How can I set ver - 5 to open some sites automatically at startup, such as worm - 3, 9?

In the office that runs the version 3.9 of firefox - 2 tabs opens automatically - 1 at google and the other to my juno start page. The other night, I installed ver - 5 at home, but I can't find out how to set the "tabs" to open it.
Also, the websites listed in section separate bookmark - how can I combine or change?
XP with Service Pack 2 at home.

Open the pages you want Firefox to load at startup (in different tabs). Go to options, select the GENERAL tab, click current Pages of use button below the home page link.

As for the problem of bookmark, go to options, check the bookmarks bar. Another toolbar opens. You can add your bookmarks here.

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    I would just do an action to flatten the image, then set it to a shortcut key.  I have this on my computer - just press F4 (my shortcut key) and it is flattened.

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    In Acrobat, open the document and select: file > properties > initial view > magnification > 100%

    and register again.

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    I am answering my own question. I learned that if you right-click while trying to open a PDF file, you will be asked which application you want to use to open the file. If you click read the information, instead of choosing an application, you get this great information box that gives you the ability to set Adobe Reader in your default application for PDF files. It lets you change all the pdf files, you already have the Adobe files. Yay.

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    I tried a right click, then properties... but nothing is editable in there because it shows only a GENERAL tab.

    Please don't tell me that Windows 7 remembers the setting because it doesn't... I know it should... but it doesn't.

    Windows XP was so good... why I changed :-(

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    1. you try to open the links of a Web page, e-mail or documents?
    2. what web browser do you use?
    3. you try to open a shortcut in the Explorer?

    By dragging the corner of the window should the maximum size of the window. If it doesn't, then it seems that the browser is corrupted. Try double-clicking on the top of the window to enlarge the window.
    If you are using Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
    a. open Internet Explorer and click on a link that opens in a new window of a second.
    b. close the first window, leaving your window open.
    c. drag the new window to what size you want. .
    d. you can drag windows by placing the mouse cursor on the edges of the window, click button straight on and then dragging.
    Note: If dragging the window does not help, you can double-click on the top of the window to maximize.
    now, close the new window.
    f. reopen Internet Explorer and check by opening other links as well.

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    It depends on who built your touchpad.  Each company has different settings and put them in different places. You can check this common location, but it is not a guarantee.

    1. Open start and select Control Panel
    2. Click on hardware and sound
    3. Click the mouse
    4. Search for touchpad options.  If you don't see everything, go to the Hardware tab, highlight your touchpad in the list, and then click settings.
    5. If there are still no touchpad options, you will need to consult your manual to the owner for where your portable computer specific company set their parameters.
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    Hi George,.

    Try the following steps to disable the functionality of hover and check if it helps.
    a. Click Start and select Control Panel
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