Four-core 64-bit VISTA system does not restart after the latest updates

My system does not at all now after SP2. It won't even load of recovery disks cannot get sytem to work repairing or family name known good config, etc..

If you need a copy of the DVD, go to this link and download the image.
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  • Reference Dell coming 8 Pro 64 GB Wireless does not start after the latest updates including 8.1 update 1

    Well this morning not to wireless and windows reported an error on the boot device.  So I made a restore point from a week ago and it works.  Thanks a lot for dell.  Is there a fix. Or should I just not do updates for a while.  And there is no driver to the backup on.

    If I can assume that you have the latest version of the bios, installed wifi and wapi drivers I can offer this as a possible solution to the cause of install 8.1 update my first attempt failed as well.

  • Vista 32-bit Home Pemium does not start after the automatic update. Crashes 90% during step 3 of the configuration of update.

    Started to start for the first time today, and after half an hour of PC was still at the stage of configuration update 3 to 90%. Tried to restore the last good configuration without success. IE 9 has been installed yesterday and I rebooted a couple of times very well. I guess an automatic update downloaded all night is the problem.

    Hi Dick50,

    Try the following and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Try to start the computer in safe mode and see if you can start fine. If he is able to start try to perform a System Restore.

    System Restore: frequently asked questions

    Method 2: If it is impossible to start then try to boot into the Windows recovery environment (WinRe).

    ·         Do the Startup Repair.

    ·         Achieve the restoration of the system from the same options.

    Method 3: Once you are able to start normally, look for the updates and take note of the update that is offered.

    Just reply with the results.

  • system does not restart after the update?

    I downloaded an update to microsoft web view for my windows XP home Edition... it's KB9955759

    "After you download was finished, then I tried to restart my computer as it has been restarted I tried to say, log in under my user name, then a pop box brought up something like" windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Rights of possible insufficinet?

    I can't connect in safe mode but not in normal mode?

    any suggestions


    If you start in Mode safe mode, uninstall KB955759 & reboot, the behavior persists?

    Despite what suggests, KB955759 isn't a critical security update. After you have uninstalled KB955759, you can use the difficulty here to achieve the same ends, if you wish: ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Pavilion Media Center does not restart after the full system recovery. get the error code 0 x 4001100200001005

    Pavilion Media Center does not restart after the full system recovery. created recovery disks when purchased new. get the error code 0 x 4001100200001005

    Original title: recovery problem


    According to the HP Support Forums, this error may be to do with the hard or for other reasons.

    You never have it replaced with a no HP bought in car?

    Read these threads HP on your error code:

    If the original hard drive, press F11 at startup to start the process of recovery partition HP, did you recovery disks of.

    See you soon...

  • Satellite A200-1If does not start after the BIOS update


    It is my first time on the forum posting, I hope someone can help me.
    I recently downloaded the latest update of the Bios (bios - for my laptop. I ran the bios Setup, after the update it restarted my laptop, but then he went to a black screen and no longer start.
    When I press the power button only power led lights, fans begin to turn and the DVD - rom turns and stops and the screen is blank.
    I am running Vista Home premium 32-bit.

    Can anyone provide a solution on what I can do to fix this?

    Was the system standby standby/extended/recovery?

    Its important to cold starts of the system before and after an update of the BIOS.

    You could try to remove one of the modules RAM (change RAM size) and turn on, otherwise the system may need to be sent to an ASP for repair.

  • Play Lenovo Vibe K4 Note mobile store does not properly after the recent update...

    After the last update, my game store does not work correctly. A lot of apps is not proceed with the installation an error...

    Help, please

    Hi Digambar,

    Welcome to the community of Lenovo!

    Please perform the below mentioned the troubleshooting for the troubleshooting steps:

    1. go to settings--> Apps--> all Apps-> Google Playstore: clear the Cache, erase the data
    Note: All browsing history will be get deleted.
    2. If the problem is persists kindly update the playstore Google later.
    3. make sure that the update of the system is up-to-date.

    Please come back to us if the trobleshooting helped you.

    Thank you & best regards

  • Satellite A100 does not start after the BIOS update


    I downloaded the update to the bios toshiba A100 PSAA8 on the toshiba site and applied using the procedure of updating the bios from windows XP MSE. Restart after the start of the update stopped at the toshiba start screen.

    At startup the screen by pressing ESC watch text mode. The message indicated it confirms the update of the bios version. POST messages are:

    Genuine Intel CPU
    No TPM or TPM has problem
    1015 M system RAM passed

    Press to enter in SETUP

    Pressing F2 just clears the last message in line and then no change is found.

    The laptop comes with windows XP media center edition. I don't know why the TPM secure is enabled. It is possible that toshiba is available with the module of TPM enabled in bios updates that logbook. If this is the case, they must clearly identified as 'not applicable' upgrade for machines that are not relevant.

    I found similar messages around the forum without convincing answer.

    Is it possible to fix this without sending? Even if it turns out to be affordable, it make much sense to pay for the problems caused by toshiba.


    Please don t blame someone for you mistakes ;)
    As far as I know that only a few sets of laptops come with TPM.
    If you want to do an update of the BIOS on the models at TPM, you will need to contact the ASP!

    Looks like you used a bad BIOS or bad BIOS update procedure.

    The Toshiba page a BISO update the documentation that describes how to upgrade the BIOS on each series laptop!
    You will find on the page of the Toshiba driver compatible BIOS and information over a large number of details!

    > Is it possible to fix this without sending
    Don t think so, and therefore, you will need to contact the Asp help!

    Good luck

  • HP Photosmart D110a does not connect after the software update of the router

    I'll try a restatement of my first message:

    Two days ago I had problems with my Internet service provider modem.  This problem has been solved, but leads to a second problem still does not connect to the internet.  Then with the help of technical support D-Link, an update of the software has been downloaded to my wireless router and installed and now I can connect to the internet.

    But today, I had to use my printer/scanner for 2 1/2 year, HP Photosmart D110a, it is not connected through the above wireless router.  (The blue light on the printer blinks just).  Tech support says I'm out of warranty, so I hope someone can help me here on this forum.

    Thank you!

    Glad you got it to work, please mark it as Solution accepted so that others can search and find the answer too.

  • HP DV7-7259nr does not start after the BIOS update


    I have a problem with my HP DV7-7259nr laptop, WIN8 running: it does not start after tune recommended to update BIOS and drivers.

    It downloaded all the drivers and started installing at one time, he asked for a reboot, click OK and the BIOS update has begun to load. The process ended successfully and after the reboot that my laptop wouldn't start; everything is black and the cooler is runing.

    I tried:

    -battery disconnected and power - button Power - plugged power again-> NOTHING

    -Windows key + B + Power button--> nothing

    Please help as this is the laptop I use daily in my work.

    Thank you

    If you install the electro mechanical original hard drive in it starts?

    If it has been delivered with a SSD?

    The specifications indicate that an electromechanical drive was part of the specification.

    This is where lies the UEFI environment. It is actually on the hard drive.

  • 6 Lightroom does not start after the last update of victory 10


    After installing the latest updates of victory 10 yesterday my 6 Lightroom won't start no more. I tried to reinstall, fact the renaming of files SLCache and SLStore, past all antivirus and firewall off the coast. No results on the start screen, I always get a pop up saying that LR does not work properly because of the problem and that patients be informed as soon as there is a solution. It stops...

    Can someone help with this problem?

    Hi jensk

    Name the module fehlerhaften: ig7icd64.dll

    Update your graphics card driver.

    ig7icd64.dll crashes due to a deprecated module / driver for your graphics card



  • Lightroom cc 2015 does not start after the recent update on Mac Pro Yosemite

    After you download the last updated September 27, lightroom does not start on my mac.

    Used to work without problems so far.

    Tried to disconnect the last clouds and again without success.

    Thanks, that worked.

    Now, I have to do the update again hope that will work as well...

    Do you have any idea what caused the problem?



    MIT thank wurde

    Hans Christian Behrendt

    2015-09-30 18:07 GMT + 02:00 rpandita [email protected]>:

    Lightroom cc 2015 does not start after that a recent update on Mac Pro Yosemite creates

    by rpandita> in * Photoshop

    Lightroom *-see complete discussion>

  • emctl does not start after the latest patch

    After you apply the latest patch of the database, 9169460, on our databases, the dbconsole does not start through Services or manally on the command line. Is the error when you try to emctl start dbconsole or emctl status dbconsole

    Incompatibility of prototype: void main::footer () vs the D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\talos\bin\ no line 736.
    Incompatibility of prototype: void main::testCEMDAvail () vs the D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\talos\bin\ no line 926.
    Subroutine called main::isOmsRecvDirSet & undefined D:\oracle\product\10.2.0\talos\bin\ line 292.

    After the last update of the patch, the dbconsole have pulled up just fine. Nothing has changed in the file. I tried to bounce the database and nothing seems to work. Any thoughts?


    Hello Dan:

    Please follow the solution on this note:

    1052975,1 DB CONSOLE fails to START AFTER APPLICATION CPUJAN2010 (PATCH 9169460)

    Copy the file to %ORACLE_HOME%\.patch_storage\\backup\bin\
    to %ORACLE_HOME%\bin\ then the problem does not recur

  • Z50-75, does not start after the bios update

    Hi all!

    I just baught Z50-75 with AMD FX7500, 8 GB of Ram and FreeDOS. I installed Windows Pro 8.1 and they shot a few drivers during the installation and I went to the view of Lenovo and downloaded all the rest (graphics, camera, etc.), after each installation the computer restarted normally and everything was OK The latest drivers I've seen on the site were originally from the BIOS and I downloaded those to and he started the installation, after which he said: "the system will now restart for the changes to take effect" and he did, but it wouldn't start after he did that show me this on the screen:

    And I tried both options (either with the Windows CD inside), but it just stays where it is, no effect.

    I can enter the bios and change the settings, but none of them seem to work because that's the maximum where it will go, the only difference is when I change from AHCI to compatibility mode, it restarts and I get a white screen, I have to use a button recovery to return to the image above...

    I appriciate any help kond, please give me some advice.

    Thanks for the reply!

    I solved the problem after updating the bios, communication between it and the disk hard drive had a few problems and is causing the boot problem. I solved with out the hard drive and install on another laptop, flashed the windows and installed the hard back in my Lenovo, and that worked.

    You tell the truth, I don't really know how it was the solution, but it worked, I guess that Flash just windows helped the hard disk to create the new connection to the bios, that the first was simply corrupted by an error during the update of the bios...

    Now, I know that the bios update is the last solution I'll never use, and of course, save all peace of data I had on the hard drive if possible.

  • PunkBuster not working after the latest updates of Windows


    Since I installed the latest updates for Vista x 64, I continue to pounce on COD5 with this exception:

    Application CoDWaWmp.exe, version 1.5.1220.0, time stamp 0x4a5241f6, failed module pbcl.dll, version, time stamp 0x4a5cb487, exception 0xc0000005, fault offset 0 code x 00026914, 0x5d0, failing application start 0x01ca36117f69c74e process id.

    The problem seems to be related to the Punkbuster client. Before the latest updates, I don't have a problem.
    For Windows XP, a similar problem was introduced with KB917422 (in connection with Kaspersky anti virus I think).

    Any thoughts on this topic?

    Best regards, Wilbert

    SRY, but if PB doesn't work, you don't have to format your PC.
    Just try to reinstall PB.

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