For windows user manual this

I have a netbook Windows 7 "this model PC703 that was returned to me without the manual. Where can I download / find a usermanual?


Hi janenemannerheim,

The short answer is that we need more information about the computer (manufacturer, brand, full model number) and on Windows CE (the exact version used, etc.). I am not sure that even in this case, we will be able to really find what you're looking (sometimes they are available and sometimes they simply aren't), but at the moment we have no real hope that there are too many different choices out there that may or may not be applicable. I'm not so sure that if you want a manual for the computer or the operating system (or both).

There are many different types of computers PC703. For example, here's where to find manuals for Allfine PC703: If you can be more specific, maybe I can find the specific manual for your computer.

There are also many versions of Windows this - and you did not say if she was 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, or whatever it might be. Without that, providing information is difficult. Here is for example a manual for Windows CE 6.0: (which I do not know if it applies and don't know if that's what you're looking for).

I hope that I have provided helps - but as it was a wild guess, it is not likely to match what you have and at best to be marginally useful. If you want more help, we need more information.

Good luck!

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    Original title: Virtusa Tennis 4

    Virtua Tennis 4 error message has

    "Fatal Error!"
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    Hi Ravikumar,

    Of Virtua Tennis are what version you try to work with?

    It seems that Virutal Tennis version is not compatible with Windows 8.1, you can check the Windows Compatibility Center.

    See also:

    Make the programs more compatible with this version of Windows

    However, uninstall the "games for Windows - LIVE redistributable Microsoft" and 'Microsoft Games for Windows Marketplace' and resettlement of allowed little such users mentioned by ' GeraldLuger answered December 30" provided article.»

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    Hope this information helps. Response with status so that we can help you.

  • Flow of text/image for a user manual

    Greetings. I'm working on a layout for a user manual. I encountered a problem with the flow of text and images in many cases where the instructions of the manual to a step by step format. Please see the screenshot at the end of the post.

    You will see in the bottom half of the page one of these sequences step by step starts. The 1st image is related to step 1 and 2 in step 2. I want the image to align with the capline of the 1st sentence at each stage and the image must stay in line on the right and the left-aligned text. Here's where I have problems: I don't want to give a space - after replacing every step in order to align the next step with the next image.

    I tried to put the image inline with the text and by aligning his right of paragraph but then I can't align the image with the capline of the 1st sentence in step; the image is before or after the line of text. I also tried dressing jump object, but which becomes immediately problematic when a stage has several lines of text.

    What is the best practice here? I think I lack something real simple. Also, if it's important I have an author on InCopy assignments of edition we're going.


    Try following:

    You need:

    • 2 paragraph styles
    • 1 object model for image
    1. Specify a paragraph for the numbered list Style as stated above. (But it can be any other model also) I call it 'the list '.
    2. Specify where the image is embedded in a paragraph Style. I call it 'Anchor Image'
      1. Left, the intention is wide the first character to be so far to the right, that this is in the area of the image, would make so vast that it is near the right edge, for example if the frame is 200 mm, you can do left intend 198 mm
      2. The size is not serious, in the example, it is 0.1pt, 0, driving, before 0space and after.
      3. Keep options: Keep with 10 lines (or whatever the number is useful.)
      4. Insert the frame anchored in this paragraph
    3. The style of the object must have following properties:
      1. Text wrapping, I did it with 1 p to the left and to the right, 0mm above and below the rectangle shape
      2. Anchored the position of the image: right 0mm to the right vertical edge, specify a distance between the upper edge of the frame on the insertion will be always to the desired line at the top of the page of the reference.

    The wrapping of the text of the framework will force the number text (with the style of paragraph 'List' of the film, but also the next holder of the anchor with the paragraph style 'Anchor Image' to wrap.) Because the left for the anchoring of the Image style of paragraph is far to the right it will require to start after the space of the image below. Because the font sizes of this paragraph are so small, it will not appear, and you can specify the minimum vertical distance between a number o the previous image with text list encapsulate parameters, you might get closer with negative after space. As an anchor image contains no text, it is not a problem.

  • Comments operations are not allowed for anonymous users on this virtual machine


    After a lot of trying, I finally managed to connect to a virtual machine in VMware Server 2.0.2

    However, I get the error "comments operations are not allowed for anonymous users on this virtual computer" when I try to run notepad.exe. I think that some permissions must be set. So I put comments and guests of user group to be able to administer the object (VM); but still this error comes.

    Can someone help me pls with getting beyond this error.

    Thank you very much.

    This has come up before on this Forum. Be default, Windows does not allow for remote log-ins for accounts without password, which prevents the VIX to perform log-ins comments in this situation.

    You can follow the steps described in the following thread to enable remote log-ins for accounts without password or change the account to have a password.

  • Uninstalled Microsoft office XP Professional with Frontpage, since then I get Windows Installer Windows pop up. Y at - it a fix for Windows install stop this.

    Uninstalled Microsoft office XP Professional with Frontpage, since then I get Windows Installer Windows pop up.  Y at - it a fix for Windows install stop this.

    You are in the habit of using "Registry cleaners" (e.g., Registry Mechanic;) System Mechanic; RegCure; RegClean Pro. Advanced SystemCare. Registry Booster; McAfee QuickClean. AVG PC TuneUp. Norton Registry Cleaner; PCTools optimizer; SpeedUpMyPC; PC Doctor; TuneUp Utilities; WinMaximizer; WinSweeper; Comodo System Cleaner. Advanced System Optimizer. ( CCleaner Registry Cleaner) ?

  • Cisco Jabber for Windows user Photos

    8.6.3 CUPS

    Client Jabber for Windows Version 9.0.1 Build 8802

    I noticed that Jabber Client for Windows Cisco does not automatically refresh with updated photos in Active Directory.

    I had updated the user photo in AD and noticed that he wouldn't. I travelled to "C:\Users\\App Data\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Photos" and had to manually delete the users photos in this folder. I left on the Jabber Client and restarted the program. When I did this, crashed the Jabber Client, I saved the report of crash and re-opened the Jabber client. This time the customer opened correctly, and the photos update appeared now!

    It seems that Cisco would not set the photos to be cached on the local computer.

    Any thoughts?

    Hey Ellen,.

    Looks like the similar problem with CUPC. Previously, I had a discussion with our Dev team for CUPC Photos of caching locally.

    This has been identified in the following improvements:

    CSCtu25084    CUPC Contact photo put in cache and do not update dynamically

    I will update to add Cisco Jabber for Windows as well.

    Best regards


  • How to fix the damaged for windows user profile 7

    My gadgets disappeared in windows 7, I went to the community and checked the previous answers to this problem. I created a new profile for the user with the Administrator's control and gadgets were back. I want to thank everyone for their responses which were very helpful. But I want to the difficulty of the original user profile that has been corrupted. However, I do not understand how to do this. Can someone out there help me please. Thanks, Cviggie


    It is almost impossible track down corruption in a user profile.

    You can create a new user account and to transfer all of your personal files and most of the settings to a user account.

    See the following article for step by step instructions.

    Difficulty a user profile corrupted - how to


  • search for Windows 'user' Active Directory

    the system will have many users, test records must be saved in the c:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Pacing FAT32\

    How can I dynamically determine this path for different users?

    I love the vi "To get the system directory" found in the subpalette of constant file of the file IO palette.  It could be LV2009 only.

    Note that the Application Data folder is hidden by default in win7.  In win7 x 64 the result is "C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Pacing System\" under XP, there "C:\Documents and Settings\Settings\Application Data\Pacing FAT32\"

    Approach to the Yamaeda registry gives me "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming" questioning "LOCALAPPDATA" or "USERPROFILE" keys are also close to what you want.  If XP does not have these keys, you can also call a command line and environment variable %UserProfile% query.

    @Phil: I had trouble with the "Default data directory" vi before (yesterday actually).  It depends on a setting options in labview.  (Options > paths), I found that when I change this path in the options to use the system directory (uncheck the "use default" checkbox, click the exclamation mark, click on replace, then OK out of options), it gets resets the default restart labview, even if it appears in Labview.ini. This only happens if you use the system-specific path.  It seems to be an old problem:

  • Tips for Windows users who have chosen Macintosh


    If you read this discussion, so I'm assuming that you are now the proud owner of an iMac. Congratulations for your choice and welcome in the Macintosh community! The purpose of this discussion is to create a reference guide for users who have recently acquired a Mac and learn how to do many basic tasks as we used to do in Windows, but on a Macintosh instead. I will do my best to add content to this guide based on the feedback of the community, but for now, here is a list of topics that I find very useful for the first time that Mac users.

    Q: "that Mac has a right-click?

    A: right-click functionality is present on your Mac. If you use a third party with two buttons separate, then mouse right click is available in the same way that you're used to. If you opted to use the mouse Magic Mouse, you can activate "secondary click" by opening system preferences (the silver gear on your dock icon), by selecting 'Mouse' and check 'secondary click. " Now, the right side of your mouse Magic Mouse will provide right click functionality. Alternatively, you can press the control key on your keyboard while you press the button on your Magic Mouse to have access to the same functions. If you use the Magic Trackpad, you can enable secondary click in the same way you would with the Magic Mouse, but you will be rather type the Magic Trackpad with two fingers in order to access, click on functions.

    Q: "is there a keyboard shortcut that works like Alt + F4 to close the Mac?"

    A: there are indeed shortcut that allows you to stop your Mac from your keyboard. Press command + Eject and you will see a menu that says "restart, sleep, cancel, Shut Down. By default, 'Shut Down' is already highlighted, which means that all you have to do is press the Enter key. Just like that, you closed your Macintosh.

    Q: "what is the keyboard shortcut to close an application?

    A: for closing of an application you are using, press command + Q. Note that by tapping on the red circle (or red x, depending on which version of Mac OS X you are running) in the upper left corner of your application window does not close the application. By pressing the red circle only will leave the current application window, but keep the app running in the background.

    Q: "is there is start menu? How can I find my installed applications? »

    R: OS X, the advanced operating system that powers your Macintosh, manages the launch of applications and the user interface of Windows separately. First of all, installed applications can be read of Launchpad. To access Launchpad, you can click on the rocket icon silver on your dock (the dock is the place where a row of icons for application on the bottom of your screen). Alternatively, you can press the Launchpad shortcut key on the keyboard that came with your iMac. The shortcut key for Launchpad is F4. Second, you can use the Finder to display each application, the document or the file that is currently on your computer. Finder is the blue smiling icon on your dock, also known as the "Happy Mac" icon Open Finder, and listed on the sidebar will be the Applications folder, which will be an alphabetical list of all your applications.

    Q: "How do we install an application?

    R: If you use the Mac App Store to buy your software, everything you have to do is click on 'Install' once you have bought the application. If you use an application that sits on a DVD - ROM, or that you have downloaded from the Internet, then there are two methods that you will encounter. The first method is via an installation wizard, similar to Windows. Just follow the instructions given by the installation wizard, and the installer will do the rest. The second and the most common method is to mount the .dmg file (.dmg is an extension of a disk image file) by double-clicking it, and then dragging the icon of the application in your Applications folder. You can access your Applications folder in the Finder.

    Q: "how to ". uninstall applications? »

    A: the process of uninstalling applications on a Macintosh computer is fairly simple and often does not require the user to face a "Uninstall Wizard. Open the Finder, blue, smiling face icon located on your dock. Select 'Applications' in the sidebar. Locate the icon of the application that you want to install, and then you click-and - drag the icon to the trash icon on your dock. Once the application of the Recycle Bin icon, you can open the trash and choose "Empty" in the upper right. Just like that, your application is removed from your Macintosh.

    Q: "How do I find my Mac for files and applications.

    R: OS X and its antecedent, Mac OS, introduced the innovation, fully integrated desktop search, first with Sherlock and now with the projector. To access Spotlight, you can click on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right of the bar at the top of your screen. Once you click this icon, you will need to type in a search field. Start typing the name of the folder, file, document or application you are looking for, and Spotlight will provide a list by category that matches the query expression, you typed.

    Q: "How do I defragment my hard drive?

    A: Unlike Windows, OS X uses the HFS + file system. By default, HFS + automatically defragments the files on your hard drive. In other words, you have nothing to do at all, that OS X is "smart" enough to handle this task on its own. Please note that there are some third-party defragmentation tools that are available online. Avoid these tools, not only because they are unnecessary, but also because they run the risk of harming your Macintosh, rather than help them.

    Q: "How do I clean the registry?

    R: OS X does not make use of a registry to store application settings. Applications running in OS X are, for the most part, autonomous. So there is no registry for your management.

    Q: "what is the equivalent of Mac Control Panel?

    R: on the Macintosh, the 'System Preferences' is the tool that allows users to manage things like wallpaper, devices, user accounts, network settings and much more. "System preferences" can be found by clicking the gear icon money on your dock, or using the dashboard to choose "System Preferences" icon or by opening Finder, select 'Applications' in the sidebar and clicking on the icon "System Preferences."

    Q: "what is the equivalent of Mac of MS Paint?"

    A: Macintosh is a great computer to create media rich content and Apple offers several solutions for the production of such content. However, Apple does not provide equivalent software workaround for MS Paint. There are however a number of fantastic offers from third parties that provide a comparable and in many ways, superior functionality. I recommend an app called GIMP, acronym for "GNU Image Manipulation Program". GIMP has no monetary cost and may be acquired from the GIMP project site. Alternatively, you can use the Mac App Store and download a tool such as supreme paint, which is a tool of low-cost ($4.99 at the time of this writing) which also offers features similar to MS Paint and GIMP. Here are links to each


    Supreme paint:

    Q: "what is the equivalent of Mac of Windows Movie Maker"

    A: every new Mac comes with the suite iLife software, including Garageband and iMovie. iMovie is a robust application that offers edition advanced functions and effects not found in Windows Movie Maker. If you are interested in a more powerful tool, Apple also offers Final Cut Pro, which offers a studio quality editing solution, with an interface that is familiar to users of iMovie.

    Q: "what is equivalent to Mac from Windows Media Player?"

    A: every Mac is QuickTime Player, a media player that supports a number of media formats, including AIFF, MP3, MP4, WAV, JPEG, MPEG files and many others still. If you play a DVD, you will need to use the DVD player, which is a separate application that is preinstalled on your Mac. Alternatively, you can use iTunes to watch and listen to all the same formats of files supported by QuickTime Player. You can also buy movies on the iTunes store and watch them in the iTunes application.

    I highly recommend that you are reading switch Basics: on Windows, I used to... - Apple Support and also

    The use of a Mac is extremely simple, millions of PC users are passed successfully (including myself 10 + years), it takes very little time to become proficient.

    Moreover, drefragging a HD is not necessary on a PC and not a Mac. It is the thought of the early 1990s and was not necessary for many years. If you start playback as the two links provided, you will find all your answers, more I HIGHLY recommend that you look at the site of Apple OS X, located at

    Good luck and welcome to the light side.

  • Satellite S2410-303 - looking for the user manual

    I use an old series of Satellite S2410-303.
    Given that this was sent to me from our headquarters in the company, I don't have
    the manual for this machine.
    I was wondering if I can provide this manual on the net or premises
    Toshiba services.
    The locals said since the series is old enough, they have not
    the manual suitable for particular machine.

    would you pls help if you can.

    Thanks, best regards

    Ben Merci for useful links.
    It s useful for me and maybe other users in the forum.

  • I want to install Windows 7 on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop. What is the status of having drivers required, as Dell does not offer any on their support site for Windows 7 on this model?

    Whenever I install Windows XP on it, I have to go to the Dell support site and get the chipset drivers Intel, network, audio and video for all the work.  XP is the original version, and then I have to install the SP2, SP3 followed.

    Should I do the same thing during the installation of Windows 7?  Get the drivers for the various components to work?  Or Windows 7 will make installation much simpler?

    Hello GJ_IJBC,

    Your best option will be to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.  This will give you a screen that will tell you which drivers will be required as appropriate with what program incompatibilities there might be.

    Regards, ~ Alex T. ~.
    ~ MVP Windows desktop experience ~

  • Accessibility for windows users photo stream

    I sent and invite a friend to join a photo stream, but it is under Windows. Is there a way for her to access the photo stream?

    Yes - directions are here - My Photo Stream FAQ - Apple Support

    But you send an invitation to MyPhotoStream - you send invitations to shared using iCloud albums, sharing photos - these instructions are here - iCloud Photo Sharing FAQ - Apple Support

    We cannot see you so it is important that yo clearly identify what yo are using and what you want to do


  • Oracle on Linux for Windows users

    I used to work on the Windows oracle database and wanted to learn oracle on Linux.

    What are the stuffs good that I can do?

    There are many documents in the Documentation, it's very confusing that you refer


    If you are new to Oracle then you will need to learn the installation procedures for the installation of Oracle on Linux. You can find the Installation Documents of Oracle 11 g Documentation .

    Second is in Windows, you can directly connect to SQLPLUS as all parameters are automatically set by the installer.

    But under linux, you will need to set the variables ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID before connecting to SQLPLUS and remember everything is based in Linux command.

    Once installation is complete, then Oracle works as well as under windows. no difference that you are on sql calls so it's okay if you are connected to Windows or Linux.

    You can refer to the Oracle Documentation that will explain everything in detail.

    Kind regards

    Atif Iqbal.

  • I bought Photoshop elements 12 for Windows, and unfortunately, this computer was stolen.

    Now, I have a MacBook and want to download EP 12 for Mac.  He tells me that the product key is not valid for 12 EP.  Is it possible to download the Mac version without buy 12 EP yet?

    Thanks for the reply.  The problem was that the download of PSE12 Mac would not accept the serial number of Windows 12 PES.  I started a chat session and the representative of Adobe had to cancel Windows serial number and generate a Mac one.  I was able to complete the installation.  Yay!

  • The CLI for GS724Tv3 user manual?

    Is there a reference CLI available for download somewhere for the series switches GS724T?

    (great forum BTW here, very useful so far!)


    I think that smart switches with no console port has no option to order...

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