Graphic Alienware amplifier + Nvidia Quadro cards

Hi, I have the Alienware 15 R2 - Core i7-6700HQ + GTX 970 m. I want to ask you if the graphic amplifier supports Nvidia Quadro graphics cards? I have read that these cards "optimize" and "Push" 3D and architectural programs such as Autodesk Maya, AutoCAD etc.

Will support the amplifier NVIDIA Quadro M2000 / M4000 / M5000 or the M6000? Are there drivers for Alienware 15 R2? I have looked for answers on the web, but found nothing. Thanks in advance.


The AGM was never tested/validated with the Quadro drivers or Quadro GPU video card. We validated only on the following video cards =.
NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660/660Ti/670/680/690/760/760Ti/770/780/780Ti/960/970/980/980Ti/TitanX/1070/1080
AMD Radeon HD 5970/6990/7870/7950/8770/8870/8950/8970
AMD Radeon R9 270/270 x/280/280 x, 285, 290, 290 x/390/390 x

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  • Engine Mercury works only with NVidia Quadro cards?

    Fellow Forum members,

    Prices for NVidia Quadro cards are INCREDIBLY expensive. Finally, I checked the prices were as shown below:

    Quadro 6000 = $4,000

    Quadro 5000 = $1,800

    Quadro 4000 = $1,000

    My question to someone there is '' done the Mercury Motors CS5 for After Effects and Premiere Pro exclusively work onlly with Nvidia Quadro series cards? ''

    If the answer to my question is NO, then I would that this thread can be dedicated to the sharing of alternative solutions for graphics cards that will not burst his portfolio.

    My motherboard supports technology ATI CrossFireX Quad, 3 - Way CrossFireX and CrossFireX and NVIDIA Quad SLI, 3 - Way SLI, and SLI technology.

    My way of thinking, that's if I could use two or three ATI cards bridged together to match 80% of the performance of Quadro 6000 at a fraction of the cost, I'd be happy.  However, the bump in the road is if the motor Mercury of CS5 is compatible with bridged ATI graphics cards together?  Motor Mercury of CS5 cares what type of graphics resident cards into the motherboard in order to deliver 100% of the performance?   Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    In addition, CS5 does not use SLI technology

    It uses only 1 graphics card

    This thread explains some good stuff

    information seems accurate

    hope this helps


  • Graphic Alienware amplifier and VR on Unreal engine

    I am trying to install a RV (portable) system for our graphic group Unreal. Main objective of demo of the project through HMD VR for customers in remote locations. the big rig is too heavy to transport people.

    I would like to know if I buy an Alienware Laptop 15 + of the amplifier of graphics, I would be able to run Unreal Engine and use Oculus or HTC display mount on the laptop with the Oculus head using the GTX 980ti inside the amplifier of graphics?

    Thank you


    Yes, it will work. See this link:

  • Question: Dell Computer Graphics Alienware amplifier (9R7XN)

    I ordered one of them and have only an hour to cancel before shipment. I have the Alienware 17 touchscreen laptop, do not ask the version I have no idea, and unfortunately, I am currently at work. It has the 980M and the I7 processor. Apparently it works with 17 now correct?

    I eventually found the EVGA GTX980 class. I read somewhere that he did. No other real reason... Should I change this?

  • Upgrading Latitude D830 to Nvidia Quadro

    Our IT Department has just purchased our Latitude D830 but did not order the requested 256 MB Nvidia Quadro video card and we have the onboard graphics instead.

    Is it possible to buy Nvidia Quadro cards and install it on our existing laptops?

  • Graphics NVIDIA Quadro K200M equals what retail cards?

    I have a workbook of Elite 8570w with standard the Quadro K200M graphics chip.

    In order to determine whether my computer is running properly a game in particular, it would be useful to know what ATI or Nvidia graphics card in retail, which equals.  I don't see the K200M mentioned on the site in any game specifications or Nvidia.  I then check the graphic minimum/recommended specifications before buying this game (for the hours of leisure, of course).

    Caramel thanks... I obviously need new shows too! K2000M not K200M!
    provides comparison I was looking for.

  • Workstation XW4300: xw4300 will not work with the recommended graphics card (Nvidia Quadro FX 3400)

    I installed a graphics card hoping to update my computer.  The Nvidia Quadro FX 3400 was the highest assigned

    graphics card recommended for the workstation xw4300 system HP specifications page.  My system

    has a 460W power supply and I connected the cable 6-pin on the map and the map pins in the PCIe x 16 slot where

    the old card was.

    When I turned on the machine, I don't have even get a bios message or welcome screen.  All black.  But on all 10

    seconds, the power would cycle off and then come back.  HP says that this map is supposed to work with my machine!

    This card appears, making it non-functional.

    Any ideas?

    I ended up going with the Nvidia Quadro FX 1400 card.  He is listed as 75W and the map of 'medium' recommended for this xw4300 system.  I paid 10 dollars for it on eBay and it works great.  Do not use the Quadro FX 3400 map even if it is recommended by HP for this machine.  Food can't support.

    A witch hunt.  Equipment old and new software don't always play nice.  My machine has a new installation of Windows 7 Pro 64 bit on it, and running Windows Experience Index gives me the blue screen of death.  I put a meter on the power during the test problems... No..  It's a kind of driver incompatibility.  Win 7 says that the driver is the last, but he chokes on the

    test the index.  Funny irony is that I ran other tests which include benchmarking 3D rendering and nothing, but the Microsoft Windows Experience Index test stifles this card.  How about you do not run the Microsoft test to improve my Windows experience.  :/  Go figure.

    This card is older hardware, and because of that I don't have hope than Nvidia or Microsoft to make Windows experience test runs correctly with win7 64 OS.  Sounds like HP.

    Here's the kudo: the guy on eBay who I bought the card quickly refunded my money when he learned about the Blue error screen of death in Windows performance index test, so I did a free card.  I'll send her money

    Back to him.  I've never met anyone so accommodating.  These companies could take a lesson from that on what customer service means.  That's how you get regular customers.

  • W530 NVIDIA Quadro K5100M graphics card upgrade


    Can I upgrade my W530 of NVIDIA Quadro K2000M graphics card NVIDIA Quadro K5100M?

    Thanks in advance.

    eGPU through slot ExpressCard USB isn't.

  • Problems with the Precision M4400 and the graphic card Nvidia quadro 770M

    I have a problem with my Precision M4400 and Nvidia Quadro 770 M. After I installed Windows 7 64 bit, I have problems with the graphics card. I get a blue screen or graphic errors. I tried several versions of the driver. In the Nvidia forum had this problem even more. Here, they told me that only a BIOS update for the graphics card to solve the problem. Update the BIOS, but I should refer by DELL. So my question is this problem with Dell is also known, and there is already an update of the BIOS to the Quadro 770 M?

    Hi all

    I have the solution by chance. I was looking for the latest drivers GeForce for Windows 7 x 64 and I read the accompanying note:
    On page 17, you can read the following note to fix: "[GeForce FX 770 M] [portable]: blocking of the blue screen occurs after Windows starts."

    Of course, GeForce FX 770 M does not exist (and never was), and it should be Quadro FX 770 M. I can bet that nVidia has corrected this famous BSOD problem in the wrong driver because always there is nothing about any "Quadro FX 770 M - fix" in the note accompanying the latest Quadro (340.52) driver.

    You try the GeForce driver above, but to install it, you may need to download an INF file modified with the addition of the ID of Quadro FX 770 M (= "NVIDIA_DEV.065C ="NVIDIA Quadro FX 770 M"). Try without the first modified INF file because the Quadro FX 770 M is listed as a compatible chip in the version of the driver GeForce 337.88 note...

    I'll try that, even though I am completely sastified with the latest driver for Quadro (feasible) (285.62) without disable Powermizer. I did not try the latest Quadro drivers again (to be honest).

    Late me know please.

  • How to install the graphics card Nvidia Quadro 4000 in Dell R710

    Hi all

    I read a lot about the installation of the Nvidia Quadro PCIe x 16 card in a Dell R710.  I know what parts I need to order (Dell GP347 PCI-e left Riser), but I don't know how to install the power cable 6 pin required by the Nvidia card.  Where would connect it to the motherboard Dell R710?  Is there a place to connect?  If not, is there some type of power provides I can hang the 6-pin power Cable from Nvidia and power the server?  Any help would be appreciated.

    It's a bit old now, but thought I would answer that I had this work and very happy with the performance!

    In addition to editing card, that I needed, there is NO way to provide the power that the card must provide without a power SUPPLY.  There is a really small box listed on Newegg called "ePOWER EP - 450CD 450W ATX12V/EPS12V modular juice dedicated to the area of graphics card and CPU of power".  Buy and run the GPU power cable to an empty PCI slot at the back of the Dell server.

    I also bought some video cards NVidia Quadro 4000 2 GB GDDR5 PCIe for each of my 5.5 ESXi servers. Also, I left my active integrated video graphics card and it is always primary for my hypervisor.

    Download and install the NVidia ESXi drivers on their site and follow the directions to install.  Reset.

    I use sVGA with my Horizon offices and downloaded a trial version of Sketch-Up to test the 3D.  They have a community of users who post 3D renderings and you can download it directly from the Sketch-up program.  Cruise around and check the performance.

    As a side note, I noticed IE worked worse way by using the GPU when browsing the internet.  Go to settings, advanced in Internet Explorer and has the option at the top of the page "use rendering software instead of GPU".  This change makes IE works as expected.

  • SLI and NVIDIA quadro graphics card

    Is it possible to use with view, graphics nvidia quadro in SLI mode?

    No, the SLI is a different beast.

    It is possible, but not supported in some way, to devote 2 GPU:s to a virtual office and you can then potentially use 1 of the gpu:s for load calculation and graphics.


  • Missing GPU acceleration with graphics NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card

    HI -.

    I have a PC running Windows 7 with a NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card and 16 GB of RAM. I have Premiere Pro CS6 v6.0.5 and first Pro CC v7.2.2 (just installed).

    When I create a new project in CC, my only option under video rendering and playback is Mercury Playback Engine software only. However, when I open a project in CS6, I get this option and also Mercury Playback Engine GPU accelerated (CUDA).

    Any thoughts on why the GPU option would not put at my disposal in CC?


    Yes. 334,95 is the correct driver. Pilots who are CUDA 5.0 are no longer supported in Premiere Pro.


    Peter Garaway


    Premiere Pro

  • Graphics NVIDIA Quadro 4000 card

    I see that the new Fermi based Nvidia Quadro 4000 is now available. Does anyone know if or when there first and After effects CS5 support for this card? Any comparison with 470 or 480 available?

    People has generally tend to skimp on the PSU, you are. It is one of the components most neglected and difficult to diagnose when mysterious problems, but a block of POWER: 425 W will not cut it. Get at least a 600W unit and it's the bare minimum. with the very overvalued and underspecced Quadro 4000. Go even higher with a price much more affordable and powerful 470.

  • Setting up the graphics of Alienware amplifier

    I need assistance with setting up the graphics of Alienware amplifier. I just got a graphics (GTX 950) and I installed the mobile drivers as suggested. When I try to enter in the Nvidia Control Panel to move to my external GPU it will not appear when I right-click in the menu. But it does when the amplifier is not connected.


    Here are some videos that can help you put in place the amplifier.



    The GTX 950 video card is not one of the cards that summer that Dell certified to run on the amplifier of graphics. Here is the list of supported cards:

  • NVIDIA Quadro 1000 M graphic appearing is not under ThinkVantage system information

    I just got a W520, and I wonder why in "Multimedia" in the information system of ThinkVantage the Nvidia Quadro 1000 M card graphic is not appear. Maybe it's not supposed to. All that I see listed is 'Video card - Intel(r) HD Graphics Family', ' display - ThinkPad display 1600 x 900 ", and" sound card...»» "Not sure why Nvidia would not have shown here.

    because there are two gpu in your system, when you are not using anything intensive GPU that it switches to gpu intel HD and if you do 3D, games, or anything that requires the most powerful GPU, then your GPU Nvidia comes into play.

    You can switch to the discrete gpu under the menu of the bios (under the screen).

Maybe you are looking for

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