Firefox redirects to bing, I despise bing. How to make the default search google (not the address bar search bar redirects to BING when I get anything apart from a url. I would refrain from google.

As I said on the address bar when you enter a url not to be searched, it uses bing and I despise bing with passion how can I switch it to google.

Hi J'avous,

If you are referring to the keyword search that is made from the address bar, just take a glance at article in the Knowledge Base Search the web from the address bar. It will give you all the information you need to go back to Google.

If you are having problems with the search bar, bar this article will be useful.

Hope this helps!

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  • How to make the address bar behaving like search bar? I mean SMART search, as it implemented in Chrome (very comfortable for users).

    For example when I type a word in the search bar, it begins to give search engine suggestions, so don't HAVE TO TYPE THE ENTIRE SEARCH PHRASE!
    The same behavior is in the address bar of Google Chrome. So in Chrome address bar and search bar are combined into one that is very comfortable for users.
    In Firefox, you have here two different bars, which makes no sense. I used Chrome before and usually by type of force of habit in the address bar to search for something and have to type the whole expression there to begin the search. It is very stupid and using the address bar to the fruitless search.
    Screenshots attached.
    So, do we not have any add-on or option to merge or combine the bars or to implement smart search in the address bar?
    Thank you.

    You can look at extensions such as these:

  • In FF 29,0, how to move the address bar on the top of the tab bar?

    It's OK in Firefox 28 and less than the value of browser.tabs.onTop = false to move the address bar on the top of the tab bar. But at 29 of Firefox, I can't find the browser.tabs.onTop
    who can tell me how to move the address bar to the top of the tab bar?

    Read this article. This article will help you to customize Firefox commands, buttons, and toolbars.

  • How to make the progress bar display in the icon in the taskbar for WIN 7?

    How to make the progress bar display in the icon in the taskbar for WIN 7? I see Eclipse Helios can show the loading progress bar in the icon in the taskbar of WINDOWS 7 at startup.

    Is not the feature that provides JavaFX, you must write a native connection called technology such as JNI to make specific Windows API call for updating the icon in the taskbar for the application.

    Maybe you could go through the Eclipse source code to see how Eclipse and see if you can make use of the same mechanism in your application.

    More tips on how you can implement this are outside my area of expertise.

  • How to change the address bar of search engine uses when you type in the search for something that is not Google

    I left all the Google services currently, I used Gmail, Chrome, etc... due to the recent sale of information to the Gov't and what not and even though she may or may not be true I'm sure and switched to Firefox and a different email provider. In any case so far, I like Firefox I use DuckDuckGo as my current default search and I would use as my search engine when I type a search in the address bar, by default it is Google, how can I change to a search provider I want as DuckDuckGo?


    If you have installed DuckDuckGo on Firefox, you can follow these steps:

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar.
    2. A warning appears, click on "I'll be careful, I promise!
    3. Type in the search at the top of the page box.
    4. Double-click the item that appears.
    5. Set the value to DuckDuckGo or any search engine you want to use (the case I think).

    (I have attached a screenshot).

  • How to restore the address bar at the top of my window of firefox on mac?

    My kids were playing with my computer and must have pushed something and everything disappeared. I need to know how to put an address bar ("back" button, refresh, ect) upwards at the top of my window. Part of the problem is that my computer screen is cracked and I see nothing in my menu easily. Would contribute to a command that would restore the address bar. Thank you.

    Have you tried to open the view menu, assuming you still have the menu bar (should be visible on Mac all the time) and looked in the menu of the toolbar to check that the Navigation bar is enabled to make are displayed?

    • View > toolbars > Navigation toolbar
  • How to copy the address bar

    Once upon a time in a browser, there was an EDICT to copy the link into the address bar. I would like to have this feature because it is difficult to highlight the address so it can be copied to the generic copy.

    I searched mozilla for this function and the search function does not seem to recognize the term copy. The results include all kinds of things to do with the address bar, except the copy.

    Thanks to all those who have provided a response & being persistent. I have been using the right click and select copy from the drop-down;

    As I'm used to, I like it better than the selection on the Edit menu.

    Reminds me of one of my desk at work buddies - whenever I asked him how to do something, the answer was always - right Click & it has always worked.

    I'll have to keep that in mind.

    I think it only working not once in this case. The slider was probably placed in the address box.

    Thanks again for the advice.

  • How to prevent the address bar to view the same site twice

    Since your 43.0 update, whenever I type in a URL, it first shows me "visit [site]" then "[website]" by itself directly underneath. It is redundant and was not here before and I don't like it much.

    For example, when I type "t" in the address bar, it shows 'visit'first, then se below. How can I stop to say "visit [site]" and just display the site itself, as before?

    It is a new feature in the latest version of Firefox. To disable this feature, follow these steps:

    1. Reachabout:config
    2. Press the I'll be careful
    3. Locate the browser.urlbar.unifiedcomplete Boolean
    4. Change the value byfalse

    Note: You may need to restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.

  • How to hide the address bar when windows 'popup' fullscreening?

    Video player Sky TV has an implementation of bad full screen - you can make the player go true fullscreen, but it comes back when he loses focus, so I can't multitask on my two monitors.

    The best solution I found is to use their 'pop-out' reader, which opens a new "popup" - style window (locked address bar, no search bar etc) and I can't then full screen window itself (not the player). This allows me to hide

    -the outline of the window
    -the title bar of window
    -Windows Start menu

    and it remains enlarged when it loses focus.

    However, this does not hide the window address bar. On a larger window of Firefox at the normal address this slides out of sight after a short period. locked style "popup" window is not.

    On the offchance that treat differently the "pop-up" windows is a deliberate... Firefox security policy can I disable it?

    Well, this is embarrassing.

    I went to try to settle the dom.disable_window_open_feature.location from true to false.

    However, before doing so, I noticed that the address bar of the popup window was now floating as usual.

    I'll keep an eye on it in case it stops again, but for chalk now it up to the stupidity of the user.

  • How to activate the address bar?

    whenever I open Firefox, I couldn't use my address bar. The address bar is not active. I can go to any websites from history or bookmarks.please help me to solve this problem.

    Please upgrade to firefox 28 and then see if it works.

    If research is to go elsewhere, then in an updated version could be because you have set the search bar to use another search engine, and so the results aren't quite what you expect. Can you explain what you mean by not going is not where you want by giving some examples.

    More likely, it's an unwanted adware or malware issue

    Firefox reset could solve the problem, but who cannot always help permanently if you have unwanted software that are always installed.

  • How always show the address bar?

    Hi now my address bar in firefox 23 hides

    I hate this

    How to keep it visible at all times?

    Hello, please try this: enter Subject: config in the address bar, search for the preference named & change its value to false.

  • The address bar disappears when the cursor is in the middle or the bottom of the page. How can I make the address bar to stay constantly?

    When you open mozilla, when the cursor is not at the top of the page, I do not see:
    (1) the address bar
    (2) front and rear buttons
    (3) office toolbar

    So, in short i can only see the adress bar when i move the cursor to the top of the page. Desktop toolbar doesn't seem at all when the mozilla internet page is open. How can i solve this?

    See also:

    When you are in full screen view, move the mouse to the top of the screen to facilitate the bar bar appear Navigation and tab.

    You can use one of them to exit full screen:

    • Click the expand (in the top right Navigation bar) button to exit full screen
    • Right click on an empty space on a toolbar and select "exit full screen".
    • Press the F11 key
  • How to access the address bar via the BT keyboard? (ctrl-l does not work)

    Having a whole bluetooth keyboard connected to my Android tablet, I can't really use it well with Firefox, as there is no way to reach the address bar using the keyboard. CTRL-L because it works on the desktop doesn't seem to work on Android tablet.

    Is there a different key combination to achieve this, has she been neglected (as is normally not available on Android), or am I missing something obvious?

    Are taken in charge for the keyboard shortcuts for entering text. However, you are right that the shortcuts such as ctrl + l do not work. We have an open question on this feature but do not have a precise timetable for its implementation.

  • How to stop the address bar to give me search results?

    Then just update my firefox. When I type something into the address bar, first of all I give myself a symbol magnifying glass with "suggestions" of what I might be typing. I already have firefox to see the only my bookmarks or Favorites in the address bar, so I don't know why I make suggestions. For example, a bookmark I begins with the letter E, so as soon as I start typing the letter E, the magnifying glass symbol appears and I get a result for ebay. All I want is to type the full address in me or for firefox suggest to my favorites, nothing else.

    This is not the default. If you disable or remove Swag Bucks, this behavior goes away? Disable or remove modules

  • How to make the scroll bar on the sides of the screens?

    System to win 8 op.

    on pages how the wider scroll bar.  I know I could use a lot of things but I would use it on occasion.  default value is way too small as 'micro' - app does all the rest.


    Thanks for posting the question in the Microsoft Community!

    You want to be wider, the scroll bar.

    Unfortunately, the scroll bar may not be wider.

    If you need any help or if you encounter problems with Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

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