Equium M50-216: I am unable to mount the module memory

I could not (physically) to fit more memory Ram DDR2 PC2-4300 (200 pin SODIMM to 533 MHz). Can you confirm that this is the correct memory of the standard. Thank you

Equium M50-216 supports PC2700 DDR - RAM modules.
If you want to upgrade the unit, you must use these modules:
PC2700 256 MB (PA3311U - 2M 25)
PC2700 512 MB (PA3312U - 2M 51)
1024MO PC2700 (PA3313U-2M1G)

Unit of PA3313U-2M1G supports 1024 MB PC2700 DDR SODIMM (333 MHz)

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  • Equium M50-216: cannot save or use the microphone or "phone entries

    I have an Equium M50-216, with 1 GB of RAM & Centrino 1.7 GHz processor, running XP Home.

    Without apparent reason, I am suddenly unable to use my SKYPE USB ' phone to talk. Audio output is perfect, however.

    I also tried my helmet using the jack on the front of the laptop, with the same result.

    I downloaded and installed the latest driver for the sound card, which is a Realtek AC97. I tried the test equipment of Windows, but there is no evidence of entry he built in sound recorder, audio, or in windows.
    The device driver is properly enabled and reported no problems.

    Is it a hardware problem - as it seems card works OK for output?
    Is it a Windows problem - I can achieve a reformatting the drive & re-install of XP soon - it would help?


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    As far as I understand your problem, you are not able to use the external microphone. Am I wrong?
    You mean that it's a hardware problem, hmmm I n t think so.
    To me, it looks like a wrong setting

    Please check if the microphone is activated. This should be verified in the--> sound & audio devices Control Panel.
    On the volume tab, press the Advanced button.

    In the options settings, you can switch between the playback volume controls & record.
    Please check everything!

  • I need help to find the drivers of Windows XP Home for my Equium M50-216


    I did a full install of windows xp professional on top of windows xp home and now I am missing some drivers who im hard to get the drivers that I need are for the Toshiba Equium M50-216

    mass storage controller
    network controller
    Ethernet controller
    video controller
    video controller (vga compatible)

    I'd be really great guy if you could tell me exactly what im of drivers who need to choose :))

    Drivers Windows XP Home edition, you can find on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
    On this page under product Type, choose the option ARCHIVE and then your laptop model.

    I checked and are there drivers for Windows XP Home edition. Please download the installation instructions document too and install all the stuff after this installation order. It is very important to install the drivers, tools and utilities in the correct installation order.

  • Re: Equium M50-216 - lines across the screen

    Hi my Equium M50-216 has lines across the screen and low who go up and down the screen.
    There is no picture it s just white.

    If I plug it into an external monitor I get a fine display on the monitor is so the screen is defective or something else?
    I think that the inverter is ok because it of bright and not dull.

    See you soon

    I agree with Luke.

    If the image on the external monitor is ok then the graphics card should be ok.
    If an FL inverter would be defective then everything would be visible, but just a little more dark and as behind a fog

    In your case, it looks like a display problem

    I think you should ask a technician for replacement laptop

  • Equium M50-216 - Microphone does not work

    Hello world

    someone please can help me with my laptop Toshiba Equium M50-216.

    Recently, I have problem with audio, actually does not work the microphone that I use Skype a lot.
    I can hear the other side, but they can't hear me, as the microphone is broken or I put t know, what I have to download a new audio software?

    You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    Try to update the audio driver you can find on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online downloads support & -online Download Driver

    What microphone or headset do you use? AFAIK the Equium M50 doesn t have built in microphone.

  • Equium M50-216 freezes in Windows installation


    I have the laptop next Equium M50-216 (PSM57E). Im trying to get to Windows XP Pro. When I boot on the CD it goes into the Windows Setup screen and all of a sudden freezes at the "Setup starts Windows. I don't get any CD or HARD drive activity. I have hold switch on stop and restart.

    Any help/advice would be appriecated.

    Thank you very much in advance.


    It is very unusual, but before starting the procedure of facilities please make sure that all external devices are disconnected.

    Do you use legal copy?

  • Equium M50-216: reader of CD-Rom does not work

    Hi, I have owned my PC laptop toshiba equium m50-216 for 2 months. I haven't used the drive for about 3 weeks, but it worked very well. I went to use it today and it won't work.

    When I start an orange light flashes. Then that's it, it will not eject and if I manually eject and then put a record it is not recognized. Maybe I accidentally activated a safety lock or the somets? Thank you

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    As much as I know there is no any kind of safety lock. The drive is listed correctly in the Device Manager and windows Explorer?

  • Equium M50-216 - Question about the new facility


    Recently rescued a laptop Equium M50 of my flat mate. Was a little out of adjustment. She said that I might have as could not get on the internet and it seems to be missing some vital files.

    Managed to get the wireless working again and little removed from the trash which was on it, but there are larger issues for example. Whatever it is USB I plug it will not install as there are no drivers on the HARD drive.

    I think that it probably needs to be formatted and have Windows XP Home Edition reinstalled but I did not all discs for her and do not want to spend hundreds of new software to purchase for it. Please let me know what are my best options.

    Best regards


    > have Windows XP Home Edition reinstalled, but I did not all discs for her
    That s confusing you reinstalled Windows XP, but why you need the laptop drives? I mean if Windows XP is already reinstalled you can start with the installation of the driver. Everything can be downloaded on the official website of Toshiba:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com > support & downloads > download drivers

    Your laptop is an older model so you should look for in * Archives *.

  • Replacing the drive HARD on Equium M50-216


    I'm looking into upgrading the hard drive in my M50-216, which currently has a MK4026GAX. The player that I am most interested is the MK8032GAX. Is this a suitable replacement, that is going to work?

    A few questions:

    1. I guess it's just a case of withdrawal of the current drive, mortising the new one and start using my Toshiba restore CD? This will reinstall the Norton junk as well?

    2. assuming I have remove the current without shape, i.e. I leave it as it is, I suppose that if I find the new drive does not work I'll be able to put the former back in and it will start like nothing happened? I'm not changing any other material.

    3. it will work as a trolley suitable for the old disk: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=414030

    4. the most important question will be affecting my current standard warranty, or assign an extension of warranty if I choose to buy a more this year?

    Thank you

    Old disk HARD 40 GB MK4026GAX
    New disk HARD 80 GB MK8032GAX

    The BIOS should recognize up to 100 GB HARD drive

    1.) Yes it should market. Also, it should be possible to install Norton ghost image files
    2.) Yes, it should be possible to put the old HDD and start the laptop.
    (3.) if the new HARD drive supports the IDE interface, it should be possible to use it in the external USB case
    4.) No, the upgrade of the HARD drive should t has no effect on the guarantee

  • Equium M50-164: mouse jumping when only on the main power

    Hi guys

    I have an equium M50-164...
    around the age of 19 months

    The touch pad slow corners and departures from flickering pointer and jump when the mainstream and it works normally when it's on battery...
    Can you help me with this?

    I tried to remove the battery, once again, fixing of reinstalling the driver etc...

    Pls someone help me with this?

    Hi guy,

    I'm afraid that this problem was caused by a malfunction of hardware and reinstalling all the drivers or software won't help m.
    If all goes well there s nothing serious to a case value it might be something wrong with the motherboard and the repair would be costly.

    But don t worry ;) in my opinion there of only one keyboard or touchpad fault.
    So the replacement should not be very expensive
    Before you continue with the new measures such as purchase, replacement parts, I would recommend contacting the service provider allowed for the provisional diagnosis.

    Good luck

  • Equium M50-244: what improvements are possible and the value to do?

    Hi all, I just got an EQUIUM M50-244, I got it yesterday from pc world and im well please with it!
    but I was wondering if there is any update worth it? is it possible the cpu clock? I'm looking for more memory, is there a limit to what I can adapt? is also a bigger hard drive possible? anything else that is worth please let me know

    Thank you, your friendly local snake


    General it s not possible to upgrade the processor or the graphics card, but you can upgrade the memory and the HARD drive on this laptop.
    You can upgrade the maximum memory 2048 MB of memory (2x1024Mo) and you can use a with the 80 GB HARD drive may also 100 GB.

    Support memory modules are:
    DDR2 400/533 256 MB (PA3389U - 1 M 25)
    512 MB DDR2-400/533 (PA3412U - 1 M 51)
    1 GB OF DDR2 400/533 (PA3411U-1M1G)

    Hope I could help.

  • Equium M50-216 - need info on the login screen

    I had no problem with the system before, but a week ago I started to experience display problems.

    Basically, the display freezes sometimes or behaves strangely - cutting, interference, etc. This is related to move the screen - fiddling with it puts things right.

    My guess is that it is nothing more serious that a connection cable loose somewhere - because the problem does not spontaneously, but can be triggered if I move on the screen, open or close a little.

    Is there a simple way to get access to the cable connecting the Billboard of the graphics card (?)?

    Thank you very much

    > My guess is that it is nothing more serious that a connection cable loose somewhere - because the problem does not spontaneously, but can be triggered if I move on the screen, open or close a little. Is there a simple way to get access to the cable connecting the Billboard of the graphics card (?)?

    Did you experience M50 laptop?
    I guess you don t have because you ask here in the forum. In this case you n t know exactly how do to disassemble the laptop and it is not very easy and very delicate!
    Using an order wrong can damage certain parts in the worst case that the display will not work.

    The warranty is valid? If yes then you shouldn't t try to disassemble the laptop by yourself, as this would negate the warranty.

    In addition, you are not 100% sure that the loose cable connection causes this problem. You guess that and in my opinion it s not enough to perform the disassembly laptop!

    I'll give you good advice; Contact a specialist of the laptop!

    In this case, you are on the right side

  • Equium M50 - 216 shutdown - now lights again!


    A few weeks ago my laptop suddenly stops without warning (while in the middle of tomb raider!). At the time, I took it to my friend who thought that it could be due to overheating, he took out the battery and unplugged it sector for some time. It worked after that. Since then, he has been very good.

    yesterday, the problem happens again in windows (stop suddenly, without warning). Problem is that now (a full day after stopping) and I still cannot turn on (when I press the power button it lights up for a few seconds then turns off again you can hear the fan starting then stop). I tried to put on with the two batteries/hip area, only sector and only battery but still nothing.
    Surely, it cannot yet be too hot? The question is perhaps that the BIOS needs resetting or almost? Please help because I'm running out of ideas and it's getting a little embarrassing...

    Thank you very much...

    PS: laptop still does not...

    Hi Kelly,

    It seems that if there may be a problem with the internal hardware of your laptop. As you know it is a thermal trigger mounted inside that cuts the current if the temperature gets too hot. Normally, the thermal trigger resets when it cools, but it is always possible that he was stuck in the open position and will not allow the unit to power on.

    If you get the LED indicators normal showing a few seconds when you press the power switch after which they then this would indicate that the device does not have its original POST process so you will need to return it to a Service partner allowed for appropriate diagnostic checks to make.

    Kind regards

  • Equium M50-216 - keyboard replacement

    Hi all

    my name is Michael and I have a question about a mobile phone 2nd hand, I bought in a charity shop, he has a problem with several of the keys that do not work. I guess that little liquid has been spilled on the keyboard.
    My question is: is it worth me trying to fix/replace the keyboard myself or take it to the local pc repair shop?

    Thanks in advance for any response

    Generally these replacements of equipment should be performed by authorized personnel, but on this old piece of hardware, you can try to do it alone, but of course on your own risk. ;)

    You have experience with this sort of thing?
    At first, I must say that the new keyboard, you can find it on eBay. It won't be so expensive.
    If you decide to do only let us know. We can help you with this.

  • I need drivers for Equium M50-216

    Please help me.
    I have some problem to get my model drivers on your site. I upgraded my operating system to windows vista and the sound stops working.
    Please, what should I do?

    You can find the drivers in the ARCHIVE. So, to open the download page of Toshiba and under product type, select ARCHIVE. Problem is that your laptop is not supported for Vista, and you will not find driver sound it.

    I found the info your laptop has its Realtek ALC AC97 250 card.

    Try to find the Vista driver on the support page of Realtek. Please let me know if you have found it.

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