How can I removed all the contacts list?

Hello, all.

I want to removed the entire list of contacts from my blackBerry with blackberry API.

I wrote this...


try {}

List of strings [] = PIM.getInstance () .listPIMLists (PIM. CONTACT_LIST);

BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
.getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_ONLY, list [0]);

Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

bbList.removeContact (contact.);


} catch (Exception e) {}

e.printStackTrace ();



But there "No trace of the stack" exception.

So, what do you think, forge, can you help me with this problem.

Thank you.

Thanks to you all.

I solved this problem.

Here it is...


try {}

BlackBerryContactList bbList = (BlackBerryContactList) PIM
.getInstance () .openPIMList (PIM. CONTACT_LIST, PIM. READ_WRITE);

Enumeration enm = bbList.items ();

While (enm.hasMoreElements ()) {}
Contact = enm.nextElement ((Contact));

bbList.removeContact (contact.);


} catch (Exception e) {}

e.printStackTrace ();



I changed "PIM. AndI READ_WRITE"need not"[] list.

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