How can I change a 16:9 video that has been exported as 4:3 to 16:9

Hi all

I'm new to the community and newish to Adobe Premiere Pro so please forgive me if I have evidence or ask the ridiculous. I've seen a few similar topics on here, but not one that dealt with the same issue. If there is one and I missed it, please link. I also looked on youtube but they have what I'm looking for yet.

A few years back, a guy made a video for one of my events and I want to show the customers etc. I thought it would be good to include it on my site, but that's when I noticed a problem with it.

The looks of footage as it was recorded in 16:9 ish and then exported by a person on 4:3 so now there are a of the black bars at the top and bottom of the video. I would like to get rid of these and to return the video to the format screen, but I can't seem to find a solution. Here's what I've seen so far:

YouTube shows lots of videos on the change of 4:3 and 16:9, but in fact most is just stretching from the sequence or zoom in. I don't want to do what the whole film is necessary.

I saw a video where the guy cropped video and I tried also but when I export it, I still have black bars. (Probably a problem with the export settings I know).

Can someone please help and explain how I can get get these 4:3 pictures with black bars, back to resemble a 16:9 frame, without black bars and what I would use for export to keep this format of highest quality.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Try to do a 4:3 image sequence and use these export settings:

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