How can I get my photos from Windows Gallery to view and print in color, not just black and white?

How can I get my Windows Gallery pictures to view and print in chiputa, not just black and white?

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I need few details about the question you posted.

* What are the name and model of the printer?
* You receive driver updates for your printer through Windows Update?
* The printer prints the other applications in color?

In the meantime, try the following steps.
1. try to print the default pictures in Windows Photo Gallery and check if you get a printing color.
2. try to uninstall the printer driver and reinstall it.

Also check the setting of the color of the printer. Go to printer settings and make sure that you have selected the option to color.

To print a picture, follow these steps: -.

If you have a printer connected to your computer, you can make prints of digital photos. The quality of your photos depends on several factors, including the type of printer paper, ink and the settings of the printer of your choice. You can control many of these settings when you print the picture, but keep in mind that the overall quality and resolution of the digital picture you are printing will affect your final result.

1. open Windows Photo Gallery by clicking on the Start button, all programs, and then clicking Windows Photo Gallery.

2. click on the image you want to print.

To select more than one picture, hold down the CTRL key while you click the pictures that you want to select.

3. on the toolbar, click on print and then click on print.

4. in the print pictures dialog box, select the printer, paper size, qualite quality print, style print and number of copies to print.

5. When you have finished choosing how you want to print your photos, click Print to start printing.

Choose printing options follow these steps: -.

Before you send a print job to the printer, decide if you want to print all or part of the document or Web page. You may, for example, annotate the pages to print or select a part of a document before sending it to the printer.

Here are common printing tasks to consider:

1. to print that a hollering part of a document or a file, make a note of the page numbers for each page you want to print.
2. If you want to print part of a page or a Web page only, select the content to print before printing.
3. If you want to print a specific page, click anywhere on the page before choosing the print options for the document.
4. the page that you clicked becomes the current page and you can print it by selecting this option in the print dialog box.

After deciding what to print, choose how the print copies should look, and then select a printer.
Use print preview

To see what the print will look like before you print it, open the document in a program that offers a preview before printing. Print preview is generally located in the file menu of a program. You should be able to get an overview of each page of the document. In some programs, you can choose print in preview mode options and then print directly from the preview. In other programs, you will need to close the preview, change the document or your printer settings and print.

If you preview or print a document, and it does not appear the way that you intended, you will need to change the document or change your print options. For example, if one part of your document fits on the printed page, you may need to reduce the font size, reduce the margins, or change the page layout and then try to print again.

Check out these links that talk about how to print a picture using Windows Photo Gallery:

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