Have problems with the Audio after upgrade to Windows 10

I got a free upgrade for Windows 10 option on my laptop Acer Aspire SW5-011. Everything seemed to work fine, except that I don't bother checking the audio before deleting the files Windows 8... Even if the computer thinks that the Audio drivers work very well that they are not. I have tried everything that I could find online to see if I could get any sound, but nothing has worked. I updated the drivers, kidnapped rebooted and updated the drivers, I tried to find the other acceptable drivers and other follow-up steps. "When I go to reading tab in the sound and click speakers, and then I go to the Advanced tab, the default format said, ' 16 bit, 48000 hrtz ' is grey, I can't click on it and when I try to test it says:"Cannot play testtone" It's as if something prevents me from accessing or it acts like I'm not pregnant? The speaker driver is called "Intel SSD Audio Device. The audio worked fine before downloading. Is it possible to fix my Audio, or to have access to it yet?


Good so I had to update my post because I had to give the good news! However, that is how I am and I almost try everything and tinkering with different things. My audio works now. I went back the download Acer drivers and manual for my camera and I checked under 32-bit Windows 8, which was windows available. I installed my ID which has been deleted before when I had restarted or any number of things, I tried, and then I went in Drivers and installed the Master Installer. I made sure that I extracted all the files before proceeding with the installation. After it restarted my laptop I heard the Windows startup sound and I knew that it worked because I had no sound at all before. Not sure why it worked, but it did! I felt there was some sort of missing file or a compatibility issue, I'm just happy that the program helped master installation. http://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/drivers/5687;-; SW5-011 #_ga = 1.21697787.1131678756.1448199856

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    After that I've upgraded to windows vista I had problem with the touchpad, that I'm not?

    Can U help me!

    Maybe when you tell us what model of laptop you have. ;)

  • Problem with the rules after upgrade of the VM in foglight cartridge


    There is a small problem with the rules after that I updated the VM cartridge level.

    In the default rules, I changed a few settings so that they will act as I need.

    However, each time I upgrade VM cartridge my rules are off and marked as backup.

    The question is: is there a way to upgrade the cartridge and keep my active rules after upgrading?

    Best regards


    This is the normal behavior according to this KB article


    105872 knowledge article

    • Title

      Backup rules fill in the dashboard management rule after Foglight upgraded
    • Description

      After that an upgrade of Foglight was conducted, several backup rules are created for rules that have been published before the upgrade. For example:

      Cluster VMW IO network
      Cluster VMW IO network (backup)

    • Resolution

      During the upgrade procedure, the FMS has detected that some of the original rules have been changed in some way. It copies the rules previously upgraded in backups, before trying to merge the contents of the update rule in the former.

      Assuming that the FMS works as expected, the rules of backup can be deleted. However, it is best to confirm this in the respect of the rules first before making deletions.

      When editing rules, particularly rules OOTB (out of the box), it is recommended to copy the original rule, disable the original rule and edit the copied rule. This should reduce the risk of the problem described in this Article.


  • I can not install Lightroom 6 after a problem with the pc and upgrade to Windows 10. "Errors occurred on your installation.


    I am a user of Lightroom 4 since it came out and it worked fine.

    My system is based on a motherboard Asus Maximus III, the Intel Core i7 875K 2.93 GHz processor, card EVGA Geforce GTX 960 Graphics, Corsair Vengeance 8 GB of RAM.

    I used to have Windows 7 Home Eng 64 bit on it.

    After installing Lightroom 6 everything is fine again, but then the evil came:

    There was a problem with the pc, so I had to use the restore before installing Lightroom 6 point, bringing back me to Lightroom 4

    The problem is that somehow my internetbrowsers stopped working one by one. A virus? Norton was running, so it shouldn't.

    The restoration of an early version did not help the problem

    I needed the PC for work so I installed the free update for Windows 10

    Now, I can not install my Lightroom 6 more: it keeps giving me the following box:


    Of course stop the firewall did not help. Looks like a standard sentence as well.

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    Thank you for reading.

    Settle in the right forum.

  • Problems with the audio after reading

    Sorry in advance if this has been asked before but I'm not 100% sure on how to describe the problem im having with my audio after export. Here is a link to the video - https://Drive.google.com/file/d/0Byffs2-9EE3bdDdWcDNVNGVaMnc/Edit?USP=Sharing . * Please TAKE NOTE THAT THE LYRICS ARE EXPLICITES AND so THAT THE VIDEO CAN BE OF A GAME VIDEO IT IS GRAPH * then the audio sounds fine edition and when I export the level is of approximately - 18 dB, but when you play quicktime sounds almost like his crackling and popping and im not sure why. If this made a difference im playing through some monitors connected through my AU Apollo Quad interface. Thanks to anyone who can help understand me what's wrong.

    Just an update. It turns out it was my interface. He plays very well with quicktime, but I downloaded VLC and it works fine now. Thanks again.

  • Problems with the Audio after export in Premiere Pro CS3

    I am currently working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 and after that I have export my project to an AVI or MPEG (does not seem to matter), you can hear the buzz stirred in the background during the entire video.

    The audio sounds absolutely perfect everything while listening to him itself, it is only after I export it.  This is the first time it happened, I've never had these problems before.

    I tried to turn off multiplexing, I tried MPEG2 vs DVD in multiplexing with no difference.  I tried MPEG vs PCM as audio format, I tried different frequency, different bitrates, constant or Variable and nothing seems to work.  More funny, if I export as a part of the video, the audio seems fine.  It is only if I export the entire video I have that noise of snoring, restless in the background.  I thought that maybe it is just a file in the project which is the cause, but no matter what part of the video I export, it sounds good... I don't understand.

    I have attached an example of my problem in this post... anyone got any ideas?

    To Render & replace, select an Audio Clip and choose (Toolbar) Clip > Audio Options > Render and replace. A new Audio Clip will be created and will replace the Audio Clip selected in the timeline panel.

    Now, there's these Audio Clips of multiplex Audio & video, files or separate the Audio Clips?

    Good luck


  • Problems with the files after upgrade of Sierra

    Installed at Sierra 10.12 4 days ago on my 2010 IMac running Lion 10.7.5 did not a specific backup on the hard disk running on time machine assumes that the last backup should be sufficient.

    1 problem is that my 15 000 pictures present date instead of filing in the events as they have always been.

    2 mail seems lost several mailboxes that I had installed in the margin to quickly drag and drop INFO and interesting technical questions.

    3. I have a stream of photos don't drop-down after a few days, which will not go away it just keep reappears not no this that I still need it for.

    4 never used the cloud but considering buying iPad and dumping of my old Apple laptop not likely with the capacity of 128 GB.

    A year ago, Apple went from iPhoto to the new Photos app. If you have questions Photos I would re-post in this forum. Can be found the link to it by clicking on the Photos for Mac

    About your mail, try to rebuild your mailboxes and if this does not work, you may have to re-create the mailbox store that you had previously.

    On the planned purchase of an iPad, you have a question or was it just a comment?

  • Problem with the smilies after upgrade to

    After the upgrade to new Skype smileys (as (bhangra), (rabbit), (red) etc.) are not displayed in cats but only the words in brackets instead of them.

    Please, continue to release new versions with bugs!

    After upgrade to all the smileys are displayed well.

    Even without disconnection/connection.

    Thank you!

  • Should I bother to install the KB3177467 update? Everyone says that they have problems with the PC after installation

    Need to know what to do...

    Hey Kevin,

    We strongly recommend that install you it as it is intended as an important update. As noted on the article on KB3177467, Servicing stack update is one most important elements for the system and it contains .dll files that will allow your computer to be able to run even better.

    If you have a problem installing it the update of Windows, on the same link provided above, you have an option to install the stand-alone Installer (32-bit / 64-bit).

    Let us know if you have other concerns.

  • Hello! I have problems with the bluetooth audio


    Help, please! I have problems with the bluetooth, when I use jambox with my laptop for audio streams, the freezing of the computer laptop everything for every 5 seconds. I don't know wat to do...

    I would update the drivers of BT:

    http://us.Acer.com/AC/en/us/content/drivers/4732;-; Longs % 20V3 - 772G

    Select windows as the operating system 8.1

    Check if you have Broadcom or Atheros

  • audio device / I have a problem with the audio device from my computer

    No puedo playsecure musica in mi equipo nor any type of audio creo what must an audio to a problema con el device of

    I can´t listen to music or any audio on my computer. He said that there is a problem with the audio device... I Don t know that I have to do!
    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • HP 470 G3 laptop: I have problem with multimedia Audio Controller

    I have instaled Windows 7 ultimate 64bite on my laptop and instaled all the driver I have can not install for sound and can't find it. I have problem with Multimedia Audio Contorller I try to auto update, but it does not work. Please help me guys.

    Thank you

    I recommend that you contact HP technical support and submit a case of covered by the guarantee.

  • Satellite Pro A120: I have problems with the installation of the graphics driver for W2k

    I installed windows 2000 on an A120, the system is fully packed and service updated before I even start to install the necessary drivers, I am unable to restart the system. I once, install as recommended drivers that I have problems with the graphics driver because it will not be installed because it requires a reboot and then I can't install new programs that require a restart that the driver has not been installed correctly.

    The laptop is a Pro A120, age of 1 week and came with XP home, because of this toshiba will not offer me support I changed the o/s even though they obviously support 2000 on this laptop, because they provide the drivers.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you use and install the drivers from the Toshiba driver page right?
    The drivers of Toshiba W2k for Satellite Pro A120 have been published and are ready!

    But please pay attention to the Toshiba drivers.
    There are two different sets of Satellite Pro A120, with different drivers W2k!
    After choosing the good laptop and download the drivers please follow the proper installation order that is indicated in the document "installation instructions"! Check it!

    I think that if you follow this guide line everything works and runs correctly. Good luck

  • I have problems with the mail (El Capitan)

    I have problems with the mail

    See writing an effective communities of Apple support question.

    Without knowing what are these problems there is no way we can really help you.

    Try this:

    Start the computer in Safe Mode, and then restart normally. It will be slower than a normal startup.

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Reset the PRAM and NVRAM on your Mac.

    Repair the hard drive and permissions - El Capitan

    HD recovery start:

    Restart the computer and after the buzzer, press on and hold down the COMMAND and R until the menu screen appears.


    When the recovery menu appears, select disk utility and press the continue button. Disk utility charges and select Macintosh HD entry indented from the list on the left.  Click the first aid tab in the toolbar... If disk utility reports any errors that have been corrected, then re-run first aid until no errors are reported. Wait until the operation is complete, then quit disk utility and return to the main menu. Select restart from the Apple menu.

    Now, download and reinstall OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Combo Update.

  • Satellite U300-13U - iTunes has detected a problem with the audio configuration

    Please can someone help me? I have a laptop U300-13U and that you have installed iTunes on it. However, when I open iTunes I get an error message saying 'iTunes has detected a problem with the audio configuration and may not play correctly' which is an understatement - it does not at all!

    I uninstalled, reinstalled iTunes and Quicktime, but in vain. I have searched and exhausted the iTunes support boards but have nowhere either. The sound is fine as I can read CDs with no problems at all. The only suggestion I can get is that there may be a problem with the audio device magnet is not Apple and vice versa.

    Does anyone have AN idea at all as to what might be going on here? I'm completely out of my depth, I'm just a simple girl who wants to play his music!

    Thank you so much.


    I don t use iTunes so I m not an expert player but first of all, you must give us some important information:
    -What operating system do you use?
    -Are you using the factory settings (Toshiba Recovery disk) or your own version of Windows
    -Do you have the yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    OK, iTunes says that there is an audio configuration problem so do you trying to update the audio driver? If this isn't the case, you should try it.
    See the Web from Toshiba site for an update and see what happens. Then validate your result:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Welcome them

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