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Sharp Mail von Apple oder Virus?

Sharp Mail von Apple oder Virus? Sender: [email protected] Hello Some information about your account appear to be missing or incorrect. Please confirm your information to continue to use all our benefits, so we will try again to validate your info

You can delete your own post

If you can, please give me instructions. Please note my operating system and devices.

not have access to contact support technical service

Contact Access support in the following text appears on the computer Access denied You don't have permission to access the '' on this server. Reference #18.bb1a32b8.1450042255.130f40ae I don't kno



A Merry Christmas and a happy new year

A Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and prosperous new year to you all the wonderful supporters.  Thank you for your wonderful help and informative over the years, it's very appreciated. Thank you rachealfromva

downstream vertical integration strategy?

How did before vertical integration strategy and back apple Inc.? Help me please with my project.

Is there a mobile version of Apple Discussions?

The full version of this Web site is extremely difficult to use from an iPhone.  How to access the mobile version?

The GST is removed when you ship to Langkawi, Malaysia?

Hello If you buy Apple products at the Apple Online store Malaysian GST is removed if the shipping address is on Langkawi, the island without GST? The seller online big Lazada makes this standard, but Apple store does too? Needles to say that 6% TAX

German questions answered

Hello. I have some German questions, maybe someone of you can help me to answer questions about the history of the Apple...! Sah das erste Firmen-Logo von Apple aus wie? Warum wurde beim grosser Wert auf Typografie very Mac? Wann sold Apple first did

Can not post on the discussion forum

Hello I tried to fill in information for the best of the knowledge to start a new discussion. Get a strange error when posting, there is no error message or of the text id. What Miss me? Thank you

I need to support my username changed

So, I'm not sure why, but my user name of Apple Support was always wrong. I would really like that my user name to be replaced by my OWN name instead of this "Linda." A support person could help me with this please?

Change the username to the community here

Hello. Is it possible to change my username here without changing my Apple ID? In the past, I know that I can't, but maybe now?

Give Apple comments links on the forum.

When to give Apple Feedback links to someone wanting to make a return to Apple, should I / we (the community) give the link "". or the link "". or the two links. Someone woul

OSX computer

I was contacted by 888 220 1478 saying OSX computer & Safari has allowed maximum pop, they gave me a computer ID when I rang they wanted details and offered repair online... What is an Apple Service? Investigate apple?

Solved/useful answers appearing not

For the past two days now, if an answer to give to someone is marked as being helpful or solved, in the sense that he answered the question of the person, I don't see it on the site.  E-mail notification comes again and my reputation score is increas

What is the return policy on the Christmas and new year period?

I was told that returns are free and no doubt if purchased now until January 20, 2016, but impossible to find that written anywhere.

Contact support

Hello How to contact with support, or how to contact me? Whenever I click on the support button that I'm ending it even the page, not get closer to support.

iworld Macworld convention alternatives?

Hello With IDG macworld iworld paused, there are any other similar, held conventions in the United States? Thank you

Receipt of the notice of my validated activities

It seems that I get no notification of my answer posted activities. I tried to add my preferences option, but I get thousands of emails. I just want to receive MY messages update only. Any DETAILED response will be appreciated. Thank you

Is there anyone actually followed this forum?

I am disappointed by the lack of useful answers by apple (or anyone else). Is it only a notice of peer to peer service / anecdotal, or them are there and customers real representatives of the service in question here? Sorry to be in a bad mood, but..
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