Flash page opens a download window to store information on my computer

When you use a flash Adobe page a small window will appear requiring a (usually 10 KB) download through the coating gray of the flash element. Advertising Blocker can stop the download window, but then the flash page will not appear for use. Quote:

"Adobe Flash Player settings
Local storage
CDN.arenaconnect.arkadiumhosted.com asks permission to store information on your computer. Requested: up to 10 KB
"Currently used: 0 kb (with keys Allow and Deny)"

Of course, the "demand" makes it impossible to go beyond to refuse to flash page.

Using Windows 7


Flash Website storage settings panel:

Global storage settings panel:

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    I have about a year of downloads to sift through and organize. It means I have many open files that I move the files to the appropriate locations. The last thing I need is to have unnecessarily the browser open between all this mess.

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    Avoid using the file > exit or the red X button. On the contrary: press Ctrl + j to display the downloads window, and then use Ctrl + w to close the last remaining tabs. The downloads window should remain open. A little luck?

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    Hi jirothankyou, that sounds like an add-on, installed itself without your consent. You can try to remove the Add-ons that might be problematic since the Add-ons Manager. The process is explained here. If this does not work, or that you have never installed add-ons, or you want to have a quick fix: just to reset Firefox. This will remove all the Add-ons and put Firefox by default, but it will keep your history, bookmarks, passwords etc. Here is a description of how to do it: Refresh Firefox – reset settings and Add-ons.

    Let me know please if this helped.

  • Flash Player pop up box "requesting permission to store information on my computer" does not and will not disappear. How can I get rid of him. It is most annoying that there is in the middle of the screen.

    Flash Player pop up box "requesting permission to store information on my computer" does not and will not disappear. How can I get rid of him. It is most annoying that there is in the middle of the screen.

    Move the cursor over the video.  Right-click.  Click on settings, click on the box "don't ask again". And then click Close.  This will work.

    For some reason, always worked for me, but in the last two days, it does not work, and it seems to freeze on the

    video.  See if it works for you.

  • What is the command of shortcut for all windows get the information from the computer?

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    Hello BlackSecret,

    The keyboard shortcut to get to the top of this information is Windows key + break Attn.

    Who does what you ask?
  • How to open the download window

    How can I keep the window open in the background after full download download?

    20 Firefox changed the behavior of a download window.

    Help pages, I found do not describe the new behavior.

    Where find and manage files in Firefox downloaded explains the new behavior of the downloads Panel.

  • How to open the download window to the front

    When I download a file, how can I do the download window automatically come to the front?

    Try the following.

    1. Type of topic: config in the address bar and press ENTER.
    2. Press the big button to ignore the warning.
    3. Set the value of the preference browser.download.manager.showWhenStarting to true
    4. Set the value of the preference browser.download.manager.focusWhenStarting to true
    5. Restart Firefox.

    From 20 Firefox, downloads are displayed in a small panel connected to a navigation toolbar icon:

    If you want to disable this feature for the old window of downloads, set the preference browser.download.useToolkitUI to true

  • The download window appears no information since the last update of Firefox

    I had to create a new account to help just to get here.

    Your navig was fucking up like crazy since the last update. I had nothing else to connection problems in several sites. Sites would connect at random, then I wouldn'; t be able to reconnect. I tried to make an account on a new site and had to try 11 times crazy until he has known. and just now, when I tried to ask a question of troubleshooting, my username and password would not work. So I sent a request for password reset. Nothing happened. I sent at least FIVE password reset requests. None of them went through. When I tried to enter a different user name, thinking maybe that was the problem, as soon as I re-typed and clicked any where outside the name space, he would return to the name that was already there. What the hell!

    I didn't still the problem, I first want to contact you about!

    The download window no longer works. I download a file, I click on "Downloads" to see how long it will be, I don't see anything. Gross, white, white. And Yes, I know that some files download so fast, they're gone until I open the window. I mean great videos megabytes and disc images. No indication that they are downloading at all.

    All of this has happened since 19.0 installed. I need to disable the updates in the future to keep the browser working properly!

    Well, I found out what was going on. It turns out it was a confrontation with an add-on after all:


    So it makes sense why it persists even after reset and reinstalling. Sorry I lost all the time, but I enjoyed your trying to find solutions.

    Although I hope that the problems I've had of logging in and out of sites disappear soon too.

  • Safari hangs in the sierra after you open the download window


    I have two, Safari and Mac OS, update to the latest version. But now, crashes Safari (beachball forever - can only stop Safari via "cmd - alt - esc").

    I have re-installed macOS Sierra twice, ran 'First aid' on my boot partition and DiskWarrior. Nothing helps.

    Need help, please,


    Please save the Mac.

    1 delete the Caches and test them.

    Close all windows and close all applications.

    Hold down the 'option' key, then click on the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select 'Library' in the menu dropdown.

    Library > Caches > com.apple.Safari

    The com.apple.Safari file right-click and select "move to the trash.

    Shut down windows and restart Safari.

    2 remove the test and com.apple.Safari.plist file.

    Empty the trash.

    Quit all applications.

    Hold down the option key and click on the "Go" menu in the Finder menu bar.

    Select 'Library' in the menu dropdown.

    Library > Preferences > com.apple.Safari.plist

    Right-click on it and select "place it in the trash.

    Turn it back on.    Restart Safari.

    If this does not help, "put back" the com.apple.Safari.plist

    Right click on the trash icon in the Dock, then select 'open '.

    Right-click on the com.apple.Safari.plist and select 'Put Back'.

  • I can't download windows app store applications. Help, please!

    I'm unable to download apps from the store. When I try to install any application, I get an error that could not purchase completed. It happens that the two time if I install a free or paid app. And the error code is 0 x 80070422 please help!

    Thanks in advance.

    I recommend you to try the fix described in the following article to resolve your issue:
    Hope this helps, good luck :)
  • A site to store information on my computer via adobe flash.

    Usually, I get this when we want to see a video or while shopping (really a problem this last holiday season).  I want to know how to get the box to disappear.  Even when I click on deny repeatedly that it remains in the middle of the screen.  It is something relatively new, only began to see a couple of months.  How can I fix it?

    You can control how Adobe Flash Player is allowed to store data (you can also delete the data) on your PC here:

    Start-> Control Panel-> Flash Player (32-bit)*-> storage tab.

    Other tabs on this applet can be of interest to you also.

    Note: even if you have 64-bit Windows and the 64-bit Flash Player installed it will say 32-bit here. It's normal.

  • After downloading Windows Vista service pack 1, my computer screen had the blinking message "!" Oxc 0000034! 250/92313 (program_files_windows_calendar_4998559750

    I restarted bit keep getting option start normally or run repair program. ATER prog of running repair, he says he could not solve the problem and only asked if I wanted to report it. Computer wont even start in safe mode. Damage in the registry? Anyway my computer software was loaded at the factory and I don't have a recovery with her disk. Is there anyway that I can enter the partision to reload Vista? Otherwise, someone ' one can suggest how to fix my startup boot up?

    Hi coopervane,

    You can try a system restore by booting from the Windows Vista disc. Will need you the Windows Vista disc to do an offline system restore. You may need to contact the manufacturer of the computer or make arrangements for any Windows Vista disk that will help you start the computer and go to optins Startup Repair tool.

    To use offline system restore, you must have a Windows Vista CD or DVD. In addition, your computer must be configured to start from the CD-ROM or DVD drive. In some cases, you may need to change the settings of the BIOS on the computer to configure the computer to start from the CD-ROM or DVD drive. For more information on the configuration of the computer to start from the CD-ROM or DVD drive, see your computer documentation or contact the manufacturer of the computer. A recovery disk will not help, because it will erase all your data.

    First of all, start the computer from the reader. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Insert the Windows Vista CD / DVD and restart the computer.

    2. When you receive the following message appears, press a key:

    Press any key to start from the CD or DVD.

    3. set the following preferences, and then click Next:

    o language to install

    o time and currency formats

    o keyboard or input method

    Then, use the offline System Restore to remove the service pack of Windows Vista. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. click on repair your computer, select the operating system you want to repair if necessary and then click Next.

    2. click on System Restore, and then click Next.

    3. click about to restore that corresponds to the date of installation of the service pack. The Restore Point will be labeled either install: Windows Update or install: Windows Vista Service Pack .

    4 confirm the disk hard that you want to restore, and then click Next.

    5. click Finishand then click Yes when you are prompted.

    6. when the system restore process is complete, click restart to restart the computer.

    7. when the computer restarts, click close to confirm that the system restore completed successfully.

    I hope this information is useful.

    Please let us know if you need further assistance.


    Rehman - Microsoft Support

  • Where FF stores information on the computer and name of this file.

    I want to know the name and location of the FF login information. Not found in tools > options > Security. If I uninstall FF then later reinstall my log-ins and passwords reappear in the new facility the name & location of this file is what I need. Recently, I had to replace my hard drive and lost all my log-ins and I'm hoping to get back them, but you need to know where to look and what to look for. I know it's a stupid question contrary to popular belief, we are not all created equal. :))
    Thanks for any help, advice or information.

    All of your information, including bookmarks and connection must be stored in your Firefox profile. On a Windows 7 system, the location should be something like < username > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla C:\Users\

    If you want to be more specific, I can't guess, but here's my best guess...
    C:\Users\ < your user name > \AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ < cryptic Firefox profile directory name > \signons.sqlite

    If you want to simply uninstall Firefox and wipe out all the settings, I recommend that you manually delete this directory Mozilla and Firefox (in Program Files) installation directory after uninstall. Then, a new facility should be completely clean.

  • Firefox crashes when you open no matter what context menu - Save as download window, window options, etc.

    This is the third time I had this problem with firefox...

    Firefox crashes when you try to upload images, files, etc. right click context menu opens (with bookmark, save the page, save the image, options etc) but after selecting an option, save the image or another, the real save as dialog box does not open and firefox crashes.

    say many pages open the download and clear history... I can't do that, trying to open the download hangs there, too. like, trying to open any what other dialogues.

    the first time that this has happened, the only solution I could find was a total wipe and re-install (simple uninstall/reinstall didn't work... it had to be weeded manually in the registry).
    the second time that I got just to rebuild my system, so I just do a fresh install on a fresh OS.

    This time I can't seem to solve the problem of uninstalling and re - install...


    discovered what he was doing!

    After trying safe mode of firefox and safe mode of windows and any number of other things I gave a little upward for a bit there, but I woke up from a dream in the middle of the night thinking ' based on the conduct in question, it * must * be something in the shell that is the cause. " (Sorry, I dream of geek).

    so I grabbed a shell viewer editor - ShelleExView (http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html) (had to use a yucky, any browser to download) and gave him a race.

    I have listed all the extensions of the date they were added as a clsid and trying of think back to when the problem started... about a month or so, after a new system, reinstall. and through a little trial and error disabling, I found the culprit.

    It is an overlay Manager icon set by what is called WagerLogic. After looking into the company's name, I have to assume this was related to one of the annoying "just lost real money on our virtual casino" pop-ups that infest the net nefariously scenic for an easy mark as orphaned Dickens.

    I disabled it and voila! Firefox is still in full function.

  • where can I download windows vista Ultimate 64-bit? My hard drive died.

    My hard drive crashed, then I succeeded him and my recovery disks to bring my computer to original state. It does not start, so I think that windows vista is not on the recovery disks. How can I download windows, with my license on my computer?


    HP do not offer a download to do this service, however, there are two main options

    1. see if you can order a set of replacement recovery disks using the link below.

    Order HP recovery disks.

    If you have a problem with this link, order them directly from HP.

    If you live in the United States, contact HP here.

    If you are in another part of the world, begin here.

    2 in the same way that it is possible to create a disc of the retail of Windows 7, this can perform the installation, then use the activation key 7 windows OEM COA label, the same process is possible if your laptop comes with Vista.  A complete description (including links to downloads of Vista Image) of it on the following link.


    Software extra and you may need drivers can be found by entering your model number here.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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