How can I get Satellite P205D-S8804 to recognize the printer?


I have a Canon S200SPx printer usb and a Toshiba Satellite P205D-S8804 at the Vista and that you get computer to recognize the printer.

I have already downloaded all the printer drivers for Vista and have USB printer and cable and led all connected, but still computer does not recognize the printer.


I have a USB printer too and my laptop would recognize the printer correctly.
I had to install the drivers first!
Then I connected the two devices (laptop & printer) and Windows Vista has reported that a new device has been recognized.
After a short time the printer appears in the Device Manager

Maybe you should check if you have installed all necessary drivers
In addition to renew the USB in Device Manager
You simply remove the hubs USB and controllers from the list of devices in Device Manager. Reboot the laptop one waiting until Vista recognizes the USB controllers and then install software printing and after new reboot connect the printer!

The printer must be turned on then

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