HCl ec2 tecnology invites dynamic buffer

WARNING: less than 10% of the current dynamic buffer. Please retrieve or save as soon as possible.

Hi vittesh,

When you get this error message?

To better understand the question, please provide more details about the problem you are having, we will try to help you solve the problem.

If this happens on the application of HCL, you can check with them for known problems


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  • What to do when the dynamic buffer HCL EC2 technology invites the warning

    Warning: current dynamics of buffer memory less than 10%. Please retrieve or save as soon as possible. Protection system must be more dynamic buffer. Please choose operation immediately:

    1 retrieve the data from the partition
    2. save the data in the partition
    Ratio of the alarm:
    Lower current dynamic buffer (10%)

    This is due to a software of HCL EC2 HCL utility installed on this computer.

    In the taskbar of HCL EC2 bin will be there.

    Right click on it. From the menu select take snapshot. It will take a minute leass.

    After that just restart the system.

    If you are unable to boot into Windows, restart the PC Home button press before the entry of the POST screen.

    HCL EC2 console will come. From that, you can select take snapshot option.

  • Default OBIEE setting a 'quarter' invites dynamically


    I'm having issues affecting the default of a prompt "quarter" dynamic based on the month sysdate is in. If the month is January-March, it should be Q1, if she is from April to June, it's Q2... etc.

    I changed the default selection of SQL result and put in the following code:

    SELECT BOX WHEN EXTRACT (MONTH FROM sysdate) IN (1,2,3) and THEN "Q1" double WHEN RETRIEVED (MONTH OF sysdate) (4,5,6) and THEN "Q2" double WHEN RETRIEVED (MONTH OF sysdate) (7,8,9) THEN "Q3" double ELSE 'T4' LATE double

    However, it seems that it does not work and there is no default value. Can someone help me? Thank you!

    ~ Kevin Sun

    Hi Kevin (you can try perhaps to set a nickname instead of 2990287).

    The problem is that "Result SQL" SQL logical result.

    OBIEE is the build engine SQL, so you never get real physics SQL directly (with the exception of DDR) it will just make all the RPD and useless modeling.

    If in this field, you must enter a query LSQL.

    If your values are Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4, it is actually very simple:

    FROM "A - Sample Sales"

    Where ' A - Sample Sales "can be any area you have access to (just use the one that is used in the analysis of the page if you do not have any problem of permission).

    You can test your query LSQL by using Administration > SQL question page to make sure that your LSQL is correct and works fine.


  • Read file dynamic buffer


    I did as you read information from a text file in my dynamic stamp.

    I try simple:

    Event.Value = this.importTextData ("/ c/temp/pdf.txt", 0)

    But this is not goog, have an idea?

    Finally, I used the question simple popup with this code:

    // Dialog Definition
    var oDlg = {
        strName: "", initialize: function(dialog) {
        commit: function(dialog) {
            var data = dialog.store();
            this.strName = data[ "usnm"];
        description: {
            name: "Test Dialog", elements: [ {
                type: "view", elements: [
                    { name: "Enter your name:", type: "static_text", },
                    { item_id: "usnm", type: "edit_text", char_width: 15 },
                    { type: "ok_cancel", },
    // Dialog Activation
    oDlg.strName = "Texte";
        if( "ok" == app.execDialog(oDlg)) {
        event.value = oDlg.strName;

    Thanks for your help

  • JavaScript to insert the dynamic buffer

    In the PDF form, Java script for a dynamic insertion stamp 'Received' or 'Approved' as well as of the author by default, date etc...

    I created a PDF form button, when the button is clicked, the "Receipt" dynamic annotation stamp stamp to insert in the particular position. Please, let me know the java script for this action.

    Make sure that you select a comment from stamp applied (using the mouse) before you run this code.

  • Custom dynamic buffer to the Signature of 'living '.

    I use Acrobat Pro DC. I would like to create custom stamps based on a stamp, that must be used in the shop. The patch requires a webcam live signature and the date. Is it possible to create a custom dynamic stamp that loads an image of a signature of people with the current date?

    Thank you

    To edit a stamp, you need to know where it is stored as a PDF file (all stamps are stored in PDF files with one or several pages and pages of real stamp identified as "page templates"). There are two options for which these stamps are stored: in the level stamp of user directory, or the stamp of application-level directory. Where are these directories depends on your version of Acrobat, your operating system (and version), and the type of computer you are using (32-bit or 64-bit).

    Assume that you use Acrobat 11 on Windows 7, 8 or 10, then the level user directory would be as follows:


    Application-level directory would be (that's a 32-bit system - the 64-bit system référenceriez "Program Files (x 86)"):

    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 11.0\Acrobat\plug_ins\Annotations\Stamps\ENU

    Your files of stamp will names cryptic when you created them through the Acrobat stamp tool (and in this case, they would be also found in the directory of user level).

    To add a form field with Adobe Acrobat DC, you must start the form editor after the stamp file loading. "You do it via Tools > form prepare"-once active, you will find the fields of different shape on the toolbar:

    Once you have added a field, you can display its properties by right-clicking on the field (which implies that the form editor is still active), and then select 'Properties' from the menu. After that, you should be able to add your date script as script custom logic in the tab "calculate."

  • How to make a dynamic buffer only appear when the document is printed?

    I have a set of procedure only if viewed in PDF format electronically stamp must stay hidden... IF the procedures are printed, I want dynamic stand to appear in the printed version: 'printed versions of this procedure is only valid for 1 week after the print date.

    I created the dynamic stamp it works well I don't know how to be hidden until the print.

    Use a field instead of a stamp. A field can be set to be visible only on the printed copy and not on the screen.

  • Copy dynamic buffer between users

    I have created a dynamic and Interactive stamp using Adobe 9 PRO and I was wondering the best way to implement the transverse stamp.  My understanding is that you must create stamp image before adding the custom fields and calculations of script.  I tried to move the stamp duly filled in the 'Documents and Settings' folder users, but once I have create the stamp on the new local machine... it becomes static (as expected).  Thanks in advance!

    The entire stamp file, Yes.

  • Get error "dynamics of buffer is full" on a Lenova computer

    I get a message that my "Dynamic buffer is full" I make an instant backup and instant recovery, then make a rear support to clear the message. After doing all this I always get a message in the coming days. How do I clear this message once and for all?


    ·         Using Lenovo's Onekey program?

    ·         Were there any changes made on the computer before the show?

    ·         What is the available disk space on the computer?

    Problem seems to be related with the OneKey Recovery WARNING try uninstalling then reinstalling the program and check if you get the warning message. For more information contact Lenovo support: https://forums.lenovo.com/

    You can follow these methods and see if it helps:

    Method 1:

    Perform a clean boot to verify if any third-party application is causing the problem, as the clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts. Follow these steps in this article to start the computer in a clean boot.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista and Windows 7


    Warning: After using the boot is a way to solve your problem step 7 follow-up to reset the computer to start as usual.

    Method 2:

    You can help solve some computer problems and improve the performance of your computer by making sure that your hard disk has no errors.

    Check your hard drive for errors


    Important: All performing hard disk the disk check if bad sectors are found on the disc hard when the disk check try to repair this area so all available data on this risk to be lost

    Method 3:

    Try to optimize Windows Vista for better performance and check if it helps:

    Optimize Windows Vista for better performance

    For the anti-virus scanning:

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

  • Dynamic buffers WITH Signature fields?

    I'm curious to see if anyone knows how to make a dynamic buffer which includes signature fields already set up when the stamp is added? Is it still possible?

    There are times where I need to send several documents at once with their own unique timbre, but having to constantly put the stamp and then add 11 signature fields (in my case) per document is quite heavy.

    Thanks in advance!

    When a dynamic stamp is applied in all fields are automatically

    flattened, so if you care about the signature is valid (IE, not

    just an image of a signature or something like that), then a stamp may not be

    used for this purpose.

  • Dynamically add guests?

    I have a requirement: name of the language and competence, the user can select more than one language and for each language I have to select the level of qualification, how can I do this using Dashboard guests...

    I have an idea which, by making the name Languange prompt selection of unique dashboard and ability to Muti functions select and if I can give an option to the end user to add a new language so that it would add to the language and professionalism invites dynamically when the user clicks on 'ADD a new language', is it possible?

    all thought pls,

    Kind regards

    Hi user10744081,

    Looks like you are working with an ordered pair (language, jurisdiction). In addition to this, you want to have several sets of these ordered pairs i.e. (language, skill 1), (B, 2 jurisdiction language), etc.

    If you don't have abilities of multiple selections, then you wouldn't have problem. You might have just a dashboard invites with two columns: language and competence. However, when you add multiple selection, you lose the match. By example, if you have a dashboard invites with two columns, language and skill, and you had languages A and B skills 1 and 2 selected, there is no way of knowing if the language goes with skill 1 or 2 and the same thing for the B language.

    To remedy this, you must make a logical column who ordered your pair concatenated together, that is, LANGUAGE | ' - ' || JURISDICTION. This will enforce you are the couple order and maintains the relationship between language and competence. Then, you create a column in dashboard of multiple selections using this newly created column.

    That should satisfy your requirement.

    Good luck!


  • Created a Java Script but the need in Spanish

    In Adobe Standard X, I created the following Script for a dynamic buffer

    Event.Value = util.printd (a-mmm-yyyy ", new Date()");

    That would show

    January 5, 2015

    How to say the same thing but in Spanish. I want to display

    5 January-2015

    Windows 7 x 64

    Remove the options to Format selected for this field.

  • Add a watermark with fields with JavaScript / c#

    I want to add a watermark with JS method addWatermarkFromFile. The watermak is a PDF file that has fields where I can enter some information (user name, date, time, for example) and save it in the file watermak. If I use the Add Watermak in Acrobat X window, the contents of the fields appears in the watermark on the files. However, if I use JS this.addWatermarkFromFile (...) (that this either with all the parameters of seizures, or simply use a para the full path of the file watermark), watermak can be added, but the fields are completely absent. What I miss in JS? Thank you.

    PS please don't tell me to use the dynamic buffer. All this will be done in c# finnally. Custom dynamic stamp does not work with c# as I expected.

    Yes, addWatermarkfromFile will not focus on the fields.

    That's why I recommend making TWO DISTINCT operations.

    (1) stamp in the main parts of PDF

    (2) the fields (i.e. create new text watermark, etc.)

    From: santa-satan [email protected]<>[email protected]>

    Reply-To: "[email protected]<>[email protected]> ' [email protected]<>[email protected]>" "

    Date: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 06:26:18-0800

    To: Leonard Rosenthol [email protected]<>[email protected]>

    Subject: Add a watermark with fields with JavaScript / c#

    Add a watermark with fields with JavaScript / c#

    created by santa-satanhttp://forums.adobe.com/people/santa-satan> in Acrobat SDK - see the discussion complete onhttp://forums.adobe.com/message/4193350#4193350

  • Combining a circular buffer with dynamic data


    I am trying to save data in a test that surrounds an impact event to determine the period during which the acceleration passes a certain threshold. I want to record a second of data before and after the event occurs, I put the threshold crossing. The duration will be about 10-15 ms, so two seconds of data at 10 kHz will be a lot of data. I have my VI written so far to export the data from the buffer to an excel file, but is it possible that I could record an extra second of data and it concatenate into what I already have? I usually use the express VI of data collection for dynamic data collection and report generation specific excel live for static data, but how could combine the two?

    Any kind of conceptual thinking would be much appreciated.

    Thank you!

    What I've done in the past, is to use a queue of fixed size with the queue with loss to store data (is like a circular buffer).  Then, when the threshold is detected, recording a 1 second.  Your queue should now have 2 seconds of stored data that you can then write just to your file (use the status of the queue to get data without emptying the queue).

  • Can ' t open invitation or rdp file.

    I'm trying just to my wife's computer remotely.  Appears that the pc is fully able to connect.  Even can send invitation, but I can't open the file it sends.  Would like to know how this can help MOM in another city.  I have the new version of Microsoft Remote Desktop.

    While you are trying to connect to and share with a Microsoft Windows screen system?   Try to use the cord and see if you get any further.

    With Mac, it is common to use Messages and sharing screen, but Remote Desktop stuff usually means that a VPN in the remote system and some other details.  There are similar previous discussions here and here , which will give some background and ideas on general issues with remote access, dynamic DNS and networking, although you have to deal with windows shares separately.

    As alternative approach, a migration to an iPad can sometimes help people who have too much trouble with the complexity of a system of Mac OS X or Microsoft Windows.  That will not be eliminated problems and it's going to be a different USER interface to learn, but it may be simpler.

    Apple Remote Desktop is a product sold by Apple, and I guess that's probably not what you use here.  If you are having problems with the Microsoft Remote Desktop package, please check with the folks at Microsoft for assistance with this, I'm certainly not being good to provide assistance for Windows itself, either.

Maybe you are looking for