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How to host sites created with Muse with other hosting providers?

If my customer prefers to use a third party hosting provider (non - Business Catalyst), is it still possible for me to build their site using Muse?Should my sites be hosted on servers Adobe Business Catalyst?I prefer to use the built-in accommodation

How can I add pages Meta tags?

Is it possible to add information of meta tags for pages (for example, keywords, description, robots, etc) directly in the Muse?I would add the tag metadata to describe the page to help search engine optimization.

How can I add a contact form / form of feedback on my site?

Is there a way to create forms in Muse? Or is there the widgets that can create forms?

System fonts links

When I apply a hyperlink to a system font, the Muse tells me that the hyperlink does not work. Why he asks me the hyperlink in the first place, if this does not really allow?

My site does not work when I download on my own Web host, but it's good in the preview or BC. Why?

I downloaded my site via FTP on my own web hosting and my site is broken. My menus and slideshows don't work, my styles are all absent... everything is shifted to the left. What happened and how can I solve this problem?

Jump of panels under OSX Toolbar

The panels suddenly jumped under the OSX toolbar.Can not grasp the top of the panels to move.I'm on OSX 10.3.7 Lion runs the last Muse 7.0.1 on two screens.Screenshot below.

How can I customize the States in a menu bar vertical?

I see that it is possible to change States of a horizontal bar here, but I can't make it work for the portrait.  Please tell me that we can edit the States in a menu bar vertical.Valerie

How can I create a form in Muse?

I need to create a form and have radio buttons. I don't see any shape tool - any ideas on the best way to do this?Thank you.LarryPost edited by: [email protected] Edited the title to make it more relevant to the question.

Can you change the layout of your site based on the size of the screen browser/device? (delicate design)

I see only an ability to make the pixels of fixed width layouts based with your layout. What customers who want sites with liquid filling of browser-width patterns methods of sensitive or Adaptive design with questions from the media?Is this possible


This is getting very frustrating. I can not connect with my valid Adobe ID, happening contiuosly bewteen the birthday and the screens ID.HELP PLEASE. MAC OSX 10.7.3

Scalable background image from the browser window.

fuddlebunker 3 months agoLooks like I gave the direct download link.  If you want to see an example on my site, you can go on  That's what I wanted to post last night, but apparently I'm tired.lilpillz04 1 da

My images blurry when I export or publish my site of Muse. Why and how to fix it?

My images look pixelated blurred, jagged, and poor quality I publish or export my Muse site. Is it possible to avoid or solve this problem?

Where is the online tool?

Where can I find the line of Muse tool?

How can I add a PayPal button to a page on my site?

My client has a PayPal account and they would like me to add a button that allows visitors to click on the button and submit donations.Is this something that is supported by Muse?

Is there an easy way to create the breadcrumbs in Muse?

I create a new site and I would like to add a few links of breadcrumb navigation, in addition to using the widget menu bar.Is there an easy way to build the navigation bar links? Or I just create it manually?

How can I create an automatic menu for all pages in my site?

I see how when I drag a menu bar on the canvas, he creates a menu for the top-level items in my site, but how do I create one for * all * pages?

How to nest a slideshow within another widget, such as tabbed panels?

I would like to add a slideshow inside a series of tabs, as a portfolio of projects that are organized by categories. How can I do this in Muse?

Why is Muse sold only by subscription?

I'm interested to know why Adobe has decided on a subscription to Muse model (and the next version of Adobe CS?), as seems to be the way a large number of software products are going?I saw Muse as a standalone product rather boxed software as a servi

How to add links to external web pages or e-mail addresses?

I need to add a link to another site like " " 'and add links mailto for e-mail addresses' [email protected] "." How can I do this?

How to make the header background color or footer extend to the width of the browser?

How to make the background color of the header or footer extend beyond the defined site? I would like the backround to extend to the width of the web browser of the user.
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