How can I display the table of contents for the iPod Touch to 6

When I opened first of all iPod Touch Users' Guide, I used the table of contents (TOC) to locate and access sections in the manual. But, after looking through the manual for awhile, I tried to return to the table of contents, but it wasn't there! I have tried various things to see if the table of contents are being hidden, or if in some way, it has been deleted. Anyone can shed light on this mysterious event?

What is the version of iBooks that you speak? There is an online version here: Aha, I see the table of contents on the left disappears if you zoom before or make the narrow window and reappears if zoom you out or make it larger.


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    Something to try.

    Rick Bostein provided an Action of Acrobat "report bookmark".
    With this report in PDF format you can insert at the beginning of your PDF document to serve as a "TOC".

    Go here:

    Scroll a few.

    Be well...

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    Hi Matt,

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    Hi marinersr,

    You don't mean that the import window is reduced?

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    Kind regards


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    You see black because it is what is contained in the poster frame, which is the first frame of the video by default.

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    My send UUT to my computer via serial port of printable and non-printable ascii characters. The question is:

    (1) how to display all characters in a text box.

    (2) how can I display all these characters in hexadecimal format and display it in a text box?

    Thank you.


    Text boxes can actually receive channels with printable and non-printable characters: nonprinting characters will be represented with a small square. For example, consider this code:

    tank has [512], msg [512];

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    FMT (msg, '\n%*d[zb1r16w2p0j1]', strlen (a), a);
    SetCtrlVal (Bosnia and Herzegovina [1], b1_n, msg);

    The result is as follows: the first line is the string passed "such what", what follows is the hexadecimal representation.

  • How can I include a table of contents header in a second table of contents?

    I created a main table of contents for my Indesign CC document with all paragraphs which have "Heading 1" paragraph to be their style includes. That work perfectly well... with one exception: the topic of other TOCs. I use more than one table of contents, for example one for an index of the tables. These have their title defined yo "Heading 1" style, but the main table of contents simply do not include them even if I put it to include everything with "title 1" it cuts style. "." How to fix this?

    For reasons I don't quite understand (but probably have to do with not to create a recursive loop problem that happen if you try to use the same style in the current TOC), ID don't look in the stories of the TOC for the paragraphs to be included in a table of contents. You must either add a placeholder point nonprinting pick it up on the page to a table of contents or manually insert the text in a table of contents generated.

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    When the user has made their choice, they press a button that the report is generated.

    I want to do is show the display value for one of the search fields in the title of the report (for example, person_name) region. I think to do that I need to create a (hidden) pn_person_name point, then I put & pn_person_name. as a region

    However, how can I get the value of pn_person in pn_person_name display?

    I thought that apex_item.text_from_lov, but don't know how to use it - what elements (types), the calculations / process I need to create...

    THX Caron

    Published by: user11267129 on January 7, 2010 15:01

    Published by: user11267129 on January 7, 2010 15:02

    Published by: user11267129 on January 7, 2010 15:02


    You can use javascript to set the value of 'pn_person_name' to display the LOV selection value.
    Set the form field HTML to the elements attributes for the element of selection as list page



    Published by: city has on January 7, 2010 17:22

  • How to make a version of Adobe Reader for an IPod touch with IOS 6.1.6

    There is no option to upgrade IOS version 7 or beyond.  Current AppStore wants IOS 7 or better to download on my IPod.

    Thanks for your help.


    Did you never properly installed an older version (not the latest version) of the Adobe Reader software for iOS on iPod Touch using your ID before Apple?  If you have never installed Adobe Reader using the particular Apple ID, he can explain why you get the dialog box with the OK button (i.e. no download button).

    Here's what you can do to experience.  (I don't know if it would work.  "But it's worth a try).

    1. On your iPod Touch, check the Apple ID you use for the App Store (settings > iTunes & App Store).
    2. On your computer, Windows or Mac, open iTunes.
    3. Connect to iTunes using the same Apple ID you use for your iPod Touch.
    4. Find Adobe Reader and download it to your computer.  Do not try to install it on your iPod Touch because the latest version is not compatible with your iPod Touch in any case.  Now, Adobe Reader is associated with your Apple ID.  It is important step to be able to download a compatible version on your iPod Touch more later.
    5. Return to your iPod Touch and repeat the steps described in my answer #1.

    Looks like you already tried iTunes on your computer.  Please go back to your iPod Touch and try to install Adobe Reader using the same Apple ID again.

    I hope this works.

    Here's the documentation from Apple that I found.

    Install the latest compatible version of an application on an earlier version of iOS or OS X - Apple support

    If a compatible version is not available, you can try to contact the developer of the app. You are looking for contact information on the product page of the app in the App Store or the Mac App Store.

    The documentation itself is not very useful.  But I can confirm that we offer Adobe Reader for iOS version 11.0.1, which is compatible with the iOS 5 in the App Store.

    You can also ask your question to Apple Support communities.

    Welcome | Apple support communities

  • How can I display the records of a table for the $ e?

    Hi all

    I had some constraints declared in the target data store. In my interface, I can see that some records have been moved to the table$ e.

    I want to see these documents. How can I see who? Help, please...

    GoTo model ODI of the creator--> YOUR DATA (right-click) store--> controls--> errors


    Make sure that in IKM (delete temporary objects is SET to False). You can question him in the target schema. Select * from E$ _ (unless and until what during the installtaion you have not changed the prefix for ODI).

  • Why does my merged project display 2 table of contents for the first project/start?

    I use RH8 and windows 7 and generate Webhelp

    When I generate my merged project I get 2 table of contents of the first project. When I click on other merged projects disappears from the table of contents 2nd and all is well.

    Also, I can't return to my first / start window.

    Here is what I created:

    Main folder



    Project 1 (this is my start/welcome page)

    Project 2

    Project 3

    Project 4

    My Parent file in the table of contents contains new projects and looks like this:

    Project 1

    Project 2

    Project 3

    Project 4

    The only section in the parent file is empty and I put in the following redirection according to the instructions on the site grainge:

    "< meta http-equiv ="refresh"content="0;url=./mergedprojects/project1/project1.htm "/ >

    How stop the TOC 2 on the first page of the project start and how do I display so I can access it later.

    Any help is appreciated.


    The start page is not a topic. This is what opens the three components and the topic you see in that is the default theme.

    By default, HR takes the name of your project and which initially applies the page so if your project is called redrabbit, the start page will be redrabbit.htm.

    Many authors can call the redrabbit of the theme by default as it is the name of the project and it seems logical.

    Problem is when the wizard attempts to use it as the default value for the start page, the name is used for the number 1 is added.

    This means that you end up with redrabbit and redrabbit1. If you look in the wizard, you will see the name of the start page, first on the ground. You do not redirect, that redirect you to the default topic that is longer than down in the page of the wizard. The index is that the field is called the default theme.

    See for creating tips and RoboHelp


  • How can I delete a table of contents?

    I made mistake he follow the instructions on adding a table of contents to my document and now it is totally fucked up the whole 350 pages of the document.

    Yes, it seems to be screwed in the document and it doesn't seem to be an obvious way to get rid of him. I'm deleting it and it simply re - appear elsewhere.

    How can I delete, UN - do, the KNOCK out of there?

    Select the text that is the table of contents and delete. Then make a copy of the file on the case where next steps remove all.

    Try to create a new table of contents and the do not pass to the existing text. This might work, maybe not.

    From my experience if you cut the picture containing a table of contents and paste back into the document, it loses its special TOC property that allows it to be updated, so that would be another option to try.

  • How can I get Indesign Table of contents gap filler?

    I will have no problem getting my table of contents to come out exactly as I expect to see - BUT -

    How can I get periods just to fill the space between the word/chapter title and page number?

    All the tutorials I see show them already in place. Mine come out blank or if I place in the model, it comes out with just how much I place - not plus-pas less. The chapter titles are words of different length and I want to the table of contents to finish in two columns justified.

    I know it's simple, no doubt, but I can't seem to find the answer anywhere Please help!

    If you want the traditional Chief, open your box of paragraph TOC style dialogueOptions legends and move on to the screen. This is when you set the position of the tab and the leader.

    I prefer to use the underline myself.  Note that the field Style drop-down menu beside where you have your ^ t.?  In this area, select 'New Style' (in CS4, for earlier versions, you must exit the dialog Table of contents and first to define the character style) and create a style of character called underlined tab or something equally as descriptive. The only attribute of the style should add the underline. In the example below, I put the underscore for pt.5 Japanese points which are faces that the leader is created with a period or style of ordinary dotted outline. Ihaven can't included any offset, underscore appears on the baseline. You can change what you want, make sure the check box is on, not gray.

    Another thing that I would change, if you use the feature of underscores, is to replace your tab (which is a fixed position) with a tabulation of withdrawal right (metacharacter is ^, but you can select it from the drop-down list). A tabulation of withdrawal right is always on the far right in a column, even if you change the column width to a later date. Ordinary tabs do not move if you change the column. Using this method you would not a tab located in the paragraph style.

  • How can I display the custom field in Office Communicator so that everyone can see?

    In OCS, on your personal page, there is an option for the current location - create the custom location, I want to display the "custom" location instead of the busy, can someone help on how it works?

    Hello PK,.

    This forum is the right forum for this type of question:
  • How can I display the inserted swf file, published from Flash Catalyst?

    Running on Windows and Flash CS5.5 is updated.

    When I insert my local content execution inside the dreamver, I get this message...

    Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially dangerous operation.


    I don't know what I would do at this point.

    Thanks in advance.

    For the money we pay for Adobe products you would of course be the devil think they should have figured out this thing 11 version now... I posted several answers other posters pointing out that exactly the problem anyway, on the next issue.

    Post a link to the page for best results... it's really the only way that we can really help you.

    But if she "plays in FF, but IE not' it probably has to do with what we call the IE conditional statement... which means that if the browser is IE, to do this, that is to say, then do it. Code will look something like this:


    Nothing what so ever to do with Flash the file itself, rather the HTML used to display the Flash .

    Yet once, something that is not really necessary unless you target very old versions of IE.

    But post a link to the actual page so that we can verify and diagnose.

    Best wishes


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