Ho labor-intensive place Adobe Premiere elements 13, Ho da knew PC, submitted by number di series product via da mail Adobe, NON RIESCO AD HAS "CONVALIDA DEL NUMBER DI SERIES!" Connesso an internet (Como ora), clicco su "convalida" my no s

Ho labor-intensive place Adobe Premiere elements 13, Ho da knew PC, submitted by number di series product via da mail Adobe, NON RIESCO AD HAS "CONVALIDA DEL NUMBER DI SERIES!" Connesso an internet (Como ora), clicco su "convalida" my non nulla succede. E sono 3 giorni che provo! STO rimpiangendo di aver the price made!



Something on your system or your local network you can contact Adobe servers. Make sure that your hosts file has an entry for adobe and make sure that any firewall software antivirus is not interfere.

Location of the hosts file:


Open hosts in Notepad and check if there are entries in adobe or not, if yes, then please rename the hosts to hosts.old and try again.

Let us know if this helps

Thank you


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    Ho labor-intensive tramite creative cloud it prodotto illustartor, all e andata a buon fine, ho gia con di confirmation mail received it codice ordine, my dopo aver seguito gli step reported arrival went finestar di Prova - scaduta-buy product. Dove posso find codice of it by Magdalene HAVE e cominciare a work? Grazie 1000

    Log, activation, or connection errors. CC, CS6, CS5.5


  • I just bought for my pc adobe photo shop and it says not valid for Adobe Premiere elements 14 serial number

    I bought Adobe photoshop elements 14 elements of first adobe 14 for my pc at Best Buy. It took me a redemption code and gave me a number of series, but when I click on download it gives me this message. This serial number is not valid for Adobe Premiere elements 14

    Please see

    Invalid serial number error

    Also, make sure that you do not enter a serial number Photoshop elements 14 for the first 14 elements. If a serial number is not accept then enter the second serial number and check.

  • "Adobe Premiere Elements 13.

    Hello, I have a question. When I use the serial number for the first time, in the future if I reinstall Adobe Premiere elements 13, I can reuse the same serial number or should I buy another? Thank you. (Sorry for my English) XD


    If you have already downloaded the tryout of first 13 items, you can go to the Adobe online store and buy a serial number for 13 Windows. After that you are given the number of series, you open the first of 13 elements tryout on your computer and then select buy (license of this product) in the tryout dialog box that says buy (license of this product) or continue Tryout. During the Buy (license for this product), it's when you insert the serial number when you are prompted to do this.

    If at any time you need to download additional files for the installation, don't forget to make sure that you download the installation for Windows 64-bit files.

    For now that Adobe launches new version of first items 14, 14 becomes the only trial that is offered. Before that, 13 is the only test that is offered. The test project file will be the watermark of Adobe. You can get rid of it after the purchase. But you can't get rid of the tattoo of the export of the project test Adobe file. More on that later.

    Adobe should release the new version in the next few days or weeks (coming soon).

    Please let us know if you're OK with the above.

    Thank you.


  • HO just labor-intensive Photoshop elements 14 ed ho tried ad installarlo my program crea sul desktop cartella ed starts the film mi manda it message: 'error di inizializzazione del programma di film. Download Adobe Support Advisor

    HO just labor-intensive Photoshop elements 14 ed ho tried ad installarlo my program crea sul desktop cartella ed starts the film mi manda it message: 'error di inizializzazione del programma di film. Download Adobe Support Advisor. my Adobe advise mi dice che e stato hold off. Come installare faccio ad program? HO a PC con windows 10 e 16 Gb di RAM.

    Do run as that administrator http://forums.adobe.com/thread/969395 [said again and also to Adobe all emissions] will be sometimes correct errors "odd" or "authorization" in Windows

  • Having several problems with Adobe Premiere elements 13.  Now my worst is that when I add text to a clip, it comes out "Auto color" so that the text is in place.  Help?

    I'm having some trouble with 13 elements.  One is that, in mode 'play', the sound stops just happening.  I have to click 'pause' and then 'go' again and the sound returns.  It stops also play on its own, I have to hit 'play' on several occasions.  Just got the software, used intensively for a week or two and it just started happening.dor

    Today, when I add text to a clip, it deletes now on "Auto color" so that the text is visible in the clip, then automatic color when the text is missing.  Any suggestiosn?


    If we look at the same thing, you called the attention a strange first elements 13 titration AutoColor/module interaction. This can be reproduced to the Expert or

    fast working space. I will be this demo within work fast since it's where you worked.

    1. import a still in fast work/film space.

    2. with the still selected, go in Panel of Palette/Color tab/settings setting expanded and just click the close the route of the tab Auto color tab adjust.

    3. go into Menu/New text/default text to open the module of titration of the project. When you do this, you see the following and not the still on which the text title must go.

    And when you close the titration module, you will see the title of text "Add text" in nature.

    The only solution I can think of right now is to create the title of text and then apply the Auto color to the still.

    It is interesting that this happens only with the color of the car in the color Panel. If you do not click

    Color Panel and to use more options for color adjustments, this behavior does not occur.

    Deleting the Adobe Premiere elements Prefs file does not correct this situation.


    I'm having some trouble with 13 elements.  One is that, in mode 'play', the sound stops just happening.  I have to click 'pause' and then 'go' again and the sound returns.  It stops also play on its own, I have to hit 'play' on several occasions.  Just got the software, used intensively for a week or two and it just started happening.dor

    I think that here we have to explore the parameters of the project (presets), rendered the source and chronology of media properties and non-rendusent contained prior to export.

    Please read the foregoing

    a. check if the Auto title text color glitch I've seen what you describe in your situation

    b. give the details of your project so that we can explore cause and effect for irregularities in reading content of chronology, as seen in the edit box monitor.

    Thank you.


  • Sony HDR-SR12 Windows 8.1-compatible 64-bit and Adobe Premiere elements 11?

    Hi can someone advise if the Sony HDR-SR12 camcorder is compatible with 64 bit Windows 8.1? The site compatibility 8.1 win was not clear.

    Can anyone adivse whether AVCHD files can be imported from the drive hard Sony HDR-SR12 or appropriate in Adobe Premiere elements 11 memory cards? I could not find the camera listed as supported, but may not have looked in the right place.

    Can anyone confirm if the AVCHD files can be imported from the HDR-SR12 in Corel VideoStudio Pro X 7? It seems to me that they can.

    Hoping someone can enlighten before that I spend over $ 500 on a second hand unit that I'm very interested.

    Regards, Phil

    Thank you Paul. I'll buy the camera. I discovered that the first items 11 supports the HDR-SR12E as well. Appreciate your reply and you will indicate the problem as solved. -Sincerely, Phil

  • Adobe Premiere elements 14 can't buy through Adobe direct

    On March 3, 2016, we tried to order the Pack Adobe Premiere elements 14 student teachers online.  It does not work if well so we tried to phone Adobe and place the order.  We are a Lutheran Church, who directs also that a State of Wisconsin accredited 4 Pre - K school on site.  After many trials and many disconnects Adobe on the phone we have abandoned.  This suite Tuesday morning we called Adobe again starting at 10:30 to 11:15 trying to move our agenda with no luck.  I've only connected to a live chat from 11:15 to 12:30 with an agent.  My story of Adobe on March 8, 2016 showed that I had 2 two orders for Premiere Elements pending verification of our school status.  After 45 minutes on the line with the service agent Adobe customer, I was told that they had to cancel my orders pending 2 and I was again my order.  I told the agent was going to "take responsibility" and to place the order for me.  I've been to wait 24 hours for verification.  It's been 48 hours and I have not received any communication from Adobe.

    I've never been so frustrated trying to place an order for simple software with what I thought to be a world-class company that I have been in my relationship with Adobe.  I see by this thread that a lot of people have this same problem and I didn't know one answer to the action that the client has taken to purchase to complete or receive any satisfaction from customer service.

    I would like to buy software from a different manufacturer if I could find a good software, or even to another reseller for Adobe, but I am afraid that, if I had trouble with the Adobe of a reseller program, I received support.  What a waste.


    Sorry for the inconvenience!

    I see the two elements of Photoshop, order has been cancelled.

    Please let us know if you need help more!

  • Adobe Premiere Elements: Film lasst sich nicht speichern


    I have Adobe Premiere Elements ganz neu, kenne mich noch nicht gut damit aus especially dementsprechend. Jetzt habe ich einen ca 5-minütigen Film standing und diesen nun speichern möchte. Habe're jetzt schon mit den single tried Optionen der Film lasst sich einfach nicht speichern, kommt immer dieselbe Fehlermeldung: "Fehler beim create movies. Unbekannter Fehler. ».

    Film der ist ein Geschenk und ich IHN unbedingt bis Sonntag (9.08.15) thankyou!

    ICH möchte like IHN so, dass man also auf dem speichern oder zur computer not auf dem iPad Mini playing kann. ICH ware thankful so, wenn mir helfen konnte, dieses problem zu losen lastige someone. ICH kenne mich mit computers nicht sehr gut aus, deswegen ware eine möglichst verstandliche explanation gut . Schön evil vielen Dank im Voraus!

    Daten zu meinem Notebook:

    Windows 7

    4 GB Arbeitsspeicher (3 davon vertretbar)

    32 bit-system

    LG, Alisha


    Thank you for the responses with a lot of important information about your problem. It's OK to write in German. I don't speak or write German, but I can use the translate in the response or use Google Translate or Bing Translate. We will find a way to communicate.

    Top of the list to check

    1. the latest version of QuickTime installed on your computer

    Please open QuickTime player on your computer and navigate to its information Menu/About Quick Time Player. Is the version number here indicated as 7.7.7?

    If this is not the case then please download and install the latest version of QuickTime on your computer with Premiere Elements.

    Apple - QuickTime - Download

    2. run the program to a user account with administrator privileges and apply run as administrator.

    a. right click on the desktop for first 13 items icon and select apply Run As Administrator.

    b. navigate to the account user/screen control and determine if the label for your user account includes the word administrator.

    Next on the list

    1. in the open project (Expert workspace), expand the Timeline with the - + cursor above the timeline and look for gaps in the chronology of content as well as for any irregularity in lots of text tiles and placement of any transition.

    2. There is the issue of computer-related resources elements first 13/13.1 on Windows 7 32-bit as a 32-bit application, 3 GB of RAM or less, your space probably about 200 GB of free hard disk or less.

    a. what type of a project of your I - standard definition 720 x 576 or high definition 1920 x 1080? You can check that by accessing the Menu/project to change settings/general and see what is there for the size of the image.

    b. what type of video files you make to the project - with compression DV as DV AVI or AVCHD compression or other?

    Lots of text on the video could contribute to the project. But you see prior to export, or only by the continuation of the problems when you try to export?

    What are the dimensions in pixels of the pictures? Photos oversized for project settings can be another factor contributing to project failures. Then he takes the photos resized before use.

    Since your message is "failure to create a framework", my first choice of solving problems of management would be chronology contained irregularities and issues of secondary computer resources.

    Please read the above. Explore the effect of the deletion or reorganization of some of the components of the timeline and then let us know of your progress.

    We can then decide what then.

    Best wishes


  • Adobe Premiere Elements 10. Does make sense to upgrade my 32 GB memory?

    I have the following Setup (purchased in September 2011).

    • ASUS P8Z68 DELUXE, chipset Z68
    • Intel Core i7 2600 K 3.4 Ghz, 8 MB
    • Kingston
    • M4 128 GB crucial SSD
    • ASUS GeForce Ti DirectCU TOP 1 GB 2xDVI II GTX560
    • WD 2 TB sata 600 (black edition).
    • Windows 7 prof 64 bit.
    • Adobe Premiere Elements 10 + Photoshop Elements 10

    On the 128 GB SSD, I installed Windows 7, office 2010, Adobe software, and the SSD is used to swap/temp-drive for Adobe elements and Windows 7.

    The second WD SATA 600 black 2 TB drive is used for all my equipment photo and video.

    When searching on the internet and on this forum, I understand that until the first elements Adobe 9 unused RAM memory beyond 3 GB because of the 32-bit adobe core of the series of elements.

    Can you and first Elements 10 (or higher) will use memory beyond 3 GB?

    When I install 32 (4 x 8 GB) GB of DRAM memory, the recommended windows pagefile will be around (2 x 32 =) 64 GB. With windows 7 and some software installed there are not a lot of space on the SSD to the first elements temp adobe reader. I probably set the temp on the WD 2 to 600 sata drive because there is more free space left.

    I don't know if it makes sense to upgrade my memory.

    1 does make sense to upgrade my 32 GB memory? And it will probably increase the rendering speed of the first 10 elements (or a version later first)?

    2 it is sensible to upgrade my memory up to 16 GB (4 x 4 GB)?

    3 the 32 GB memory-implementation to date costs about 300 euro/dollar. Is there a better way to improve the rendering speed (I'm not comfortable with overclocking the system)?

    Hope you can help me with this question.

    Thank you!

    You have a lot more power to edit AVCHD and other high-def video.

    You certainly won't hurt anything by adding more RAM - but you won't see better performance with first Elements 10 from 8-16 GB of RAM.

  • I can't download Adobe Premiere elements 11

    I can't download Adobe Premiere elements 11 which I just paid for online. The site Adobe Web tells me that I need Internet Explorer 4 or higher. I have IE version 10. How can I get my download?

    This question appears frequently in these forums. This is a known problem with site Web IE10 and Adobe.

    The Adobe Download Manager seems to confuse IE10 to IE1 and think ie10 is obsolete.

    You can use compatibility view in IE10 and switch to IE9.

    Or use another browser to download.

    See http://forums.adobe.com/message/5450179

  • I can't install Adobe Premiere elements 11

    I can't install Adobe Premiere elements 11 of my DVD. I tried to download the trial online version, but that no longer works. I tried to use Internet Explorer 9. I had 6 GB of RAM and 650 + GB hard drive.

    It's actually a problem installing windows, nothing to do with Adobe. It seemed strange that I bought a new laptop with window 8 on it, so I did not understand why there was a problem with the windows service install. I contacted Adobe Support and a technician remotely took control of my laptop and solved the problem by repairing the windows service install and installation and execution of system update tool. I installed BEFORE 11 after that.

  • Adobe Premiere Elements Collage Question

    If this isn't the right place for this type of question please let me know.

    My ultimate goal is to use Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (or 9) to create a collage of images that appear on the screen.

    What I want to do is have an image on the screen for a second, then turn and reduce the size in the background, to have another image displayed on the screen and repeat the process until you have a pile of images scattered on the bottom.

    The method that I came with several background images, the first with one image, the other with two photos, etc. with the changing as each image turns up.  The problem I encountered is that I can't seem to control the spin, or make the images become smaller as they do not rotate.

    Someone has an idea how to get this effect?

    You can certainly do this by keyframing effects of movement. Do you understand how to use keyframing?

    It will become quite complicated, however. Each of your clips will have to be on a separate video track so, depending on how many images you want to display at this time, you could use a dozen or two video tracks!

    But it is certainly possible - as long as you keep made your time line that you work and you have enough computing power to have so many images on the screen at once. (This sort of thing is much more easy in After Effects - but this program costs hundreds of dollars more).

    So 8 or 12 images on the screen at the same time is certainly feasible. There is a lot of work, but doable. But create a major photomontage of 30 or 40 images in Premiere Elements is likely to drive you crazy!

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 14

    Hallo. ICH habe 14 elements auf dem PC installed und wanted wissen, ob damit auch auf meinem MacBook arbeiten oder ob ich kann

    a second Version kaufen muss. Danke fur eure Hilfe. Ali

    you will need a mac serial number.  If you have a receipt when you bought your pc version, you just use the mac Setup file.

    Available downloadable Setup files:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Adobe Premiere Elements 13 - titles Go out of Sync when the downloaded YouTube video


    I'm under first items 13.1 on Macbook Air, Version OS X El Captain 10.11.2, processor i7, 8 GB of Ram.

    First, I tried to download a project on YouTube via YouTube sharing characteristic of Premiere Elements. When I received an error message, I followed the suggestion of someone from the forum to save the workspace ""AVCHD with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080 p 30 and then download this AVCHD.mp4 file on YouTube. ' " It worked, but the quality was low and titles now jerk across the screen and arrived more than. I saw a discussion forum talk to HD quality, saying that it would improve a few hours after loading. I can't find someone discussed the problem with my titles.

    Does anyone have a suggestion?

    Thank you


    No, I don't see the line rendering. I chose a different animation and now it's

    works very well. I'll go with it!

    Thank you very much for your time and thought on this. It was a lot



    Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 12:22, Steve Grisetti [email protected]>

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    I adjusted my DPI to a size that makes printing & larger icons.  I want to change that, however, the method of customization won't work b/c, the screen resolution setting box is so great that the apply/OK button does not work.  I tried to drag and dr

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    Hello! I have searched, but have not yet found a solid answer on this. We received an ASA5506-X, which has a license of control included. From what I see, to get all the benefits of the control license, I will also need a license of protection (as de

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