How can I disable tap-to-click on the Satellite C660/C660D?

There is no option to disable it on this laptop, I looked for the answer online but nothing, there seems to be no way to do it on this laptop model. I tried to download the new driver for touchpad of the site but had absolutely no effect and gave me more options to turn it off, it has changed nothing. Now completely stuck and its driving me crazy!

The mouse click also on its own randomly even if Im not to touch, always seems to hurt when im game.

I still want to use the touch pad to move the pointer autour, just don't want to use it to click.


As far as I know the Satellite C660 supports Synaptics touchpad.
The Synaptics touchpad driver should support the tap to click option.

In order to ensure that Synaptics driver has been installed.
Then go to control panel-> mouse-> last tab (button settings)
Now, you need to access the properties of Synaptics and here you should find the option called tapping

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    Hello, Hans Juergen

    Of course, you can turn off the tapping.

    I assume that you want to disable this tapping and instead of tapping you want to use the two buttons on the touchpad. Am I wrong?

    This can be disabled
    Control Panel-> mouse-> last tab settings of the device (or similar).
    There you have to choose the Synaptics TouchPad settings

    The new window should open, and you could find a lot of different details and parameters.
    You must mark the second option tapping. It s from the point of view of all.
    Here you uncheck the option enable tapping

    That s all ;)

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    Oddly it's under settings of the mouse and keypad touch-> 'Touchpad Delay' - simply on "Turn Off Taps" and it completely useless and annoying 'feature' bother you no more! Honestly - manufacturers test never actually such things? That devil wants a touchpad that clicks every time that they put the finger on it to move the mouse, when this touchpad has a press-more difficult-to-click function perfectly well?

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    If I understand you well want to disable touchpad, right.
    You can do this using the combination of keys FN + F5 or F5 key only.

    Please open the operating manuals and page 58. It you and find information very useful on the use of the F-keys.

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    Please tell me that I can!

    In the details of your system, I see this card installed: Macromedia Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 8.0

    You also seem to have the last, although always obsolete installed namely Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5

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    I use a PC with the Windows Vista operating system.

    Thank you


    in this case I suggest to close the whole software and not let it run with windows, all the time because it is not necessary. If you can open the software once a week to check the status of the ssd and close it again.

    I don't think there's a way to disable the pop ups

  • How can I get all drivers installed on the Satellite A100-784

    Hi all...

    I have a Satellite A100-784 with * basic family Vista Edition recovery disk *...
    How can I get all the drivers on my laptop? ' coz when I open the folder of drivers (in c:\toshiba) I found that the WLAN and display drivers.

    A few years ago I had satellite L20, and there was an icon of the CD in the folder of toshiba in the c: partition, when I click on it; I could burn all the drivers on a cd...

    can I got this thing in my A100?

    Thanks indeed...


    The drivers are part of the image of Toshiba that is stored on the recovery disk.
    So, you can use the Toshiba Recovery disk if you want to reinstall the Vista operating system and all the drivers and tools of Toshiba.

    By the way; Only Toshiba drivers are also available on the European driver Toshiba page.

    Welcome them

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    How can I verify that this subwoofer?

    In certain circumstances I encounter or have the impression that his 'escapes' to the screen which, in my view, is not appropriate behavior.
    However, this phenomenon is not continuous and never appears while the laptop is not on the table (i.e. subwoofer is not horizontal)

    / Arek


    I put t know what sound behavior do you mean exactly, but it turns out that the Satellite X 200 laptop is equipped with the Realtek sound nursery.
    You can find the settings in the control panel.

    This Realtek audio Manager control and sound effects, Dolby Home Theater sound configurations and configuration of additional speakers.

    These options affect the sound quality and the acoustic perception.

    Must play a bit with these options!

    Good bye

  • How can I get "Protector Suite QL" on the Satellite X 200


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    I can't use the recovery CD because it is with vista home premium and I recently did a clean install of vista ultimate.

    I installed the finger printing software, but 'Protector Suite QL' couldn't find anywhere.
    Can someone please give me information if it is possible to get the recovery without OS cd? I mean, what with the bundled software.

    Thanks in advance


    The Protector Suite QL software has been bundled with the Toshiba laptop and found only in the image of Toshiba. If you want to use, you will need to retrieve the X 200 with the Toshiba CD.
    There's no other way to install this software because the program cannot be extracted from image on the other way.

  • How to activate the webcam on the Satellite C660-C660D?

    I can't get my webcam integrated for work on the Satellite C660D/C660. Should I turn on or download a driver?


    What operating system do you use?
    If you use Win7 you must download the webcam driver.

    Can you please post model mobile exact?

  • How can I disable a data block when the process is running.

    When I change a value of element in a folder, I want the cursor always focus on this record, until I pressed a button. I want to disable the block, but I can't find the way to disable a block

    Here's something similar to the previous solution:


    : GLOBAL.navigation_flag: = 'n';


    IF: GLOBAL.navigation_flag = n THEN

    / * The message is just to show how it works * /.

    MESSAGE ('you can leave the record changed after press the B button."); TAKE A BREAK;


    END IF;

    -mouse button B (on the control block) owned navigate = no!

    -WHEN - Shutter release BUTTON

    : GLOBAL.navigation_flag: = 'Y ';

    Kind regards


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