How can I make the. index.html, the start page?

I published directly from my Web site using ftp Muse interface. The problem is that the area already has a Web site. So when I published using Adobe Muse, the new design starts from where, as the old site interface remains in the How can I make my index.html, the start page and clear the previous site completely. Thanks in advance


This can be done by your end host please contact you host make index.html as starting or landing page of the doamin.

Kind regards


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  • How can I make the start menu bigger?

    How can I make the start menu bigger? GO BROWNS!

    What do you mean largest? More Articles?

    If so, right click on the ORB start and select Properties.

    Click Customize, and then down, to increase the number of programs to display.

  • How can I make the smaller page content that I can see all this?

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    Have you tried the Firefox zoom feature? This initiative will increase the size of the web pages.

    • To make things bigger, press Ctrl and + at the same time.
    • To make things smaller, press Ctrl and - at the same time.
    • Pour reinitialiser to reset the size of return to normal, press Ctrl and 0 at the same time.

    You can also use the NoSquint. Add on to change the zoom level by default for all websites at the same time. After setting your overall zoom level, you can still adjust the zoom on different sites.

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      • Click the new tab button ("+") or a box empty bar tab to the right of the item and choose the module bar on the shortcut menu.
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      • You can experiment with sizes greater than 125%, but it is not recommended that you will more than 150%, unless you have a large screen high resolution.

    If there are sites that are still a concern, feel free to post their URLs.

    Please let us know if this helped you!

    Thank you.

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    In the Bookmark Manager (Bookmarks > show all bookmarks) you can click on the button more in the lower details pane on the right.
    Make sure "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" is not selected.

    Note that the opening in the sidebar is the default value for the bookmarks created via a link or a button on a Web site.
    You can view the properties of a bookmark using the context menu in the side bar (Ctrl + B; Command + B on Mac).

  • How can I get the start page to access my HR projects?

    I use RH8 and IE7.

    I have a start page which is just an html page, not created in Robohelp. It is basically a table of contents that links to about 10 HR projects.

    I create my HR projects and put them in the same folder, but each project has its own subfolder. The structure looks like this:



    I got my start page in this folder (not created HR):


    When I create links on my main page to project, everything works fine on my computer.

    I take all the RHGen82 file and put it on another computer C drive. It does not work. The link goes to... /RHGen82/NewProject/Project1.htm and I think that it work, but it does not work.

    I have read your Webhelp calling using URL and I think that perhaps my answer, but I do not understand what I read. Can you shed some light?

    Yes, we could have used fusion projects, but is not what management wants.

    Any help is appreciated with gratitude.


    Hi Pat.

    With your existing directpry structure links must be:



    This is because projects are located outside the structure of directories of your start page. If you were to use the following directory structure:




    you would be able to use the link syntax:



  • How can I change the start page on the Sierra?

    I'm not talking on the desktop or screen saver. I want to talk about the page that appears when you turn on your iMac or when you wake up. This is the page where you enter your password. Sierra that's so terrible ugly. Is there a way I can change it?

    Select a picture - once you have your image to the right size and dimensions, save or export to your desktop as a PNG file and name it

    Then, from the desktop, use Cmd-SHIFT-G hotkey to access the go to folder window, type the following path in the box and click OK.


    A new Finder window appears showing the contents of the path, and you will see a file called "" in the folder. Make a copy of this file and store it as a backup if you wish (although we'll describe in a moment why it is not really necessary) and then drag and drop the version of the file that you created on your desktop to the folder Caches, agreeing to replace the existing file when you are prompted.

  • How can I make the menu title of a different color when it is horizontal Spry menu menu?

    How can I make the menu title of a different color when it is horizontal Spry menu menu?

    Dreamweaver CS5.5

    Apple OS X.6.8

    Display of the site to:

    Steps to follow:

    1. click on the link to land on the home page

    2 link see Home in the Spry horizontal navigation menu


    Title of the home menu is the same color as all the others.


    The title of the active menu is color: #FFC.

    I was hoping that a: active would give me this feature, but it's not how it is described. All suggestions are welcome!

    The tag BODY nothing that I tried in the editable model. This is why I wonder how to disconnect the model individual pages. Adding an ID to each body tag is a condition sine qua non of the how-to page that you provided.

    You are not theeditable in a template tag.

    You are the attributes of theeditable tag.

    Do not unplug the model child pages.

    Specify editable tag attributes in a template tml

    In the model:

    1. Select ittag (in the tag selector, or click inside the)tag in Code view)
    2. Modify > templates > make attribute editable
    3. Select the code in the drop down attribute
    4. If there is no ID attribute then click Add and type the ID in the next dialog box
    5. Attribute: ID
      Check the box 'Make attribute editable '.
      Enter anything in the field of the default label for example foo
    6. Dreamweaver will change thetag to read
    7. The ID is now editable
    8. Save the model and update the child page

    In each page of the child:

    1. Edit > properties of the model
    2. Select the id attribute in the list (it's probably the only one listed)
    3. Change its name in the box to any name matches your CSS rule for the active state of the page
    4. Ok
    5. Save
    6. Download
  • How can I make the best use of a new external hard drive and a new catalog full of photos just loaded into Photoshop elements 14 Organizer?

    How can I make the best use of a new external hard drive and a new catalog full of photos just loaded into Photoshop elements 14 Organizer?

    Keep all the files on external hard drive image?  Nothing else and no pictures on the desktop?

    Keep all image files both places?

    What is the best way to go through thousands of images in the Organizer to identify and place them in files?

    Once I've placed a file, I just leave it in the entire catalog or a way indicate to me that it has been sorted?

    As overwhelming, any tips/shortcuts/schemes, you can offer are welcome!

    As I only have the version of the EP, here is some info on the organiser:

    Independent of how this feature works, you want to have your photos in one place and have a backup (second copy) somewhere else. All hard drives will not be successful at some point - some more early, some late - never trust to have your files in any safety devices if they are on a single disc. Once you have your sorted, it would be useful that you will organize/name/tag new photos immediately if the task is relatively short and simple. I copy my photos on my internal hard drive for my camera, take a quick look with preview to see who needs some changes and then decide where to put them - either drop them immediately after naming them or bring in an editing application and then file them away.

  • How can I make the tΓches play a mp3 file at some point please?

    I would like to that task scheduler to open windows media player and play an MP3 for me at a given time. I followed the instructions here, but nothing helps. The windows media player window does not open, but it does not play mp3.

    In the program/script box, I put in "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe '.

    In the Add arguments box, I put in: Wildlife.mp3

    At the beginning of area (optional), I put in: C:\Reminders

    which is a folder that I created in the C drive.

    Wildlife.MP3 file is of course in the C\Reminders folder.

    I have Windows 7.

    How can I make the tΓches play a mp3 file at some point please?

    In the arguments to the full path of the file in quotes, "c:\reminders\wildlife.mp3."

  • How can I make the header fixed while scrolling?

    forget that, how can I make the header while scrolling fixed?
    until this that no point visible in the header, it disappears as well.

    [title amended to reflect content]

    Please keep to one question per thread.

    You can assign the sticky HeaderMode...

  • How can I make the last edition. I already have Adobe Creative Cloud?

    How can I make the last edition. I already have Adobe Creative Cloud?

    Is that what you mean?

    Previous through Cloud

    - and if you have Cloud application manager 2015 of difference

  • How can I make the large initials?

    How can I make the initials that have already been initialled more?

    Hello Bethanye6783331,

    We can adjust a setting on our end to make resizable initials and for that, I recommend you open a ticket to Support:

    or send us an e-mail to: [email protected]

    Kind regards


  • How can I make the image that is within the rectangle to move?

    Hi, I'm doing a Web page with muse and I found the Coffee pastries Katie page. There are some pictures in the home pages this movement inside the form when I scroll the page. Could someone please tell me that how can I make the image that is within the rectangle to move?  Thank you very much

    You can apply the scroll to fill the picture or the rectangle itself if you are referring to scrolling rectangle on the page.

    Thank you


  • How can I make the smaller pdf file size?

    How can I make the smaller pdf file size?

    Hi vickyb,.

    Reducing the size of PDF file requires Acrobat (one way is by choosing File > save as > PDF of reduced size). If you do not have Acrobat, you can try it free for 30 days. See for more information.



  • How can I make the biggest impression

    How can I make the biggest impression on all Web sites? where is the setting? Thank you!

    To temporarily make more big, click on 'view' in the menu, then choose 'Zoom' & then it will allow you to set the zoom to larger or smaller.

    If you want to definitely bigger, if you have a Mac, click on 'Firefox', then 'Préférences' / If you have Windoze choose 'Tools', then 'Options' (both look the same from here...), then click the "Content" icon and change the font size.

    That should do it...

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