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PS6010XV Control Module battery high temperature warnings

I get the event log entries on my warranty EqualLogic PS6010XV switch between: 28.3.114 control module 0 battery sensor 46C temperature is above the threshold of 45 C warning. and 28.2.29 sensor reading high temperature is now within the limits of us

Office order Delay, us

Hello, I ordered Dell to office last month. Now, the order has been delayed. Is that common or I'll have my office next week? Please help me and I really need them before Christmas day

the upgrade of my Alienware m18x r2 RAPIDS Questions

Hello yall I have some quick questions. My system is a gtx win8 - 675 m i7-3630qm Alienware m18x r2. I read that the 3840qm and the 3920xm are very similar and the price level for the 3920xm is not worth for an upgrade if money is a problem. In this

Where to get the old aurora ALX drinking?

I finally fixed a problem had my ram whereall is not being read, and before attaching it I thought that perhaps a bios upgrade would do (actually I just need to extract them and put em in a few times) but since I have upgraded to the new bios I const

Alienware AlienFX problem 51 x

I recently purchased the Alienware r2 x 51 since the Dell, all etc updates website So it is on Windows 8 or 8.1, whatsoever, in any case I went to watch to change the light on my computer system and could not understand how do, I went to google to he

AlienFX not connecting no more (Area 51)

2 days ago, I have dust to clean the inside of my Area 51. Just after cleaning, I turned on my desktop, but AlienFX refuses to establish the connection and the fan speed is also much higher than normal. I have re-installed AlienFX, but without succes

Battery tips

Am awaiting delivery of an Alienware 18. I've seen conflicting advice from battery to extend the life of the battery, IE is the ability to hold a charge. Is it better to leave it plugged in all the time, unless I need to run on battery (I know is lim

M17x NVidia 9400M and GTX 280M SLI Drivers

I checked the Dell driver page, the last time, the pilots of this laptop was last updated August 2010.  It's pretty shameful.  Spend us a lot of money on these laptops and NO support driver. Why do we not get a updated driver or at least you could fr

Alienware 14 locked

My alienware recently updated to 8.1, and when I restarted it, it made me enter my information just as it did when I first bought. But after I logged, nothing has shown up on my desk, I realize now that he made an account with my namesake, but don't

Alienware x 51 R2 - constant of GPU fan and not setting / self-regulate

Hello My apologies if this is a repeat post! Recently purchased (2 months ago) my x 51 R2 and its been running great however after each start-up now, in a few minutes the GPU fan automatically goes into action at 50%. I use the fan speed to monitor t

Alienware Mx17 R2 GPU upgrade

I was wondering if someone would have some suggestions on a GPU for my Alienware MX 17 R2 upgrade.  I am running with ATI 4870 HD Mobility card. I was running with 2 but it turned bad :( Thank you I'll take suggestions :)

SSD in new ALX R4 installation and what makes the startup disk

Have just ordered a new R4 ALX. Would have preferred to order a combo HDD SSD, but Dell didn't, this combo and the largest SSD they available was 512 GB. Thus, when the new PC arrives, I intend to install a 840 Samsung 1 TB mSATA SSD EVO (using an Ic

Alienware17 mouse mat turns off when the keyboard is active

Hello I got my new laptop Alienware 17, but have a problem. I have a game that uses the WASD keys to move and mouse to shoot, but this laptop does not work with it. Each time I click a button on the keyboard, the mouse pad is not working. I have to s


Hello. I was wondering if I could spend my 2 years, Alienware M17x R3, so it can run games next gen a higher FPS. My current features are: I7 2670qm GTX 560 m 8 GB RAM I was thinking about upgrading my CPU card or graphics because they play more impo

Alienware X 51 gel pc wifi drivers

I've owned this thing for nearly 1 year and this is the first time I came across a problem of gel. 1 day, I decided to update all my drivers off the dell support page and my pc has not been good since. My computer never train for about 1 min 2mins wh

Office spare parts

Hello all, where is a source of relaible for direct replacement of parts for (other than Dell) desktop computers?

OptiPlex 330 (tour) - compatible power supplies?

I have a Dell Optiplex 330 minitower with a 305 Watt power supply. I get an absolute beast of a video soon card that exceeds the power of this power supply - unfortunately I need about 400 Watts for safety. I need to know if I need a diet that says e

Need replacement for fan for extraction 531 assistance?

I put an oc bfg8800gt in my 531 and replaced the power supply to an antec ea500w.i ordered a cooler exhuast pci slot (should be heer in a few days) my slow time are run between 53 - like him a little cooler and Ive noticed that the case fan mov

2nd question on upgrading my CPU

I have a Dimension 4700 with intel 3.4 ht. I tested the material and showed me Intel 915 express, 915 g/p/gv chipset. ................ The motherboard model is dell # OM 3918. I would like to know, which is the biggest CPU I can install on this mothe

64 MB to 128 MB ATI Mobility Radeon X 300 conflicts? Inspiron 6000...

I just bought a graphics card ATI Mobility Radeon X 300 128 MB (part #W5320) card to replace the 64 MB version (part #GD296) on my Inspiron 6000. Installed the 128 MB but my 6000 won't even turn on. Replace the old 64 MB or the 6000 began without any
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