How change/modify a password stored in the Security tab when I use the master password?

I have a long list of passwords saved in the section passwords on the Security tab in tools > options. I changed my password for my browser, but the password still provides the former. How update the password in tools > options > Security > passwords?

You can start Firefox in Mode safe and check if one of your extensions is cause of this problem:

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  • How do you get pictures stored in the photo library of iCloud?

    How do you get pictures stored in the photo library of iCloud?



    You can use a browser of the computer (for example, Safari) and you connect to and open the Photos app here.

    Will be also in the pictures on any device where you have iCloud library lit. On a Mac, it is turned on via the Apple menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Photos > iCloud photo library. On a Mac to OSX Yosemite 10.10.3 or later version. See below for more information:

  • How can I place a widget on the master page on the front a subpage?

    Hi guys,.

    I'm working on a Web site right now, and I have some difficulties with a widget. I use the new Compositions featured Widget to create my menu on my master page.

    The problem is when I used this master page on subpages, the target of the widget is always behind the images that I put on the secondary pages. I don't know how to make the target of the widget before the images and step back. I do a right-click with the photos to put on the secondary pages, try to fix it in towards the back, but the target of the widget (which is my menu) is always behind the image. I have attached an image to illustrate my pb on red square. If anyone can help me.

    Pb postionnement.jpg

    Well I finally just found the solution by using layers and renamed.

    Now I can rearrange my work as I want!

  • How to reset all data stored on the mac and modem addresses in win 7

    It seems that my brother when he comes to get the shop computer connected to the internet and it seems that something has happened when you choose what type of network, it is for the connected modem. the thing is that since that point the wizard has not arisen more and I was unable to use the modem to whom it happened.

    When I use my home connection, I use a connection wireless or wired even and all right, but I don't know how can I reset the data stored on the internet devices mac address and dns...

    so if I would again plug into the modem that has happened this problem, he probably pop ups yet what kind of network for the device connected.

    I tried netsh reset, but nothing happened.

    greetings and thanks in advance

    PS: I use win 7 Home Basic. x 64

    Lenovo laptop

    To reset the cache of MAC addresses: netsh interface ip delete arpcache

    To reset the DNS: ipconfig/flushdns

    Edit: remember to do as an administrator. It also can not solve the problem, but it is worth it.
  • How to make a fire fox open a new tab when I type in the search bar and press on enter?


    I know I found this solution before, but cannot find him. Help, please?

    In 27.0.1, FF when I put the cursor in the search bar, type words and hit enter, it starts the search in the current tab. How can I make FF always start the search in a new tab when I hit enter since the search bar?

    Thank you!



    Go to Subject: config are looking for change its value to true

  • install the new drive in slave. you want to transfer the OP for slave to the master drive. The slave to the master change and OP work, as did the master drive.

    Hello, I install a new drive (slave at first) to be the master, after I transfer of windows on them. How can I transfer the data to the new disk that the operating system runs when the slave returned to be the master drive?

    Go to your NEW Hard Drive from the manufacturer website.

    They normally have available software cloning to transfer the operating system on a new hard drive.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • How it synchronizes work? where is the master sync file?

    When I use sync, where the master synchronization file is? The last two times I used sync, none of my favorites, history etc. have been transferred to the new Firefox. You want a new version of Windows 10. The other was a version of PCLINUX. both are on the same computer. Do I have to import/export instead of synchronization?

    1 sync "synchronizes" all selected data so that it is the same on all devices.

    2. the 'master' file is on the server synchronization, insofar as each device data are sent to the server, where the data is merged. Once each device is connected to the sync server, the data must be the same on each device and the same as on the server.

    3. the export / import will work to transfer bookmarks on a device, adding the existing bookmarks on the device. Do that more than once and you end up with a lot of duplicate bookmarks and folders of bookmarks; Unlike synchronization where bookmarks duplicate as a group.

  • How can I transfer emails stored in the TB emails on C drive folder in TB

    I have Vista reinstalled and lost all my emails stored in Thunderbird, but they are in a folder in users on the C drive. Can I bring back them to TB and if yes, how, please?

    the addon page that says that you don't have any addons has a gear looking thing on top a right click on it and see an installation of the file option.

    Better instructions here

  • How to convert a name stored in the database as "ABC DEF GHI", "ABC Def Ghi"?

    In a column of a table, a name is stored as 'ABC DEF GHI'.
    Now, I want to convert as "Abc Def Ghi".
    It is not necessary that all names have two space . Maybe it's a or n number of places in a chain.
    Could you please tell me how can I do?


    Published by: user576726 on March 23, 2010 23:26

    For this type of conversion in oracle gave the name of function of INITIAL CAPITAL (INITCAP).
    And if you want to update in the database use the statement below.



  • How can I access photos stored in the iPhoto library WITHOUT installing the Photos?

    OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    I want to access the photos that are currently stored in an old iPhoto library WITHOUT installation and launch of PHOTOS (or iPhoto).  Is there a work around?

    Also running Lightroom CC

    Use of course - 9.6.1 iPhoto or Aperture 3.6


  • How can I remove photos stored on the cloud?

    I backed up my photos and you want to remove from The Cloud.  How to delete the pictures and videos of The Cloud?

    Depends on the details not disclosed

    If you use iCloud library then all libraries are always synchronized - y = if you delete the shape of pictures all licrary they will be removed form all libraries -, Photos for Mac and iOS

    If you do not use ICPL then you nee dto said use exactly what you have and what you use


  • How can I move files stored in the folder named family documents

    I save documents in a folder called documents now, I created a folder under the so-called family how to transfer these files in the subfolder?

    Either drag or cut and paste the.

  • How to load an image stored in the database to the point of the Image

    Hi all

    Please help me to load an image to an element of the image, the IMAGE is stored as BLOB in the database.

    Please give me the code to load that image into the next key element based on certain conditions as employee number should correspond with the identification number of the photo.

    Thanks in advance.

    If you have a table with a column of type blob and some identify and want to show this blob content as a picture in a form?

    -Create a new block based on this table, make sure that the element type of the blob column is image.
    -In the key-nextitem (or another location where you want to upload the image), put something like:

  • How long are icloud videos stored on the iphone?

    I have photo library enabled on my iPhone6 iCloud.  More photos and videos are removed from the device, but more recent photos and videos of sticking around for a while.  I wonder what is the retention time window.  I have a bunch of videos of the phone too.  I know that they have been transferred to iCloud, and so I'm waiting for copies of the device to disappear to make room.  What is the retention period?  2 weeks?

    Nothing is ever deleted with iCloud photo library. You think maybe on the photo stream, but that includes no video and don't keep anything in the cloud, like 30 days.

  • How to configure Firefox 4.01 to save all tabs when closing the browser?

    In the previous version 3.x.y to Firefox, when I closed the browser, he asked me if I wanted to save my open pages / tablets before closing. When I open the browser again, then it rebooted all previously open tabs / pages. In the version 4.01, before avant de fermer close the browser warns me that I'm closing multiple tabs, but when I restart the browser once again, it does not load the already open tabs. How to configure the browser to behave like the old version of 3.x.y, that is perfectly save all open tabs and load these new opening to restart the browser?

    Firefox stores now always the old session, and you can access it by going to the history menu and selecting "restore previous Session."

    If you always open the last set of tabs, another approach is the following:

    1. Click on the orange button Firefox, then select options to open the options window
    2. Go to the general Panel
    3. Change the setting "When Firefox starts" to "show my windows and tabs from last time '.

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