Windows File Explorer, all records are dated the same and it is not a way to filter or sort by them because of this.

    Also, there are currently 466 records, and many of them have only 1 file photo inside.

    My two questions are:

    Is there a way to sort or filter the files on Windows 10?

    Is it possible that I can clean up this mess of files? Or is it possible to know why he might have done this?

    Try to import pictures to your computer first. Connect the iPhone to the computer, open the file Explorer and the iPhone will show up as a device.  On a W10 computer, right-click on the iPhone and select Import. Then follow the prompts.

    This can help.

    Import photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • I have Windows XP Home Edition and use Outlook Express for my e-mail. Is there a way to copy/send e-mail, favorite contacts and my photos on a Flash key?

    Original title: copy files

    I have Windows XP Home Edition and use Outlook Express for my e-mail. Is there a way to copy/send e-mail, favorite contacts and my photos on a Flash key?

    Open the address book in the old identity and file | Export | Address book (wab) to any location on your HARD drive that is easy for you. The office is very well. Then drag that to the flash drive.

    In IE: File | Import and export | Export to a file. Check Favorites | Next | Next | Navigate to a folder or the desktop and export. Drag the folder in the flash player.

    For photos, just right-click on the folder and drag it to the USB and copy here.

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