I sent a gift certificate by email to a person who has erased by mistake. How do I get it back?


Use this form for account and billing assistance, redemption code, or purchase questions. >

I don't know what menu choices might be the best... 'Codes and cards iTunes '? =-= "Account and billing"? =-= ????

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  • There is not now redeem iTunes email gift card.

    There is not now redeem iTunes email gift card. How can I get the balance added to iTunes Store?

    Is there is code in the email that you can copy - paste: Redeem iTunes and Apple music gifts and codes - Apple Support ?

  • I bought an Apple Store Gift card by mistake instead of a gift card to iTunes. Is there a way I can swap the card?

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    You must ask to whom he sold.

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    Have you tried to go to the recipients of mail/window/previous and delete e-mail addresses it?

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    Have you checked in the deleted items folder? If they are not there, you will have little luck with this tool.
    Search for .eml files.
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    Once deleted, you cannot recover the data. The list is stored in a file called downloads.sqlite in the profile folder.

  • No code in the email for the Itunes gift card

    Where the code needs to collect the mail for an Itunes gift card be?  When I click it redeem keeps taking me to the apple/itunes Web site and keeps telling me to download Itunes.  ITunes is already on my computer.  In fact, my iphone is currently supported through my computer and Itunes is running.  There is not a situation to "buy out" anywhere that does not require this code which is not available.

    Thank you


    When you click on the button "cash out", you will be taken to the iTunes Store and asked to

    sign can connect with any account at the moment, so I don't see a problem with you

    pass the gift to someone else. The new recipient will click on the "redeem."

    and connect with his iTunes account.

    For more information see links below

  • I have an Apple gift card account and want to use it, but I always get sent to my account where the payment is listed as a Visa card I have more. How can I change the billing to my gift card, I no longer the card and do not know the pin code

    How can I change my payment with a Visa card, I no longer use my gift card account. I don't have the gift card so I don't know the PIN code. I have the amount of the card on account, what should I do?

    Hi Nancy, there.

    Looks like you are trying to update your iTunes billing information, but he continues to ask you for a credit card security code, you have more. You may be able to change the option to zero rather than use the "Use your Mac or PC" section of this article:

    Modify or delete your Apple ID payment information

    If for some reason you can't, this article explains why this may be the case:

    If you don't see anything or can't select

    You may need to reach out to our iTunes support staff directly if you cannot get a resolution with these resources:

    the iTunes Store support

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Gift cards

    I received a gift card Apple Store, email, for $50.00.  I won't, however, I would like to exchange it for a $50.00 iTunes gift card.  Apple made it impossible with links that go nowhere and do nothing. Apple needs to simplify the return and/or Exchange processes.  To start, why not have just a gift card that you can use at the Apple Store or iTunes?

    Frustrated Apple user

    You have to ask Apple, why they have different cards for use in Apple stores and for use with iTunes for the purchase of digital content - as far as I know they did not say, and you already know that you talk only to other users on here.

    To contact iTunes Support and see if they'll Exchange use the link "contact us" at the bottom right of each page here

  • Problem with gift card Itunes, fight off myself, been on the site for 5 hours.

    Someone sent me a gift from itunes by e-mail, but every time I press redeem it takes me to a download page, I already have installed itunes and am signed in, Itunes is fully updated AND there is no code to redeem in Email, I tried to ask the question before but he just showed "resolved" as the first person has posted the first comment when it was not someone told me to contact apple support directly, but I don't know how and I don't want to contact them by e-mail because I want no answer half-assed sent 3 years after I asked the original question, it only gives me options to ask a question or send a gift card by e-mail, Please HELP I JUST want TO BUY THE NEW OCEAN of FRANK.

    In iTunes, go to iTunes store and the right there should be an option.

    Redeem iTunes and Apple music gifts and codes - Apple Support

    Hope this helps, good luck to you.

  • Apple Store Gift card


    How can I add an apple store gift card to my account once I received the email?

    Go here or follow these steps - account - iTunes redeem. Hope this helps, good luck to you

    ~ Michael

  • Unreadable gift card

    I advised to iTunes Store that I couldn't buy a gift card, because some of the code was unreadable. The delayed response, I received falsely claimed that I had been able to buy the card after my email and before the late reply.

    Another that respond to the email and correct the record, does anyone have suggestions?

    Apple can only deal with your problem. Nobody here could help.

  • iTunes Gift Card scam

    My sister in the United States bought 2 iPhones (one for itself) and one for me. She we me shipped in India (sim free iphone), after a while my iPhone starts giving trouble that was sent to me. So I sent it to him. She wanted to replace, so she looked up a number of apple care and discovered the following mentioned repeatedly and addressed the issue with apple support management and he said that both phones will not work in India because it is not factory unlocked. He said that apple will replace these two phones with factory unlocked ones. I have to provide a deposit, and apple will send me two phones that will be factory unlocked. When I go back to my old two phones, the security deposit will be refunded. So she bought the iTunes gift card and shared the details with him. But phones were not delivered in time, she returned to the same survey number which becomes unavailable, so she contacted on another number of apple support, then they said they have not received any request from her and told her that she had been deceived by a fraudster and it was a scam.

    Now the apple say that they are sorry for the loss of his money and they can do whatever it is in the present. Customer care people do not answer until she reminded them repeatedly and the lady who finally gathered his disconnected the call between the two. It's pure not meaning, people are deceived by using the Apple name and they are not bothered on this subject and they say sorry for it. Then she wrote to the care of apple with all the details and now they say they will study the issue.

    I think Apple should look into this issue seriously as a fake apple support page (replica) opens on the first link and fraudsters are deceiving the people. It is a serious matter. How a person know that if he's talking to a direction of apple support authentic.

    Here are the details of the e-mail and telephone numbers which have been used by this fraudster: (CAN ALL ONE please SUGGEST ON HOW to FILE A COMPLAINT CYBER CRIME CELL AND THE PROCESS AND GET the MONEY BACK)

    Apple support number called - 1800 235 3 *.
    The person who claimed to be Apple executive support - name - Eric, Extn 7000
    He gave a service ticket number - 61129 *.
    He gave a confirmation number - 21974. *
    He asked me to send photos of the itunes to email card - [email protected] *.

    Three cards iTunes gift card whoese number were shared - $500, $500 and $200.

    < published by host >

    I can't say how your sister found the phone number above for Apple Support.  Clearly, it's a scam.

    Phone number of Apple's Support to the United States is (800) MY-APPLE, which translates by of (800) 692-7753.

    I can't imagine there is a way to get your money back.  I'm sorry.

  • Is it normal for people to support iTunes to iTunes gift card number


    Recently I contact iTunes support to convert my unused iTunes Apple Store Gift card gift. I received an e-mail from answer [email protected] asking for personal details like name, email, phone number and gift card number. I confirmed with them, they want me off the map and give them that number.

    -Is this normal that iTunes support ask for gift card number?

    If they agreed to convert while they are likely to want the card number, they you to "buy back" so that the card can not be used by anyone

  • How can I disable the "gift card $500" message when I open Firefox?

    It seems that whenever I open firefox, a banner will appear at the top of the page offering a $500 gift card business. I have to close it every time. Is there a way to disable this message?

    is opening firefox

    Sounds like Malware.

    Install, update and run these programs in this order. They are provided free for personal use, but some have limited functionality in "free" mode - but these are the features that you really need not to find and eliminate the problem you have. (Not all programs to detect the malware even.)

    Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware -
    SuperAntispyware -
    AdAware -
    Spybot Search & Destroy -

    If they can't find it or cannot delete it, post in one of these forums using specialized malware removal:

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