How can I Flash BIOS of my laptop BACK?

I think it's much safer flashing the BIOS of the computer in the BACK rather than Windows. Usually make a boot disk 98 on my flash drive and Flash the BIOS in this way. Normally, the flash utility is a single file that contains the BIOS file. I got the update to the BIOS of my laptop, and it retrieves the number of files. I don't know if it'll work in the BACK.

My laptop is a Pavilion dm4-2165dx.

You are absolutely right.

I also think the same as you.

Unfortunately, the flashes of BIOS for most HP notebooks to consumers including yours, should be run in Windows.

I disassembled the files on some consumer notebook BIOS and there is no file Flash bin BACK to put on a flash drive.

When I'm forced to use a flash based on windows, I either make sure that the antivirus program is cut, or I run the flash BIOS in windows safe mode where there is a minimum of current process.  Normally the antivirus program does not in WSM either.

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