How can I get my PDF to save mode landscape instead of portrait orientation? I am able to turn to see the landscape and save the file. However, when I open the new file is saved, it's back to portrait mode. Help!

How can I get my PDF to save mode landscape instead of portrait orientation? I am able to turn to see the landscape and save the file. However, when I open the new file is saved, it's back to portrait mode. Help!

Hi samanthac39242619

You must register to organize PDF service & use PDF tool organizing to turn the pages at all times.

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    You must save the spreadsheet containing the new date as a model format and use this custom template for each new spreadsheet where you want that this date format personalized at your disposal.

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    Possible with Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader No.

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    SLEEP mode reduces power consumption while the computer is idle. (= IDLE time machine remain without any work to do).

    After an amount of time the fall of IDLE, machine (MFC 7420) mode IS standby. Don't SLEEP mode use average almost no power. Default setting is 5 minutes. Putting average here 00 after 0 MINUTES of a job, (copy, print, etc) the machine will go into mode 'SLEEP'. Which only affect the response time of the machine (will be more) when you send a job to her.

    For more information, see here:

    Also try to contact the manufacturer of the printer for more aid on the parameters of the printer sleep mode

    Hope this helps,

  • How can I get Firefox to run KIOSK mode on Android phone? I'm trying to use rKiosk, but failed. I am running 10.0.3 on the phone.

    How can I get Firefox to run KIOSK mode on Android phone? I'm trying to use rKiosk, but failed. I am running 10.0.3 on the phone.

    rKiosk is not designed for mobile Firefox. You will need to do your own hacking to get what you want.

  • How can I get my settings to save a window opening in Middle normal and maximized.

    Original title: cannot get windows size to save.

    How can I get my settings to record with respect to the windows that open in normal and maximized parameters.

    I did the right click on Solution Explorer icons and maximized value, but they open into small windows.

    Thank you

    Here are some instructions I've done for people who have this error message and are sometimes a little nervous about editing the registry:

    Before making any changes to your registry, back up the registry with this free and popular tool:

    Open Notepad to create a new text file:

    Click Start, run and enter in the box:


    Click OK to open a new Notepad file.

    Copy and paste the following lines in bold text into the new Notepad file:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    "ErrorMode" =: 00000002

    Save the new text file with extension .reg on your desktop or somewhere you can remember with a name you can remember, something like:


    After you save the file, close Notepad.

    Locate the file fix13.reg on your desktop and double-click it.

    Alternatively, you can right-click on the fix13.reg file, choose open with... and select the registry editor.

    Answer in the affirmative to the question... Are you sure you want to add the information in the registry?

    You should then see a message that information has been registered in the register.

    Reboot your system and test.

    You can delete the fix13.reg file when you are finished.

    2 to the parameter ErrorMode stops at pop - up message but still material error log in the Event Viewer log.

    Learn more about it here:

  • How can I get a symbol to save (instead the file---> save / Ctrl + S)?

    [CS6 extended]

    I want to click with the mouse on a symbol (normally it takes I have disc symbol I think) to save my

    changes instead of using the file-> save or Ctrl + S.

    But the problem: I can't find a symbol disc/save in Photoshop and

    also don't know how I can get it.

    On the 'Window' menu I can't get a word 'save' to check it.

    How can I get a 'Save' symbol in Photoshop CS6 Extended?

    You might be able to make a button with Configurator

  • How can I get a PDF poster its content using Mac Safari 7.0.4 and player XI 10.9.3, form?

    I use my Mac 10.9.3 with Adobe Reader XI in my browser Safari 7.0.4.  I don't have problems to view the PDF instructions with my bank or other locations OTHER than Ford Credit.  Whenever I connect to Ford credit discovers statements and attempt to download, all I get on screen is their blank form with headers and titles - no content.  When this has happened once before over a year ago with my old Mac computer, I found my answer online through Adobe Reader my default player instead of the preview.  At this time, it worked.  This time, his does not work.  I contacted Ford credit and they said that their online account manager performs best using Internet Explorer.  The only answer they had for me was this notice or to contact Adobe.  So here, I'm looking for answers.  Any help provided is already popular.

    Well, I think I found it finally and "fixed" my problem in this "round about sort of way.  This same fixed icons of the Virgin white sheet on my desk, which also now show 100% of content statement thus:

    Using Firefox, I log in Ford credit.

    I click on the link to see the statements.

    I click on the link that says "print statement.  The declaration appears in a new window of the tab and even if it is empty without content, I proceed to the next step.

    I click on the small "arrow download" next to the "printer" icon and that States opens a pop-up box of "you have chosen to open: 0.pdf.»  What should Firefox do with this file? »

    Undo the default button that says 'save file' and click on the button above him who gives the choice of 'Open with Adobe Reader (default)' and then check the box that says "Do this automatically for files like this in the future".

    Click 'OK' and the document opens in a new window with the form document and 100% of its display of the content information.  ;-)

    Using the toolbar under 'File' Adobe Reader, scroll down and click on "Save as."  The usual pop-up window appears to "save a copy...". "and I continue from there to save my statement under a document name different than what Credit Ford offers.  I have usually to save my words using the date of the statement and place it in a folder in my documents labeled Ford Credit.





    And now, on to the rest of my life...

  • How can I get windows to download on drive F instead of drive D (WINDOWS ACTIVE

    I have 4 HARD drives on my computer but "D" a Windows XP Home SP3 is full, and I get the message to free up space, I did move the files to "F".

    Everything is going well for a while then I get the free space message. The files that I moved seem to have been returned.
    How can I stop this and get downloads made to F drive where there are a lot of space?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Ernie vine. E-mail address is removed from the privacy * or * address email is removed from the privacy *.

    Hi ernievine,

    ·         What web browser do you use?

    ·         You use the Download Manager?

    You must manually change the download location while downloading files.

  • How can I get mail to send in an explosion instead of immediately?

    I am new to Thunderbird and already that much. I can't imagine that I am unique in that I really liked Outlook, but I got tired of buying every year or two when I got a new computer and they wouldn't let my license transfer or that they 'expired' software and it won't work with the new operating system.

    In any case, I had set up my outgoing mail was not sent immediately, but waited for the next cycle of send/receive in Outlook. I really liked this, as for any reason, I guess I'm too quick or not patient enough or scattered or something I often send something of something, I want to add to an email a few minutes after I hit. I could check my Outbox and only change the mail and send again.

    I looked, I promise you I looked, but I can't seem to find if there is a way to configure Thunderbird to behave this way. Any ideas?

    Use send instead of send it later. You can find send later under file in the Menu bar in the window of writing.

    This article explains how this works with the shipping box you will find listed under local folders in the folders pane.

  • How can I get a wireless in xp mode icon which I've just loaded up.

    I'm running Win 7 and have reinstalled XP Mode so all updates. But there is only a connection to the Local network in my network connections. How get/install an icon of the wireless connection in network connections.


    You have a wireless router?

    The computer's wireless capabilities?

    Please see the below help link.

    It will be useful.

  • Firefox 7 will not open pdf documents. Makes it completely unnecessary given the large number of documents that are in pdf format. How can I get my pdf files to open?

    I tried a ton of help from older suggestions. I can't find a cure for this problem for Firefox 7. If I can't make it work, I have no choice but to use the hated IE.

    I would like to remove the add-on downloadable in PDF format that is listed in your contact information. (It gets terrible reviews.) Then, it should be possible to install Adobe Reader as default PDF application in Firefox options. And maybe the Adobe PDF plugin will be able to work again.

  • How can I get my phone to save my market and steps

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    What iPhone do you have? In order to save the steps, you need an iPhone with a coprocessor motion which means an iPhone 5 or later. In order to save the flights of stairs climbed, you need an iPhone with a barometric altimeter, which means an iPhone 6 or later version.

  • How can I get a PDF file to open it in IE 9 of web links and not in Acrobat Pro 10.1.12

    We are unable to open PDF files in IE9 browser for our users with Acrobat Pro 10.1.12 installed as these files open in AcrobatPro instead. Works great for users of Adobe Reader installed.

    I checked in IE Add-ons are enabled (Adobe PDF, Adobe PDF Conversion Tool, SmartSelect class, + Adobe Reader [via the run without permissions list] according to link using Acrobat |) Display PDF in browser. Acrobat, Reader XI

    Operating system is MS Windows 2008 Server R2 + Citrix.

    NB Adobe Pro Preferences\Internet\Web browser Options\Display PDF in the browser is disabled for I can't change that.

    Any help much appreciated.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I discovered that the problem is caused by our package install setting the registry value ' HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\10.0\Originals\bBrowerIntegration'=0

    The user interface for this setting is disabled. When I change this value to 1 via regedit then everything works OK.

    I need to get Setup customization file rebuilt to fix it properly.

  • How can I get 12 PES to save a TIFF file with file extension ".tiff" instead of ".tif"?

    I use PSE 12 as an external editor for Aperture.  When I ask to use an external editor photo, opening creates a .tiff file in my folder of opening, lance 12 PES and told him to change the .tiff file.  It all works very well.  When I am done editing in PES 12, I ask him to save the file and it saves it in the original opening file with the extension .tif.  I would say rather "save under" and then it suggests the name of the file with the extension .tif.  When I fix the .tiff extension it tells me that I will replace the file (that's what I want!).  I say Yes and then I find that PSE did not overwrite the file, but he wrote in a .tif in any case file.  I have to go in the folder, delete the .tiff file and rename the .tif .tiff in and then everything is fine - but what hassle.  Did someone solved this problem?

    This isn't quite the problem, which is good, because you can't change that. The real solution is that you never want to see Save as window in PSE if you use PES as external editor for any program. When you see you're not creating a version for your asset management program. Go to the PES preferences > saving files > first record and choose to save to the existing file. This should do what you want.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I have an active Veristand application that uses the data logger built in Stimulus profile editor. Recording data works fine but it does not display the channel units. This becomes a big problem with our client. I suggested to change the channel name

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