Firefox 7 returns to the default theme instead of the theme that I use whenever I restart firefox

Updated to Ffx 7 there not so long ago. Theme I was using on ffx 3 isn't compatible yet. So I found a new theme, that will do for now. But whenever I close ffx, it reopened with the default theme in the use of . So I have to go to add-ons, and then click the theme I want and restart ffx. This happens with any theme that I have (for test purposes). In addition, no matter what theme I try to remove is always there after I close ffx and restart. I click on delete, but it is said it is removed (with the Cancel option). It is never really deleted . So when I restart ffx, the complete list is here as if I never withdrew anything, again showing all the topics with a button to delete.


Tags: Firefox

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