How can I save my apple devices using external storage

How can I back up all my apple devices using external storage and not iCloud and iTunes

iDevices are designed only for backup of iCloud or your computer using iTunes. If you make regular backups of your iDevices to your computer using iTunes and back up your computer, then you will have a backup stored on the computer and your backup disk. You can also backup to the cloud for extra protection and convenience.

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    Try this add-on:

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    Your last message puts a new complexsion on the issue for me.

    Instead of the MPEG export, please use

    Publish + share



    with Presets = MP4 H.264 1920 x 1080 p 30

    with your record in: set appropriately.

    Can you play that back

    You can also watch

    Publish + share



    with Presets = NTSC DV 16:9

    then under the tabs button advanced video and Audio

    The video tab settings should look like

    Don't you see that empty the box to the right of the width of the frame and the frame height? You can see a chain link in it. If you do not click on to get the look of empty box so that you can type in 1920 frame width and frame height 1080.

    The upper part of the export parameters is cut in the screenshot. First of all, change the codec h.264 video.

    Please consult the bulletin and then let us know if any of this helped. I think you'll need add ons for reading MPEG 2 on your Mac. These estates are for and H.264.mp4.

    Thank you.


  • How can I save D drive on an external device (drive C is SSD) D is the partition

    I have a new Dell XPS 8500 Windows 7 with a SSD 250 (C and OS holding) and a disk partitioned d for photos, documents, etc.  I am able to backup C on an external device, but can I also do for D?  If this isn't the case, I have to copy everything manually?


    It depends on what you use to perform the backup.  The built in and more 3rd-3rd party apps will allow you to save an external USB drive.

    My choice would be Acronis true image home 2013.  The test of the balls, easy to use and is free to try.

  • How can I save post a video using the FLVPlayback component

    I have a video I want people to be able to navigate away from in my project, but resume where it left off, if they come back to him.  I think I could do by just to save its current position when they come out of this framework as a variable, then using. seek() to return to that spot if/when they come back.

    The only problem is that I can't find any script to capture the current position.  I tried .time, but it gives me an error.

    Use the eventobject playheadUpdate earpiece playheadTime property:

    var flvUpdateObj:Object = new Object();
    flvUpdateObj.playheadUpdate = {function(eobj:Object):Void}
    trace (playheadupdate "+ +": "+ eobj.playheadTime);

    yourcomponent.playheadUpdateInterval = 500;
    yourcomponent.addEventListener ("playheadUpdate", flvUpdateObj);

  • How can I save icloud photolibrary on an external hard drive

    I'm operating an iMac and 20.5 "mid-2010.

    I'm on OSX El Capitan, 10.11.2

    My pictures version is Version 1.3 (350.23.0)

    The hard drive on my computer space is now filled and I need make arrangements to save a lot of my files off the computer.

    One option is to store my photos in iCloud-storage and use the facilities to minimize the disk space used on my computer.  That has worked well.

    However, I'd like to be able to keep a backup copy one [effective hard drive just in case, but because that photo on the computer library is reduced to a minimum, I don't think that I can do by simply copying the file across.]  I don't see how to download the complete file of the iCloud.  Is there another way to do this?

    To create a backup of your iCloud photo library, you can create an empty photo library on an external drive.

    The external drive should be directly connected for example to USB or Thunderbolt and formatted Mac OS X extended (journaled):

    • Now launch Photo while holding down the button options to bring up the library selector.
    • Select this option to create a new library on the external hard drive.
    • Double-click on this library to open it in Photos. Then activate your system photo library in pictures and the library of iCloud preferences.
    • Disable "Mac storage optimization" and wait for the pictures to download on your backup copy. That can take several days.

    Once all the photos have been uploaded to the copy, switch to your in-House photo library by double clicking it again.

    Reactivate your system and your iCloud library library. Select 'optimize the storage of Mac '.

  • How can I save my Mac without my external hard drive?

    I travel constantly right now and do not live in a place I can call home, I have a suitcase and no airport Apple's Time Capsule.

    However I wish I could back up my Macbook beyond the usual Notes and calendar synchronization iCloud, which is done automatically.

    There are a lot of settings that I would not adapt to my own preferences once again, for example.

    What services are there for it?

    I'm looking for something that would provide a restoration, similar to what is offered on an iPhone via iCloud, an identical backup of my Macbook.

    Please help me on this, there is surely an option online for this already in this base world will we live?

    Thank you guys


    You really need an external drive for backups, unless you have a big enough SSD on the computer. If you do then simply set up Time Machine and turn it on. It will create snapshots stored invisibly on the SSD. Of course, they take a storage space. This is really not a good idea.

    You could buy instead a cloud-based backup service. We could use any number of them around you. For example, DropBox and SugarSync ChronoSync are good for the Mac. Of course, cloud storage is quite slow, and the first backup will be very slow finish due to its size. Subsequently, they make only incremental updates.

    You can buy an external SSD that can connect either using a USB - C or USB 3.0 port, as well as an accessory for your MacBook to activate the connection USB 3.0 and USB - C as the C - USB Hub, shuttle HooToo 3.1

  • My space Icloud is used because of the backup of the Ipad and I use three devices under ID so my iphone always gives the warning of small footprint. How can I save the back upward on my PC so that I can delete of I have cloud and free space

    My space Icloud is used because of the backup of the Ipad and I use three devices under ID so my iphone always gives the warning of small footprint. How can I save the back upward on my PC so that I can delete of I have cloud and free space


    You want to know is explained here:

    If you want to delete the backups that are currently clogging up your iCloud-storage space, use this: iCloud: delete a backup device iOS to iCloud

  • I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?

    I have 2 phones on my ID Apple how can I keep the two devices to receive the same iMessages?

    How to use several devices iPhone, iPad or iPod with a computer

    Using more an iDevice on the same computer

    This mainly applies to couples who add another device and don't want their electronic mail, messages, etc. being duplicated on both devices. To start reading: How to use several iPhone, iPad or iPod devices with one computer. You must create a login separate Apple and password for anyone who will use the new iDevice. See Apple - my Apple ID and frequently asked questions about the Apple ID. The easiest way is to do it on the computer using iTunes: iTunes - how to set up an Apple ID iTunes.

    On the computer, create a new user account for the person with the new iDevice. This is the user account always uses this person. He or she will no longer use the other user account. This way the person will have a separate iTunes library. Note When finished, do not 'share' apps under a single Apple ID. Each of you must buy your own applications under your own Apple ID. When you decide to divide like this you will have to buy new applications they want to use.

    First, transfer the new devices to a new account as well as all your data.  Save pictures of flow picture you want to keep for your camera (unless they are already in the camera roll) by opening your Photos app, tap Albums icon at the bottom. Now press the album My Photo Stream; Press Select; tap the photo you want to select. tap the share (box with the face up arrow) in the lower left corner icon; in the film, and then click Save.

    If you synchronize notes with iCloud, you want to keep, you must open each of your notes and email it to yourself. Later, you can copy and paste the text into the new notes created in your new account.

    Tap Settings > iCloud > remove account (removes it only from this device, not iCloud; the person who maintains the current account is not affected) provide the password to disable find my phone and choose to keep on my iDevice when prompted.  Sign in with another Apple ID to create your new account. Choose merge to download your data.

    Once you are on separate accounts, you can each go to and remove data from the other person to your account.

    The above was created by the user randers4. Changes were made to improve the readability and the syntax.

  • Can I still sync/add devices using FireFox 30 and, if so, how/where?

    Can I still add/sync devices using FireFox 30 and, if so, how/where can I do then?

    Everything is fine on my end, but FireFox issues I discovered leave me no other choice than to save on time (speaking of that thanks for your) and place you in Safari so that iCan access Favorites via my iPhone - Bye mozilla. @P_C_T

  • How can you save dead MacBook using FireWire for iMac? I can view all the files on iMac, but don't know how to back up before, I reinstall MacBook.

    My MacBook Pro doesn't start then you want to erase and reinstall iOS. Before doing this I want to back up all my files. If I connect to imac via FireWire I can view all the files, but how can I save it it?

    If your MacBook will start in target disk Mode, follow the instructions on how to set up and use...

    Share files between two computers with target - Apple Support disk mode

    But you do not want to share files, just to save them. You can make a "clone", using disk utility. For cloning utility purposes use a program likeSuperDuper! or double clone.

  • How can I save my picture for the web and devices?

    How can I save my picture for the web and devices?

    I can't find the option when I want to save the image

    Hi jacquelineb,

    What version of Photoshop are you using?

    If you are using the latest version of CC, please consult export images Adobe Photoshop for mobile and web. Tutorials Photoshop Adobe CC

    Let us know if that helps.

    Kind regards


  • How can I get my Apple TV to use ethernet when it is also connected to WiFi?

    I have my Apple TV 4 connected by WiFi and ethernet. I want to assure you that it uses the ethernet connection, it will be faster, but when I go to the network settings on the TV, I see only the symbol of WiFi and my WiFi network name. If my Apple TV do not use ethernet, I might as well unplug the ethernet cable. How can I get my Apple TV to use ethernet when it is also connected to WiFi? To automatically use the ethernet connection? Is there a way to disable the WiFi connection?

    To use the ethernet connection, connect it.  To use the WiFi, you can access the network.  I bet the two being connected, it will choose the Wi - Fi just out of logic.

    If you want to use ethernet, disconnect the WiFi.

  • How can you save your pictures on a disc using photoshop 13?

    How can you save your pictures on a disc using photoshop 13?

    It depends on your computer and the write speed of your disc burner.

    Try to bring in smaller batches; see if that helps.

  • How can I save my OnOne Presets downloaded for use in all of my catalogs in Lightroom 4?

    Downloaded and imported these Lightroom, PRESETS user presets but they ONLY WORK with a catalog (the one I downloaded in). How can I save them so that I can use them continually throughout my catalogs (future and past)? It drives me crazy (had the same problem with LR3). Read all the manuals that I could find and help online, but there is nothing about it.

    PS Also have a similar problem trying to save my "watermarks edition '. Having to repeat this whenever I export my photos.

    Preset in Preferences/settings / uncheck store Presets with catalog.


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