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We have 2 spectrum. Both generated bluescreens throughout the day. everything is updated. BIOS, drivers, we have used install original HP on the ssd - 30 times of the new cd installations, company W10, company LTSB W10, CD-ROM software HP, NOTHING. The same bluescreens again and again. Also - the monitor on the G2 model becomes black and continues in the same second.

does every 10 minutes it 1 time. never saw on the G1 model.

The source of the bluescreens every time is another - Olivier sound ntfs.sys bluescreen, Olivier grafic, blue screen memory. HP what happens?

HP - it is the least expensive and most of the materials pc and laptop worse on this planet.

New spectrum G2 Modell: bluescreen, bluescreens with audio disabled windwos, new driver installed - bluescreen, disabled by windows 10 - spectrum rerun while 2 h and blue screen of the driver of the motherboard. Now - new wlan driver of HP original - installation failed, failed, failed to install. Oh no - not installed manually - installed by HP support assistant! He said the success of the Installation - and the same message - installation failed and you need to reinstall.

The two Modells spectrum amounting to 90 degrees cpu in IDLE MODE. incredible stupid thermal management.

HP - please STOP BUILDING PC COMPUTER. You have NO intelligence in the PC. Your laptops PC PORTENDS even worse hardware. Back to server systems - this is something you really good.

I love your server. But your are the Builder of PC/Notebook/Tablet never seen worse.



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