Hardware and software CAN measure entered differently?

Hi, I'm an application that measures the speed of the wind using crio-9012 and NI 9423 (DIO)

I have the sensor that generates output voltage at different orientations so when he gets shot it generates a type pwm duty cycle 50% wavefrom

When measured with the higher wind speed, it will be generating the signal with greater frequency

Now using labview, I'm trying to see if he can show me the right of the signal as I saw the scope, but it does not show me a good performance

When I rotate the sensor, the light of NI 9423 seems to blink at the right frequency (meaning work) but led I did LabVIEW flashes at a different frequency, not really to work

I don't see how this happens when both LEDs are managed by the same code, the diffrenece is a material is and the other is software

What should I do?


I think that's the problem. Your code is very simple and there is nothing really go. This means that the LED will change very quickly in the resolution of Nova Scotia. The way you look at the façade of the FPGA VI is made using what we call the Interactive Communication of front panel which is not deterministic. This means that as the target FPGA block diagram continues to run, the host updates the values in the FPGA VI front window as often as possible. But, it is not possible to update the rate the FPGA VI running, nor is it possible to transfer this data to the host at that rate there since both are running at different speeds (FPGA your code runs at ns while the UI can be updated by ms). Let me know if you do not understand this.

Communication interactive front panel

If I were you, I would test the flashing by placing a kind of counter and count the number of state changes.

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