How can I make YouTube playback buttons and other plug-ins more great because they are so tiny?

How can I make YouTube playback buttons and other plug-ins more great because they are so tiny in Firefox? I tried some suggestions dealing with entering "subject: config ' in a fresh browser, but does not. I also downloaded the add-on called "Theme font & size changer", but that no longer works. So I'm reaching here that it was a suggestion that offered another user here.

Ah, Yes, that's - a ultra high resolution (dots per inch) display. It is a known problem in Flash Player, which Adobe is working on fixing.

In the meantime, you can get some videos to have normal size controls from the Youtube HTML5 video player:
In Firefox, go to and click on the button "request the HTML5 player.

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    All that you can disable is the sound when a new email arrives. Although I have no reason to make this wide, but if you want, here are the steps:

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    JasonPremiere Kontakt Conflict SC.jpg

    Hi Jason,

    Navigate to the following location:

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    Thank you


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    Move the button "stop" inside the inner while loop.

    And just for the appropriate encoding methods, do not hide behind a loop code

    It makes debugging difficult.

    You must also move the button 'save' inside of the inside while loop as well.

  • How can I add 'Volume control' button and 'full screen' skin to read?

    I'm working on the CP5. I would like to add my .swf file playback control bar. But in the skins of CP, I can't find the "Volume control" and the button "full screen". So how to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

    Welcome to our community

    Sorry, but Captivate has never offered Thos options. At least not as options of the PlayBar. Captivate is offers an option for full screen, but you should choose at the time wherever you post your output.

    If you want a Volume control, Captivate 5 offers a Volume control widget, that you can insert into the project.

    See you soon... Rick

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    In Firefox 3, all the buttons are grouped into V4, they are now scattered across the top of the Explorer, imitated IE7/8 - over the button "stop loading" went to bath of crowd - it would get that back, as well.

    You can open the Customize to make it possible to change the position of these toolbar buttons.

    Open the Customize via "view > toolbars > customize" or "Firefox > Options > toolbars."

    • Drag the home button from its current position on the right to the previous position to the left of the address bar.
    • Drag the Reload and Stop buttons to their previous position on the left side of the address bar.
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    can someone suggest me please.

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    Thank you very much for your answer.

  • How can I make a video, quickly and with a max resolution?

    When I wll make a video, which takes an hour or more to complete. My question is, how can I do it fast? A final file or an overview. How can I save!

    The speed to make it depends on your project, the applied effects, the source of the layer, the output format film and used rendering engine. Since we don't know anything about your project or your system and your version of AE, it is impossible to tell if rendering time is normal. If you want to save a ram preview, then there is option for this in the composition menu providing you have set up the output correctly module.

  • How can I make 2 different buttons open same movieclip separately?


    Well, I had following problem:

    I have a site that has different buttons that each one opens a different movieclip (a window with content).

    But some of the buttons will open the movieclip even as the other button...

    So, to make it better to understand than my weird explanation above:


    } - Open Movieclip (contents window) 1



    } - Open Movieclip (contents window) 2


    ... and so on.

    Make 2 buttons the two the same instance name does not (of course).

    If you still don't understand, this is the test site, I'm working on:

    As you can see the buttons/links in the windows on the left works perfectly...

    But the shortcuts on the desktop itself does not work... and those who have the same name as 1 of the links on the left and will have to make a link to the same window...

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    No, because the buttons need to all have different name properties assigned to them (assuming they are planted manually on the scene).    The instance name sets the name property of an instance for manually planted objects.

    If the buttons are actually the movieclips, you can assign each a dynamic variable and use instead of the name property.  Buttons cannot have variables assigned in this way.

    Otherwise, if you want two buttons named differently to end up in the same framework, using this function, then you could have consecutive images with different labels which lead to stop at this last (using a gotoAndPlay rather)... as in three frames... the first with a label, the second with the other and the third with a stop() in there.

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